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Darth Vader at his meeting place in the Starport in Disneyland Paris

Meet Darth Vader

Is the force with you? And can you resist the dark side? Find it out!

Are you brave? Really brave enough? Then venture into the Starport in Discoveryland. Because something very special is waiting for you here: An Encounter with Darth Vader.

Once you've walked through the doors, there's no going back! Now you are in the sphere of the influence of the dark side of the Force. Only a few more steps and a few moments separate you from Darth Vader. No, he will not just walk past you and you can still hide in time. No chance! You will face each other in person at any moment!

Quite a few brave warriors shook their knees quite well beforehand, the tight feeling in the throat and the sweating needn't be mentioned, right?!
So think carefully before entering the Starport in Discoveryland. When you are ready, you can meet one of the most powerful beings in the Star Wars universe. How this encounter turns out depends primarily on you, because you can hardly expect friendliness and gentleness from Darth Vader. So do you join him and his mission? Or are you brave and strong enough to face him?

When you pull out your PhotoPass, the moment of the encounter will be captured, so that the posterity will definitely receive proof of your actions. So what are you going to do?!

Starport: Meet Dark Vader - in a nutshell Meet the dark side of the Force and face Darth Vader in person. Characteristics Waiting timeAverage waiting time 3/5 Scary factor for kidsScary factor for kids 3/5 ThrillThrill 1/5 Risk of dizzinessSchwindelgefahr 0/5 Ratings for toddlersfor toddlers 1/5 stars for school kidsfor school kids 4/5 stars for teenagersfor teenagers 4/5 stars for young adultsfor young adults 4/5 stars for adultsfor adults 3/5 stars for seniorsfor seniors 1/5 stars

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The dark side of the Force

Darth Vader is the embodiment of the dark side of the Force. With its size of 2.03 meters and the black mask as well as the wide, black cape, he already looks very imposing and terrifying.
But not only is his appearance impressive, his abilities are also terrifying. Only the Emperor appears to be even more powerful than Darth Vader.

Star Wars fans love or hate him, depending on which side of the force they sympathize with. Darth Vader, once known as Anakin Skywalker, did not always fall for the dark side. But he couldn't resist the temptation. His former master Obi-Wan Kenobi wounded him so badly in a fight that from then on he was forced to wear a mask and armor. This mask creates the characteristic breathing noise, which probably causes goose bumps of horror for every opponent.

Tips to meet Darth Vader

  • Have your PhotoPass or camera ready so that you can capture this meeting. The cast members accompanying Darth Vader are happy to take a photo of this memorable moment.
  • The times when Darth Vader welcomes guests can be found in the current program, which you can find at the park entrance.
  • The waiting times are usually not to bad, should it be a little longer, just return to a later point in the day and you usually wont have to wait that long.
Pictures from the Meet & Greet with Darth Vader