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Eine Vorspeise aus Walt's - An American Restaurant

Disney's Meal Plans - food options at Disneyland Paris

The Disney meal plans are a book with seven seals for many guests - here you can find out everything about it!

The variety of restaurants and dishes at Disneyland Paris is huge and has much more to offer than burgers and hot dogs. The offer ranges from simple snacks to culinary highlights prepared by top chefs. In addition, almost all restaurants are beautifully designed and you can eat the food in a very special atmosphere.

To enjoy dining at Disneyland without any worries, there is the option to add half board or full board to your stay at Disneyland. In this way, you don't just get breakfast in the morning, you can go out to eat in one of the resort's restaurants once or twice a day without having to worry about your budget. The so-called meal plans, as the half and full board at Disneyland are also called, offer you meal vouchers that you can redeem on site. The price is such that you can save about 10% compared to the menu price on site. If you don't just want to eat snacks and fast food on your vacation at Disneyland Paris, full board or half board is an attractive option for you.

What does the Disney Meal Plan include?

Basically you have the choice between full board and half board, whereby you can choose between three variants: Premium, Plus and Standard.

The Standard option offers you good quality at a low price, but the choice of restaurants is clearly limited.
The Plus option offers you a large selection of restaurants, including many table service restaurants at the Disneyland Park.
The Premium option is aimed at little gourmands and fans of Disney characters, because almost all highlights are included, such as the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show or the dinner with the princesses.

Half board
If you choose half-board, you will receive one meal voucher and one breakfast voucher per night. Depending on the standard, plus or premium option, you can use this voucher for a buffet or you can use it for a special menu consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert. There is also a non-alcoholic drink included in both cases.
You can use the breakfast voucher for the breakfast buffet in your hotel or redeem it in the park in one of the breakfast locations (details on breakfast at Disneyland can be found here).

Full board
If you have opted for full board, you will receive two meal vouchers and one breakfast voucher per night.
There are some differences between the Standard, Plus and Premium options.

For the standard, plus and premium full board there are:

  • Two vouchers for a buffet or a special menu (starter, main course, dessert) and a non-alcoholic drink. These vouchers can be redeemed in all restaurants that participate in the selected full board option (see list below).
  • There is also a breakfast voucher that you can use for your breakfast buffet at your Disney hotel. If you are less hungry, you can also use this voucher for a small breakfast in the park or at the Disney Village.

By the way, the days of paperwork are over! Since 2018, all meal vouchers are beeing saved on the Magic Pass.

The Disneyland Paris Meal Plan - Instructions

How to book the Disney Meal Plan

  • You can only book a meal plan for Disneyland Paris in advance, you cannot book this offer later on site.
  • If you book a package on the official Disneyland website, you will be offered the option to book half-board or full-board during your booking. The Disney Meal plan is often also included in a Disneyland Paris special offer already.
  • You will receive the meal vouchers when you check in to the hotel.

This is how you use the food vouchers

  • If you want to eat at a table service restaurant, it is recommended to reserve a table. You can easily do this at the City Hall in Disneyland Park or you can contact the reception of the respective restaurant directly.
  • You can also reserve your table in advance by calling 0033 160 30 40 50.
  • As soon as you take a seat in the restaurant, you tell the waiter that you are on the meal plan. Do not hand them your magic pass yet, but only after eating, when you pay, if you have ordered extra drinks etc.
  • Some restaurants have a special menu for half-board or full-board guests. If this does not suit you, you can also choose freely from the menu and pay the difference out of pocket. It is possible to use the meal voucher as a substitute. It is unfortunately not possible for the restaurant to pay out any difference.
  • If you would like to eat in a restaurant that is not included in your option (see overview on this page), you can still go there to eat and redeem the voucher as a money substitute when paying.
  • Food vouchers cannot be redeemed at Mc Donalds, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig's Castle, Vapiano, Five Guys and Starbucks.
  • On the evenings of December 24th and on December 31st the food vouchers cannot be used for the special holiday meals and in some other restaurants.
  • The vouchers are valid throughout your stay and are not tied to the day. This means you can theoretically use three vouchers on day 1, then no more vouchers on days 2 and 3 etc. You are very flexible when using the voucher.
  • In the meantime, you no longer receive the vouchers in paper form, but they are saved on your Magic Pass.

Meal vouchers at the fast food restaurants
Of course, you can also use the coupons of your meal option in most fast food restaurants in the two parks.
You can present your Magic Pass when paying, i.e. use it as cash, but there is no money back. If the value of the coupon is higher than the invoice, the rest will expire.
You must also note that you only receive one fast food menu for one voucher and cannot order food for the nominal value of the voucher. Therefore, the use of meal vouchers at the fast food restaurants is quite a waste and can only be recommended as an emergency solution.

What do the catering options cost?

  Premium Plus Standard
  adult € / £ child € / £ adult € / £ child € / £ adult € / £ child € / £
half boardHP 99 / 88.11 62 / 55.18 57 / 50.73 38 / 33.82 41 / 36.49 28 / 24.92
full boardVP 129 / 114.81 90 / 80.10 77 / 68.53 52 / 46.28 61 / 54.29 43 / 38.27

(as of may 2021, prices € / £)

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Which Meal Plan applies in which restaurant?

  Restaurant Premium Plus Standard
1 Premium Plus  Annette's Diner       
2 Premium  Auberge de Cendrillon       
3 Premium Plus  Beaver Creek Tavern       
4 Premium Plus  Bistrot Chez Remy       
5 Premium Plus Standard  Cafe Agrabah       
6 Premium  Cafe Mickey       
7 Premium  California Grill       
8 Premium Plus  Cape Cod       
9 Premium Plus  Captain Jack's       
A Premium Plus  Chuck Wagon Cafe       
B Premium Plus Standard  Crockett's Tavern       
C Premium Plus  Downtown Restaurant       
D Premium Plus  Hunter's Grill       
E Premium  Inventions       
F Premium Plus Standard  La Cantina       
G Premium Plus Standard  La Grange       
H Premium Plus  Manhattan Restaurant       
I Premium Plus Standard  Plaza Gardens       
J Premium Plus  Silver Spur Steakhouse       
K Premium Plus  The Steakhouse       
L Premium  Walt's - An American Restaurant       
M Premium Plus  Yacht Club       

(as of: august 2021)

Which free half-board option is available in which hotel?

The meal option is based of the category of your Disney hotel. If you have booked a Disney package with free half board, then you have the following option of the meal plan:

  • Disneyland Hotel = Premium
  • Newport Bay Club & Sequoia Lodge = Plus
  • Cheyenne, Santa Fe & Davy Crockett Ranch = standard

An upgrade to a higher option is usually possible, but must be done before you start your trip.
You can also add any option of the Disney Meal Plan to your booking. This option will be offered to you during the booking process. If you could not decide at the time of booking, you can make changes afterwards (but definitely before check-in).

Overview of meal vouchers at Disneyland Paris

Here you will find a practical overview of the meal vouchers and their value. You can easily see the value of each voucher, where you can redeem it and what you may have to pay.

The chart shows all values and surcharges for the Standard, Premium and Plus catering options at Disneyland Paris