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Lightning McQueen, Luigi, and Guido in the Worlds of Pixar

Worlds of Pixar

Welcome to the world of Disney Pixar movies. Experience the animated films from a whole new perspective!

Do you love the Disney Pixar films? Then the Worlds of Pixar at Walt Disney Studios Park is your place to be. In this themed area, you can discover some of the most popular Pixar films in a whole new way. You'll meet the popular heroes Lightning McQueen, Rémy the rat, Crush from Finding Nemo and, of course, many characters from the Toy Story films. So what are you waiting for?
Go straight into the world of your favourite film and experience exciting adventures with the Pixar heroes. Would you like to experience a wild ride through Radiator Spring or discover the greatest sights along Route 66? Or are you in the mood for an underwater adventure? Then visit Nemo and his friends. But beware, the East Australian Current has very strong currents and will whirl you around. If you prefer something a little calmer, then visit Rémy, Emile and their rat friends in the Ratatouille attraction at Place de Rémy. Or are you a big Toy Story fan? Then you should not miss to visit Toy Story Playland.

After all that action, you're in the mood for a bit more quiet entertainment? Then head for one of the great photo locations in the Worlds of Pixar. How about a photo with Rex or Buzz Lightyear? Or on a scooter as you speed through Paris? As well as these photo opportunities, there is of course the chance to meet some of the popular characters in person. Check out the Disneyland Paris app for an overview of what's on offer. But it's also worth keeping your eyes open as you explore the land, because every now and then there are spontaneous meet & greets.

Really great experiences await you in the Worlds of Pixar, and you shouldn't miss them!

Food and drink are also provided, because after all, a journey of discovery through the Worlds of Pixar is only half as much fun with a growling stomach.
If you're looking for a chic restaurant where you can really indulge yourself, then Bistro Chez Rémy is the perfect place to stop by. Here you can experience Rémy's cooking and enjoy it in a great atmosphere while being shrunk to the size of a rat. Sounds exciting? It's delicious too! So don't forget to book a table.
Would you rather have a snack between meals? Then pick up one at the Laugh 'n' Go Food Truck, which you'll find near the Cars Road Trip attraction.

Top Attractions in the Worlds of Pixar

  • Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
    Ratatouille Shrink to the size of a rat and dive into the world of Rémy and Emile. The roofs of Paris and Gusteau's kitchen are waiting for you.
  • Crush's Coaster Achterbahn
    Crush's Coaster Take a seat in the turtle shell, hold on tight and the wild ride on the East Australian Stream can begin. Careful, you will be whirled around wildly.
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
    Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop The green toy soldiers from Toy Story are in charge here. At this attraction you can experience their parachute jump live, which was part of the first movie.
  • RC Racer
    RC Racer Hold on tight, Andy's toy car runs through the halfpipe at high speed! Does your tummy feels funny?! A fast ride with plenty of speed.

Place de Rémy

Welcome to little Paris

Place de Rémy is all about the Oscar-winning Disney Pixar film Ratatouille. Paris and the film itself are brought to life in this part of the Toon Studios. This detailed area of the theme park invites you to linger, because there are so many details to discover. Pay attention to the family of rats, which can be found here in all possible and impossible places. Have fun searching! Of course, this area also includes an attraction. Ratatouille - The Adventure is a real highlight, which is definitely one of the absolute top attractions of the resort. Hold on tight, because Rémy takes you on a wild culinary adventure. And if you are getting hungry after so much thrill and fun, enjoy the culinary skills of the little chef and stop by at the Bistrot Chez Rémy. Delicacies from the French cuisine are served here, including a ratatouille, of course. Would you like to buy a souvenir of your visit at the end? No problem, Chez Marianne - Souvenirs de Paris not only offers Ratatouille merchandise, but also a sells of other items.

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Photos of the Place de Rémy in the Worlds of Pixar

Toy Story Playland

Welcome to Andy's backyard

Have you always wanted to experience the world through the eyes of a toy? Then let's go to Toy Story Playland! Buzz Lightyear, Woody and all the other toys you are familiar with from the Toy Story movies have created some real adventures in Andy's backyard. You can discover this little kingdom at Disneyland Paris. You can't miss this area in the Worlds of Pixar, because a giant Buzz Lightyear figure welcomes you at the entrance - the perfect place to take a photo.
Once you've said hello to Buzz Lightyear, it's on to Toy Story Playland. Three attractions await you here, plus a small shop and plenty of photo locations. So what are you waiting for?
What would you like to do first? A wild ride with Slinky Dog, who of course chases his tail? Then let's go to Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin. Would you rather see Toy Story Playland from above? Then visit the green toy soldiers and plunge into the depths on the parachute. They await you at the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Or do you fancy a breathtaking ride through the half pipe? Then the RC Racer is just the thing for you.

Toy Story Playland Gallery

Cars fans watch out:

two Cars-themed attractions

Are Lighning McQueen, Sally, Mater and Cruz Ramirez your heroes? Then the Worlds of Pixar land at Walt Disney Studios Park is the place for you! Two attractions based on the Cars films are waiting for you. On the one hand, you can experience a wild carousel ride in Cars Race Rally, where things really get crazy in Radiator Springs. So don't forget to hold on tight before you start. And on the other hand, the cars on the Cars Road Trip will show you the sights along Route 66. There really is a lot to see and experience here. Get in, sit back and let the tour begin.

If you or one of your children is a fan of the Cars films, then these two attractions should definitely be on your agenda. Fun and shining eyes are guaranteed here.

Impressions of the Cars attractions in Walt Disney Studios Park