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Disneyland Paris: Shopping Service

Enjoy your day at Disneyland Paris as you please, without carrying shopping bags around.

Shopping is simply fun and there are so many great items and souvenirs in the numerous shops at Disneyland that you absolutely must have. Here a t-shirt, there a few accessories for the bathroom and the soft toys are so cute... In the shops and boutiques on Main Street or in the shops in Adventureland or Frontierland and the other areas of the parks (really everywhere!), there are countless beautiful and useful things to buy. There is only one problem: How should you enjoy the day in the park packed with shopping bags, ride a roller coaster and move with full hands? The solution is very simple: Shopping Service.

Use the free service for an easy holiday experience at Disneyland Paris.
You simply buy what you like and then use this free offer. You can leave the shop without bags and enjoy your day in the park without any worries, in the evening you can pick up your shopping in the Disney Store at Disney Village or in the shop of your Disney hotel. Alternatively, you can have your purchases stored in the shop where you shopped until evening

How the shopping service works

In all the shops at Disneyland you can shop as you please and hand over your purchases to the shopping service until 3 p.m. The only exceptions to this offer are the street sales stands, which you can find in some places of the two theme parks.

Shop and have it delivered
At the checkout of the shop, when you pay, speak to the employee about the shopping service. You have to decide whether you want to pick up your purchases at the Disney Store at the Disney Village, which is possible from 6:00 p.m. or whether you want to have your purchases delivered to the boutique of your hotel, where you can pick them up from 8:00 p.m. All the Disney Hotels and the partner hotels in Val de France offer this service.
Please keep the receipts of your purchases and very importantly the receipt for the shopping service, as you will need these papers in the evening to pick up the purchases.

Pick up your purchases
From 6 p.m. you can pick up your purchases from the Disney Store at Disney Village. In this shop, go to the Shopping Service counter. Show your receipt and the responsible employee will hand over your purchases.
If you have decided for a delivery to your hotel, you can go to the shop there from 8:00 p.m. Show the employee your paperwork at the checkout and they will bring your purchases. There may be delays in picking up from the hotel shops, so that your purchases are only ready for pickup the next day. Please consider this if you want to use the shopping service on your departure day. In this case, it's better to play it safe and use the shop at the Disney Village as a pick-up station.

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The best time to shop

In the evening, shortly before the park closes, the shops on Main Street USA are particularly busy. You hardly have the opportunity to look around in peace and shop. It is therefore a very bad time to shop. In the morning, as soon as the parks open, it is very empty in most shops, but who wants to spend time shopping now, while the waiting times at most attractions are still quite short. Around lunchtime or early afternoon is the perfect time to shop at Disneyland. You have already visited a few attractions, maybe eaten something and can now take the opportunity to look around the shops and boutiques for some nice souvenirs. Then use the shopping service so you don't have to carry around your bags through the park during the rest of the day.

Some of the most beautiful shops at Disneyland Paris

  • Disney & Co Shop
    Disney & Co The shop Disney & Co on Main Street, U.S.A. is all about funfair and circus - next time you visit, pay attention not only to the goods, but also to the design. It is worth it!
  • Boardwalk Candy Palace
    Boardwalk Candy Palace Are you craving chocolate, candy or gummy bears? You will find this and much more at the Boardwalk Candy Palace.
  • La Chaumiere des Sept Nains
    La Chaumiere des Sept Nains Welcome to the Seven Dwarfs! Enter their home and take a look around. You will not only find souvenirs, but also many lovely details.
  • La Girafe Curieuse Shop
    La Girafe Curieuse The shop with the curious giraffe (La Girafe Curieuse) is located in the area of ​​the Adventureland bazaar. Here you will find mugs, t-shirts and many other great souvenirs.