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Disabled Priority Card at Disneyland Paris

The so-called Disabled Priority Card (DPC) is available at the City Hall in Disneyland Park (under the Railroad station to the left) or at the Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park (just behind the entrance on the right) upon presentation of the Disability card.

The “degree of disability” is noted on the DPC, depending on the type (wheelchair user, wheelchair user with walking ability etc.) you are unfortunately excluded from some attractions, for example Indiana Jones.

Four persons can be added as accompanying persons per Disabled Priority Card. The accompanying persons are not named on the card, so you can theoretically take another adult or three different children into the attractions - this is especially very convenient for families with more than three children or smaller groups of adults who visit Disneyland together.

The most important experience first: Even if you, as the owner of a DPC, permanently interrupt the cast members (CM) in their routine, you will never even get the feeling that you are an annoying disruptive factor. On the contrary: Guests who have already used this card report that they always and everywhere received friendliness, helpfulness and courtesy, no matter how busy the cast members were.

A little note on our own behalf: If the term "normal visitors" is used again in the following, this may not be "politically correct", but serves to make it easier to understand. Having to write every time "visitors without a handicap" etc. would have been tiring. By no means do we want to express that DPC users are, conversely, “abnormal”!

How does the DPC work at Disneyland?

It may sound like the dream of every DLP visitor: with the DPC there are no waiting times at all attractions! Your can get on IMMEDIATELY, and often choose your seat. Whoever turns completely green with envy now should be told, that one must not forget that certain conditions have to be met in order to receive the card, and no one will wish for this requirement for themselves, just to save some time!

Proof of this must be provided at the City Hall or at the Studio Services in order to receive this card. So you have to be able to present your ID card or another corresponding certificate. A disabled person's pass, a European disabled person's parking permit or, in certain cases, a medical certificate that is not older than 3 months, in English or French with the doctor's signature and stamp (the latter is only recognized in exceptional cases).

Planning, Travel, onsite: Disneyland Paris with disabilities Video (English subittles)

Disneyland Paris is a magical place for everbody, as they try to make everything possible, including for people with disabilities. Our video explains how best to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris if you or someone travelling with you has a disability or a temporary impairment and what options are available to you during your stay.

Practical tips

In general it can be said that the entrances to the various attractions for DPC users are the respective EXITs for the "normal" visitors. So you can often get to the appropriate stations after a few steps and get in comfortably. You just have to look out for a wheelchair logo. You should always have the DPC at hand since you often have to show it twice.
Unfortunately, the "exit = entrance" rule does not apply to all attractions. If you are not sure where to go, just ask a cast member.