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Concept Art for Star Wars Land

Star Wars Land / Galaxy's Edge

Feel the force in you! Star Wars fans will love this new area!

The Walt Disney Studios Park is getting a Star Wars Land! This news was officially announced by Robert Iger on February 27, 2018. The area should be opened between 2021 and 2025.

OPENING BETWEEN 2025-2030 or not at all!!!

What the area will be called and what attractions, stores and shows it will house was not said in the press release. It was considered not unlikely that the area in Disneyland Paris should closely resemble the two Star Wars lands that opened in 2019 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim At least, the concept art that Disney has published for Paris suggests. In terms of appearance, this concept drawing is very similar to the designs for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - which is the name of the Star Wars areas in the US parks.
Rumors quickly surfaced that Walt Disney Studios Park would get its own Galaxy's Edge. However, it was quickly agreed that it would not be a hundred percent copy of the existing lands, as it would be smaller. And visitor involvement, which is a key part of the concept at the U.S. parks, was also seen as an obstacle for the Paris resort, as the language barrier is simply too great.

So what would this mean for Disneyland Paris? What Star Wars-style attractions can we look forward to and what else will be on offer?

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in the US Parks
The new Star Wars area is set on the planet Batuu. Once a major hub, Batuu is now a bit out of focus, but popular with those not necessarily seeking the spotlight. Smugglers, space adventurers and shady traders have found a new home here. Likewise, anyone who wants to escape the increasing control of the First Order feels at home here. So much for the setting.
But now to the attractions of the area. This is where the Millenium Falcon comes in! Guests have the opportunity to fly with the Millenium Falcon. In the process, each passenger has a role, from pilot to gunner, that they must fill in order to survive a dangerous mission. In addition, a second attraction will give: Rise of the Reistance. Here, guests will find themselves in a hangar where a battle between the First Order and the Resistance is taking place.
Of course, physical well-being will also be taken care of. Oga's Cantina serves drinks and a few snacks. In addition, there are two restaurants where all space travelers can strengthen themselves.
Important for many visitors of the Disney Parks is the meeting with their favorite characters. This will also be possible in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Especially Chewbacca is always around in this area, as well as stormtroopers and some other heroes or villains from the Star Wars saga.
Of course, there are also stores where guests can stock up on souvenirs. These are partly built like a kind of bazaar, as you know it from oriental cities.
Click here for detailed impressions of Galaxy's Edge in Walt Disney World.

Which of these elements are planned for the area in Paris is not yet known, but surely one or the other from this version of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will find its way to Disneyland Paris.

The Star Wars situation in Disneyland Paris
It has become quiet around the Star Wars area. At the latest since the Corona crisis, this third new area and the topic Star Wars has disappeared from all press releases from Disneyland Paris concerning the expansion of the Walt Diseny Studios Park. Even in response to inquiries, those responsible have responded with silence.
Whether this now means that the plans for a European Galaxy's Edge have been completely discarded or are just temporarily on hold is open to speculation.