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Crowds at Disneyland Paris: How busy is Disneyland Paris when...?

When planning your vacation, the question often arises when is the best time to go to Disneyland Paris so that it is not too crowded and the waiting times are not too long. Our crowd calendar provides an overview of what rush you can expect at which day and time of the year.

How crowded is Disneyland Paris? And wich days are the best for my visit?

  • Disneyland Paris is more crowded during the main holiday season than in the off-season. Here is an overview of the vacation dates in France and Europe.
  • In addition to the holidays in France, the holiday dates in Spain, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands are decisive for how busy the parks get. Holidays in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and other countries are not so important.
  • Some dates, such as holidays and public holidays, are listed twice in the list, since they can fall into different months.
  • During the week, the parks tend to be a little more crowded on Mondays and Fridays than on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays the crowds can also be slightly higher than on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since in France some schools (still) have the afternoons off on Wednesdays and very few even (still) all Wednesday. However, these days off will soon be completely abolished.
  • The fullest days at Disneyland Paris include Halloween - when the popular Halloween parties are running on dates like the 31.10.
  • Saturdays and Sundays on Advent weekends are also extremely busy. On these days, the parks sometimes reach their capacity limits at noon.
  • The best (emptiest) times to visit Disneyland Paris are most days of the week in winter and spring, as well as days of the week in September, October, November and the first two thirds of December as long as they do not fall within school holidays of the most relevant European countries.
  • The best combination of relatively low visited days and good weather is usually from the end of March to mid-May, as well as from the second week of September until mid-October.
  • Especially in May, you can benefit from the long opening times of Disneyland Park and thus (in total) spend more hours in the park with less crowds than on most other dates. You can for example enjoy Walt Disney Studios Park from early morning throughout early afternoon and then switch to Disneyland Park to have fun there for many more hours!
  • The weekdays in october offer a particularly great combination of low crowds and the simultaneous opportunity to enjoy the fantastic Halloween decorations.
  • The weekdays in november from November 10th (depending on the start of the Christmas season) offer the opportunity to experience the grandiose decoration of the Christmas season, even though the parks are very poorly visited during this time.
  • For less frequented days, there are especially cheap tickets for Disneyland Paris. On days when you can use the so-called mini-ticket, the number of visitors is expected to be particularly low.

Rush of visitors at Disneyland Paris

In the past, you could find a rough overview of the number of visitors to Disneyland Paris for individual months, vacation times, etc. here.

This overview was useful, but not comparable to our extensive daily calendar of Disneyland Paris, in which you can find a forecast of the number of visitors for each individual day of the year. You can find our calendar including the forecast here.

Make sure you use this overview before you book one of the special offers for Disneyland Paris, so you won't be surprised by masses of visitors on site and you can spend a truly magical Disney holiday.