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Easy Access Card for guests with temporary illness

With the Easy Access Card you are allowed to use special entrances to the attractions at the two theme parks at Disneyland Paris. However, this pass does not give priority access to the attraction queues. If you have an Easy Access Card, you and your companions will be given a time slot at the attractions stating when you can go back to the attraction and wait in a seperate and shorter line.

Where can I get the Easy Access Pass?
The Easy Access Pass is issued at the City Hall in Disneyland Park and at the Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park. In order to receive the Easy Access Pass, a medical certificate stating the type of impairment must be presented, for example the temporary restriction of mobility due to a knee surgery, wearing a cast or even pregnancy. The certificate must be written in English or French and contain the doctor's signature and stamp. In addition, it must not be older than three months at the time of the trip. The Easy Access Card will be issued for you and an accompanying person, unless there are special circumstances that require the accompaniment of several people. The accompanying person is not noted by name, so that you can change them, which is an advantage for families or small travel groups. To take advantage of this pass, you must use the exit of the attractions as an entrance and show the card to the cast member working there. He will show you the way or accompany you. The exits are designed so that there are no major obstacles to be overcome, so you can easily pass them, even if you are currently not quite as good on foot. As a rule, a cast member will ensure that you can take a seat in the respective ride as soon as possible.

Access to parades & shows with the Easy Access Pass

Access to separate areas for disabled visitors at the parade or other shows usually depend on the crowdlevel. Officially, you should actually be watching from a normal place, but if there is not too much of a crowd you can show the Cast Member your Easy Access Card at the entrance to this separate area and you will usually not be rejected. Of course, each guest must decide for themselves whether and to what extent you make use of it. We recommend that you keep an eye on the waiting times of the attractions and do not use it if you only have to wait a few minutes in the regular line.

Planning, Travel, onsite: Disneyland Paris with disabilities Video (English subittles)

Disneyland Paris is a magical place for everbody, as they try to make everything possible, including for people with disabilities. Our video explains how best to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris if you or someone travelling with you has a disability or a temporary impairment and what options are available to you during your stay.