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Disneyland Paris: buffet restaurants

You like to see first what you eat or are very hungry but don't want to pay too much for food? Then you are in good hands at the buffet restaurants at Disneyland Resort Paris.
The menu is varied and usually thematically coordinated with the theming of the restaurant. There are buffets with Tex-Mex specialties, with oriental dishes or with international classics.

The advantage of a buffet is that you don't have to decide exactly what you want to eat. You just go to the buffet and take the dishes that appeal to you. Here you also have the opportunity to try many new things. Therefore, this type of restaurant is also ideal for families or groups, because everyone will find something they like at the buffet.

But be careful, most of the time the food is so delicious that there is no end to it, after all there are so many different dishes. In the evening it may not be so tragic, after all you can just go to bed and sleep afterwards. But at noon you probably want to spend a little more time in the parks and maybe go on a roller coaster or two, so be careful how much you eat and don't spend too much time at the dessert buffet.

By the way: every Disney hotel has its own buffet restaurant. This is aimed primarily at the guests of the hotel, but can also be booked by any other hungry visitor. So if you stay at the Newport Bay Club but want Tex-Mex dishes, reserve a table at La Cantina in Disney's Hotel Santa Fe.
Incidentally, the price for the buffet always includes an alcohol-free drink.

Overview of the buffet restaurants in Disneyland Paris

By location
By type of meal plan
By kitchen style
By price range
  Restaurant Type Location Kitchen Style Meal Plans Price
BJA buffet premium plus standard disneyland mainstreet adventureland wds production dvillage dhotels sequoia newport cheyenne dlhotel santafe dnature ranch photels radisson campanile dreamcastle explorers magiccircus golf amerikanisch international franzoesisch arabisch exotisch seafood bbq texmex pk2 pk3 pk5

Buffet Restaurants

  3a 3a 3a  
BKA buffet dhotels sequoia amerikanisch international premium plus pk4 Beaver Creek Tavern Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Sequoia Lodge 3bAmerican, International 3bPremium, Plus €€€€
BLA buffet photels golf radisson franzoesisch pk3 Birdie Buffet 3bGolf Disneyland, Radisson Blu 3bFranzoesisch 3b €€€€€
BMA buffet disneyland adventureland arabisch exotisch premium plus standard pk3 Cafe Agrabah Buffet 3bDisneyland Park, Adventureland 3bArabisch, Exotic 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€€
BNA buffet dhotels newport international seafood premium plus pk4 Cape Cod Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Newport Bay Club 3bInternational, Fish & Seafood 3bPremium, Plus €€€€
BOA buffet dhotels cheyenne amerikanisch bbq premium plus standard pk4 Chuck Wagon Cafe Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Hotel Cheyenne 3bAmerican, Barbecue 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€
BPA buffet dhotels dnature ranch amerikanisch international premium plus standard pk3 Crockett's Tavern Buffet 3bDisney Nature Resorts, Davy Crockett Ranch 3bAmerican, International 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€€
BPM buffet dhotels hny amerikanisch italienisch premium plus pk4 Downtown Restaurant Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Hotel New York 3bAmerican, Italian 3bPremium, Plus €€€€
BQA buffet dhotels sequoia amerikanisch international premium plus pk4 Hunter's Grill Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Sequoia Lodge 3bAmerican, International 3bPremium, Plus €€€€
BRA buffet dhotels dlhotel international seafood premium pk5 Inventions Character Dining / Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Disneyland Hotel 3bInternational, Fish & Seafood 3bPremium €€€€€
BSA buffet photels magiccircus franzoesisch pk3 L'Etoile Buffet 3bMagic Circus Hotel 3bFrench 3b €€€€€
BTA buffet dhotels santafe texmex premium plus standard pk3 La Cantina Buffet 3bDisney Hotels, Hotel Santa Fe 3bTex-Mex 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€€
BUA buffet dvillage bbq texmex premium plus standard pk3 La Grange Buffet 3bDisney Village 3bBarbecue, Tex-Mex 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€€
BVA buffet photels campanile franzoesisch pk2 La Marche Gourmand Buffet 3bCampanile Hotel 3bFrench 3b €€€€€
BWA buffet photels dreamcastle franzoesisch international pk3 Muskateer's Restaurant Buffet 3bDream Castle Hotel 3bFrench, International 3b €€€€€
BXA buffet photels explorers franzoesisch international pk2 Plantation Buffet 3bExplorer's Hotel 3bFrench, International 3b €€€€€
BYA buffet disneyland mainstreet international premium plus standard pk3 Plaza Gardens Restaurant Buffet 3bDisneyland Park, Main Street U.S.A. 3bInternational 3bPremium, Plus, Standard €€€€€