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Public holidays in France

The majority of the population does not have to work on public holidays, so excursions are very popular on such days. It only seems logical that on holidays in France many French take time to visit Disneyland Paris. Accordingly, it gets crowded on these days, so you should avoid them if possible so that the waiting times at attractions and in restaurants are no longer than it is the case anyway.
Please note that not only the increased number of visitors to the two Disney Parks can be expected on the holiday itself, but sometimes also directly before or after. If the holiday falls on a Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday, the opportunity for a long weekend is of course gladly used, in order to use as few vacation days. Make sure to take a look at the calendar and try to avoid these periods if possible.

While some public holidays are also known to us, there are some French public holidays that many others are not aware of and are therefore quickly overlooked when planning a vacation.
We give you an overview of the public holidays in France without considering the overseas departments, as these make up a rather small proportion of visitors to Disneyland Paris.

Overview of the french holidays

  • New Year
    January 1st
  • Easter
    Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
  • Labor Day
    1st of May
  • Day of the victory
    8th of May
  • Ascension of Christ
    39 days after Easter, always on Thursdays
  • Pentecost
    49 days after Easter, Sunday and Monday
  • National Day / Bastille Day
    July 14th
  • Assumption Day
    15th of August
  • All Saints Day
    1st of November
  • Armistice of Compiègne
    November 11th
  • Christmas
    25th + 26th December
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