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Clarice, Daisy and Donald Duck dancing at the Jungle Book Jive

Seasonal Events at Disneyland Paris

There is much more than Christmas & Halloween that Disneyland Paris has to offer

All year round you can experience many seasonal highlights at Disneyland Paris. The fairytale Christmas season and the Halloween season have been part of the event calendar for many years and are very popular with visitors. But there is much more to discover! For example, for a few years now, Star Wars fans have been getting their money's worth in spring when the Sasion Star Wars: Legends of the Force was running. Friends of the Marvel superheroes are happy about the Marvel Season of Super Heroes and fans of the Disney princesses have had a lot of fun at the Disney Pirates and Princesses Festival. In 2019 this colorful dance was complemented by the Lion King and Jungle Festival.
With this listing, it quickly becomes clear that Disneyland Paris really has something to offer for everyone, from action to adventure and scary fun to romance.

Of course, a seasonal event at Disneyland Paris doesn't just consist of a famous name, but of many different components that create a really immersing atmosphere. Classically, several shows are offered for a season that fit the respective topic of the season. There is usually a parade or an evening show, depending on which of the two theme parks the season takes place. The area where the season is held is usually decorated accordingly. There are also meetings with Disney characters or characters of the corresponding season, so you can take very special souvenir photos. In addition, there are always plenty of matching souvenirs and also some snacks that are designed to suit the current season at Disneyland Paris.

The schedule and program of seasonal highlights at Disneyland Paris changes regularly. Only Christmas and Halloween are really firmly anchored in the calendar. So you can be sure that the Halloween season with all its shows and parades will take place throughout October. The Christmas season usually begins on the weekend around November 10th and continues until the first weekend of the new year. All other seasonal program highlights vary in date and topic. If you are looking to experience a particular season, then only book your holiday once it is officially confirmed. Basically, however, all of these seasonal events are fun, since they are an additional program to what the two amusement parks offer you anyway.

Disneyland Paris Events 2020

  • Star Wars - Legends of the Force
    Star Wars - Legends of the Force At this unique spectacle, Stormtroopers patrol the park, Captain Phasma takes command and Chewbacca awaits you for a meeting - Star Wars fans love it. 2020 is the last time this season has taken place.
  • Frozen Celebration
    Frozen Celebration A season all about Anna, Elsa, Olaf & Co awaits you at Disneyland Paris. Frozen Celebration is a must for all fans of "Frozen".
  • Marvel Season of Super Heroes
    Marvel Season of Super Heroes The Marvel superheroes take command at Walt Disney Studios Park. Shows, meet & greets, decorations and much more, all in the Marvel look of course.
  • Disneyland Paris Lion King & Jungel Festival
    Lion King & Jungle Festival At the Disneyland Paris Lion King & Jungle Festival everything is about the films "Lion King" and "Jungle Book" - come on an adventurous safari. There is a lot to see and do.
  • Halloween im Disneyland Paris
    Halloween You can experience scary fun with Mickey Mouse and his friends during Halloween at Disneyland Paris. Don't worry, colorful autumn colors, pumpkins and funny ghosts are in the highlight - no need to be scared.
  • Christmas in Disneyland Paris
    Christmas Disney magic meets the wonderful magic of Christmas - what could be nicer?! Let yourself be carried away by this unique atmosphere and experience an unforgettable time at Disneyland.

Christmas magic at Disneyland Paris: seasonal highlight of the year

Santa Claus stops in his sleigh in front of the magnificent illuminated Christmas tree

For many guests Christmas season at Disneyland Paris is the absolute highlight among all the different seasons. Festive decoration everywhere, Christmas carols sound from all corners, it is snowing on Main Street, U.S.A. and there is an extensive program. So what could be nicer than visiting Disneyland Paris during Advent or even during the holidays?
If you are still not sure whether this is really the right thing for you, then take a look at the atmospheric Christmas decorations that you will find throughout the resort and take a closer look at the program. There is something for every Disney fan! Of course the program changes a little from year to year, but some programme items are firmly anchored or return again and again in slightly altered form, for example Mickey's Christmas Big Band, Let's Sing Christmas and the Starlit Princess Waltz. There are also opportunities to meet the Disney characters in their Christmas outfits and of course a special parade for the Christmas season.

Halloween at Disneyland Paris: spooktastic season in autumn

Mickey Mouse on the Illusion Manor wagon for Halloween in Disneyland Paris

Halloween is celebrated at Disneyland Paris throughout October. It is more of a happy and colorful party, in which autumn and the funny, not so scary side of Halloween are celebrated. Those who are afraid of creeps and spook can go to Disneyland Paris with a peace of mind, because everything is family-friendly. There is a Halloween parade with atmospheric music and lots of Disney characters that show their dancing skills. There is also music and lots of decoration. As a rule, there is also a Halloween show that is shown on the stage by the castle. The program changes a little from year to year, but there is definitely a lot on offer. So, do you fancy some pumpkins and happy ghosts? Then Halloween season at Disneyland Paris is just the right time for you.