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Disneyland Paris for pregnant women

Sometimes life planning and vacation planning overlap, so you will travel to Disneyland Paris during your pregnancy. If you are in good physical shape and your doctor has not prescribed bed rest, there is nothing to prevent you from visiting Disneyland. Of course, your visit as an expectant mother will look different from previous trips, because your physical condition is certainly not comparable to the state before your pregnancy.

Therefore, we would like to give you some tips and information that you should consider as an expectant mother if you want to spend a magical time at Disneyland Paris.

A useful note in advance! Take your mother's pass to Disneyland Paris or have your pregnancy certified by your doctor. If you present a corresponding document at the City Hall or at Studio Services, you will receive the Easy Access Card, which can give you easier access to attractions and meet & greets. Especially if you are already in an advanced month of pregnancy, this can be an enormous relief for you.

Access restrictions for pregnant women

At Disneyland Paris, the well-being and safety of all guests is really important. For this reason, for each attraction of the resort there are indications of restricted access, which include age, height and so on. Some attractions are also a big nono for pregnant women. You will probably realize that you shouldn't ride a roller coaster as an expectant mother. However, there are some other rides at Disneyland that are not suitable for pregnant women. This is because they are either too "jerky" or because they have safety bars that press against the belly and could harm the unborn baby. These access restrictions should in no way spoil the fun, but serve to protect you and your future child (please always keep that in mind!). You should keep an eye on the following lists for Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park, because the Cast Members are authorized to deny you access to these attractions for your own safety and the safety of the unborn child, even if you have been spending a long time in the queue. You can also take a look at the park map, which shows you which rides are ok for you and which are not. If you have applied for the Easy Access Card, you should also have been informed about it by a cast member.

Attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park not suitable for expectant mothers

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris


  • Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains
  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups
  • Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque


  • Star Tours
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Autopia


  • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril
  • Pirates of the Caribbean


  • Phantom Manor
  • Big Thunder Mountain

Attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park not suitable for pregnant women

Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios with view of Earfell Tower, Studio 1 and Sorcerer Mickey Fountain

Toon Studios

  • Cars Race Rally
  • Crush’s Coaster
  • Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets over Agrabah
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
  • Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
  • Ratatouille – The Adventure
  • RC Racer

Production Courtyard

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

What alternatives to roller coasters are there?

Shows & attractions and more for pregnant women at Disneyland Paris

The access restrictions for pregnant women at Disneyland Paris are very extensive, so that at first glance it may seem that there is hardly anything left to do. Especially when you have looked at the list for Walt Disney Studios Park, this impression is likely to intensify. But if you consider it carefully, it is noticeable that there are some attractions where you can have fun, whether it's a round on the Disneyland Railroad or on the paddle steamer on the Rivers of the Far West in Frontierland . As a pregnant woman you can also discover a lot in the various themed areas, e.g. Fort Comstock in Frontierland or La Cabane des Robinson, the tree house in Adventureland, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the park. However, these two things are only work if you have no problems climbing stairs, because there are some steps to climb. It is also possible to take a boat trip around the world in the popular attraction It’s a Small World or to circle the planets with the small Orbitron spaceships. Of course there are many other attractions in the two amusement parks, which you can also visit as an expectant mother. Inform yourself in the on-site park plan. In addition, you can safely enjoy the various shows in Walt Disney Studios or on the stages at Disneyland Park, the daily parade, and of course the evening show at the castle. Not to be forgotten are the many Meet & Greet locations where you can meet your favorite Disney characters.

Shopping at Disneyland
The many shops, which offer a huge selection of very different items, are popular with all visitors and, of course, with expectant mothers. Of course you can also buy lots of baby clothes and accessories for babies such as bibs, pacifiers and the like there.

If you don't want to carry your shopping around in the parks all day and spend the night in one of the Disney Hotels, you can use Disneyland Paris' free shopping service. You can read how this works here: Shopping service at Disneyland.

Practical tips for expectant mothers

It is recommended that you go to City Hall at the beginning of your visit in order to receive an Easy Access Card. This card makes it easier for you to access various rides. To get the Easy Access Card, you have to show your mother's pass or similar documents and a few minutes later you have this practical card in your hand, which you can use to significantly reduce the waiting time at some attractions.

You can enter the marked rides with this pass through the disabled access and avoid long queues, which can be an enormous relief.

At the City Hall you can also get an overview of which attractions are suitable for you and which you cannot visit at the moment. Here you can also get a map of the park and other useful information to make your stay easier.

If you should not feel well at some point during your stay, contact the first aid station, located between Plaza Gardens and Victorias Restaurant. The Baby Care Center is also located there - an important contact point for future visits.

Food & Drinks
You can buy food and drinks at practically every corner in Disneyland. So if you feel like you have to raise your blood sugar level or are simply hungry, there are various ways to solve this problem.

However, it is recommended to reserve a table for the main meals, so that you don't have to wait in line and wait for a table or even have to search for an open restaurant. You can find an overview of all Disneyland Paris restaurants and menus here: Food & Drinks at Disneyland.

If you have had the experience during your pregnancy that you get hungry from time to time or your blood sugar level drops suddenly, it is recommended to always have a sugar-containing drink, a cereal bar, glucose or the like with you at hand. This way you avoid that your condition worsens while you have to queue at the cash register of a snack stand or fast food restaurant.

The right clothes
Before you travel, remember that you spend a lot of time at Disneyland in one day - on your own two feet! Comfortable footwear is therefore an absolute must, not only for expectant mothers, but for all visitors. So take the shoes in which you can currently walk best and longest. Sports shoes are often the first choice because they give way a little, should the feet swell a little. But you have to find out for yourself.

Clothing should also be as comfortable as possible, after all, you are out and about all day and want to feel as comfortable as possible. Since the pants should not cut or press. Depending on how far your pregnancy has progressed, a pair of maternity pants or a belly band can be very comfortable - maybe a combination of both. And with a bit of luck, you might find a nice shirt or a sweater with a Disney motif that nicely stages your baby bump.

The decision - go there or not?
If you don't want to do without thrills and want to enjoy the two theme parks without restriction, then you should better postpone your trip. This also applies if you do not feel fit, cannot walk for a long time in a row or simply do not want to risk anything, then postpone your stay at Disneyland Paris until after you have given birth. It is best to call the hotline and describe the situation, as a rule you will be treated very courteously in such a case, so that you do not have to worry about cancellation costs or other fees.

Maybe it will also help you with your decision to visit the official Disneyland website to get more detailed information about the topic.