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Disney Vinylmation

Everyone who browses the shops of Disneyland Paris or other Disney parks will have come across vinylmations sooner or later from 2008. These small plastic characters, whose name is derived from the terms "animation" and "vinyl", were sold in selected Disney stores and in the Disney online store. They peaked between 2010 and 2012. Since then, their popularity has steadily declined and now they can hardly be found. Disney has not officially ended production, but has reduced it extremely.

Interesting facts about vinylmation

  • Vinylmations have only been around since 2008.
  • The standard size / height for vinylmations is approx. 8cm; there are also mini vinylmations that are only approx. 4 cm high and large vinylmations with a height of almost 23 cm.
  • They are shaped like Mickey Mouse, but their design is always different, based on Disney characters, attractions from Disney parks, colors or patterns.
  • There are usually vinylmation series that are inspired by a particular film or theme. Such a series has 8-10 different figures, which - with one exception - are all shown on the packaging. This exception is the "chaser": a figure that is extremely rare in the boxes and whose design is previously unknown to the buyers.
  • Vinylmations are usually sold individually and packed in so-called “blind boxes”. This means that the buyer does not know which figure is in the box that he is currently buying.
  • There are now vinylmation keychains, pins and magnets.
  • As a rule, vinylmations are not limited. However, there are also certain special series or sets from time to time, which are then only available in a certain number.

If you are looking for Disneyana to collect, vinylmations are not necessarily the best choice, at least not if you only want to start collecting. If you already have a selection of the small figures at home, then of course it is different. You will probably only find it in exceptional cases in the shops of Disneyland Paris.

Vinylmation series and sets

As already described in the facts, mainly Vinylmation series were produced, in which 8-10 figures always belonged to one series. Such series existed for individual Disney films or attractions, but sometimes also for overarching topics such as "Pixar". In addition to the series, there were also vinylmation sets that consisted of two figures. These were always in a common packaging and were directly visible, which means that you knew directly what they contained - unlike the blind boxes. Such sets were often marketed for special occasions; For example, for Valentine's Day there was a “Lady and the Tramp” vinylmation set in one year. There are hardly any new sets now, as Disney has more or less taken the vinylmations off the market.

Offers for your Disneyland Paris vacation

Vinylmations at Disneyland Paris

At Disneyland Paris you can buy vinylmations, but the selection is now very limited, sometimes the once so popular collectibles no longer exist. The largest selection used to be on Main Street in Disneyland Park, more precisely in the Harrington’s Fine China and Porcelains shop, and in The Disney Gallery at Disney Village. With a little luck, you can find remaining items of older collections and limited copies at the Pueblo Trading Post. This small shop is somewhat hidden in Frontierland and is a popular point of contact for pin collectors. If your heart is on fire for vinylmations, it is definitely worthwhile to look in here. Unlike pins, vinylmations are not officially traded, which is why you have no way to trade vinylmations with cast members in stores. Private, of course, this is possible and even widespread among collectors.