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Disneyland Paris: Disney PhotoPass+

Capture the magic moments of your Disney vacation in pictures and use the practical Disney PhotoPass or the Disney PhotoPass+.
You can collect all photos of your meetings with the Disney characters and the rides with the breathtaking attractions with the help of this practical card.

Where can I buy the PhotoPass+?
You can buy the PhotoPass+ at Disneyland Paris for a one-off fee of € 74,99 (as of November 2021). The PhotoPass + is available in all major stores, such as the World of Disney Store. You can usually find it near the cash register.
If you can't find it, just speak to a cast member.
No matter how many photos you have taken during your stay, the cost of 74,99 € will only be charged once.

How does the PhotoPass+ work?
As soon as you hold your PhotoPass+ in your hands, you're ready to go. Whenever you have visited an attraction where on-ride photos are taken or you meet a Disney character accompanied by a photographer, you can show your card and your pictures will be saved.
This way you can collect photos for 10 days (after the first use). These images are transferred as high-quality digital image files to the online portal There you can log in and view all pictures, share them on social networks, download and print them out. All of this is included in the PhotoPass+. You can also create personalized photo articles on the site and have them delivered directly to your home, however, this service comes with extra costs. The images stored on your PhotoPass+ are available on the online platform for one year.

Very practical: When you buy the PhotoPass+ you get 3 cards included. This means that families or groups who are not always on the move with you can use the pass together without incurring additional costs.

How do I get my photos?
As already mentioned, all photos that you have saved on your PhotoPass+ during your stay at Disneyland Paris are saved on your personal account of the online platform There you can log in with your personal access data and download, print or send all pictures to friends as you wish.
You can easily print your vacation photos from Disneyland yourself on photo paper or entrust them to a provider of your choice (photo shop, drugstore, etc.).
But remember: The pictures will only be saved in your account for one year! If you want to save them forever, you have to download them and save them yourself on your computer.

Where can you use PhotoPass+?

When you stay at Disneyland Paris, you of course have your camera or your cell phone with you to capture the best moments. But while you're laughing and screaming in the roller coasters or Mickey Mouse gives you a big hug, it's difficult to take photos.
But you still want great photos as a reminder of your magical stay, if possible in best quality? This is where the Disney PhotoPass + comes into play.

On-ride photos
"On-Ride Photos" are pictures taken while riding a roller coaster. While you enjoy screeching the ride on Big Thunder Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, a permanently installed camera takes a picture of you, which you can view on the big screen at the exit of the attraction. If you like this picture, you can have it saved to your PhotoPass + at the photo switch next to it.
This offer is available at the following attractions:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
    Photo shop: Big Thunder photographer at the exit of the attraction.
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
    Photo shop: Star Command Photographers at the exit of the attraction.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    Photo shop: Le Coffre du Capitain in the shop with the same name.
  • Hyperspace Mountain
    Photo shop: Lightspeed Photography just behind the exit of the space adventure.
  • Tower of Terror
    Photo shop: Tower Hotel Gifts in the "hotel shop".

Meet the Disney characters
There are numerous ways to meet the Disney characters at Disneyland. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the Disney princesses and many other characters are waiting to be photographed with you, to have fun and to sign your autograph book.
In addition to the fixed points such as Meet Mickey, the meeting with Darth Vader and the Princess Pavilion, there are other ways to meet some of the most popular Disney characters. You can always find out where and when you can meet whom in the current park program, which is available in the entrance area of the two parks.
Whenever an official Disneyland photographer is present, you can have the pictures saved on the PhotoPass +. Sometimes such a cast member also accompanies Mickey Mouse on his visit to Café Mickey or Inventions.

What is PhotoPass (without the +) ?

You can get the Disney PhotoPass (without plus) for free at any attraction with on-ride photo service or from any official photographer in the park.
You always show this card when you want to save a picture. At the end of your stay, go to one of the shops below and have the photos you like printed out for a fee. Pay attention to the attractive graduated prices: While the purchase of a single photo is quite expensive, several photos in a package are significantly cheaper.

You can have your photos printed in these shops:
In every Disney Hotels hotel shop, in the Walt Disney Studios Store in Walt Disney Studios Park and in Floras Boutique in Disneyland Park.
You can also buy the photos directly at the attraction where they were taken.

Convert PhotoPass
Did you take a lot more photos than you thought during your stay at Disneyland Paris? Or can't you decide which pictures you want to print directly? Then you have the option to convert your PhotoPass into a PhotoPass +. So you pay the one-time fee of 75 € and all your photos that have been saved so far are saved by a cast member on the new pass and you can use all the advantages of PhotoPass + listed above.

Magic Shots - a new feature of the PhotoPass

Since reopening after the Corona crisis, Disneyland Paris offers Magic Shots. These special photos with an extra dose of Disney magic are only available with the PhotoPass and are offered at numerous locations in both parks.
The new Magic Shots make your photos from Disneyland Paris even more magical.
How it all works, what you have to do and what you have to pay attention to, we will tell you here:

All about the Magic Shots at Disneyland Paris

So, everybody sy cheese, please!