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Belle from Beauty and the Beast in the Princess Pavilion

Disney Princess Pavilion

Follow the royal invitation and go to the Princess Pavilion for a meet & greet with your favorite princess

Have you always dreamed of meeting Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmin or Tiana? This is possible at the Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Paris! Here, selected Disney princesses ask for a royal audience.

As soon as you have passed the wooden entrance gate, you will find yourself in a medieval castle. On your way to the princess' reception room, you will pass beautifully designed glass windows, each of which shows the castle of one of the famous Disney princesses. In addition, you can admire an object for each window that characterizes the respective resident.
First you pass Snow White's castle and a glowing red apple, then the beast's castle and its rose follows, before it gets oriental and you get to the Palace of Agrabah and the shining magic lamp, your way along Cinderella's glass slipper and so it goes on until you get to the window on which the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland Paris can be seen.

From here it is only a tiny step until you really face the princess. At the royal audience, the princess then has time for a little conversation and of course for autographs and a few souvenir photos.
At the exit, you can then buy these photos or have them saved on your Disney PhotoPass so that they can be printed out at a later date. You gonna have a nice memory of your meeting with the Disney princesses, or more if you return to this attraction at different times.

Which Disney princesses can you meet here?
Basically you can see the Disney princesses in the Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Park
Meet Aurora, Arielle, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana.

Two of these princesses are always present during the opening hours of the Princess Pavilion. In the past, you didn't know which of the ladies was asking for an audience, so it took a little luck to really meet your favorite princess in the end. Many visitors were not particularly pleased with this approach. Disney responded and changed the system. Since then, there has been a sign in front of the pavilion in the morning. On this sign you will find information about which princess can be found at what time on that day. As a rule, one princess is present in the morning and another in the afternoon. So you know who is waiting for you and you can decide whether and when you want to queue up.

How does it work? Ticket system and other methods
Normally you just queue up at this attraction and wait for your turn. However, this can take some time at the Princess Pavilion, waiting times of 60 minutes and more are the rule rather than the exception. Sometimes the princesses invite you to an audience during the Extra Magic Time. If this is the case, then line up early in the morning, since the waiting time is usually kept within limits. In the past there was the so-called ticket system in high season. First you go to the Old Mill. There you will receive a ticket with a time at which you can return to the Princess Pavilion to be admitted to Snow White, Ariel or Rapunzel without a long wait. In order to receive this ticket, you must show a valid ticket for every person who wants to visit the princesses with you. Go back to the pavilion in the time mentioned, hand in the ticket to the cast member at the entrance gate and soon it will be time for your audience. This system has not been used for some time, but it can be used again at any time, so keep your eyes open during your visit and find out on site which variant is being practiced at the time.

The Disney Princesses

Princes and princesses on the Castle Stage during the show The Starlit Princess Waltz

There are twelve official Disney Princesses . You can meet seven of them at the Princess Pavilion in Fantasyland.- If you are lucky you can meet the others during the day in the park or at the Walt Disney Studios, and you can wave to some of them during the daily parade.

Ariel, the little mermaid, is King Triton's youngest daughter. With her red hair and emerald green dress, she is hard to miss. The adventurous Ariel feels locked up under water. She wants to live outside the sea and risks everything to make this dream come true.

Aurora makes her grand appearance in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Through a curse, on her 16th birthday, she falls into a 100-year sleep from which she can only be awakened by true love kiss.

"Beauty and the Beast" is about the beautiful Belle, who likes to read and dreams of a different life. She is intelligent and has her own head, she is not fooled by outward appearances, but listens to her heart and her mind.

Cinderella is not born as a princess, but a simple girl who is harassed by her stepmother and stepsisters every day. The good-natured girl survives this ordeal thanks to the support she receives from her friends, the animals. Finally she meets her Prince Charming and can finally lead a free life.

The beautiful Jasmine grows up in the palace of Agrabah. She is quite bored with her life as a princess and, moreover, cannot get used to the idea of having to marry a prince whom her father chooses for her. How awesome, that Aladdin shows up and shows her the world outside the palace walls.

Merida is passionate about her interests. The wildly curly redhead loves life outdoors, where she can let off steam as she likes. She would like to life without the duties that court life entails.

The daughter of Motunui's village chief, Moana was chosen by the Ocean to restore the Heart of Te Fiti and save her island from life-killing darkness.

For Mulan fmily goes above and beyond, this wisdom is given to her from birth, but when the young girl breaks with the traditions and associated duties and instead goes her own way, she brings fame and glory to her family.

The adventurous and playful Pocahontas is at home in nature, there she knows every tree and every stone. With her strong will and her naturalness she changes the world.

The incredibly long blonde hair is the hallmark of Princess Rapunzel, who leads an isolated life in a high tower. The desire to get to know the world outside of this tower is growing and should finally come true.

Snow White
With the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White finds refuge from her evil stepmother. Although she is a princess, she is does not feel to be too good to run the dwarf household, and she is used to it as her stepmother treated her more like a maid and not like a daughter. And one day, the day actually comes when her prince appears.

Young Tiana has a big dream: she wants to open her own restaurant in New Orleans. Until then, she has to overcome some obstacles and learn that dreams can come true if you believe in them firmly enough.

Photos from Disney's Princess Pavilion