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Mickey Mouse and the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella at the show Mickey and the Magician

Shows at Walt Disney Studios Park

Action & excitement are the focus of most shows. But there are alternatives...

The Walt Disney Studios Park not only offers you numerous attractions and rides, but also a wide range of shows. In the early days, right after the theme park opened in 2002, the various shows were the centerpiece of the park's concept. In the meantime, the focus has shifted somewhat and there are more rollercoasters, carousels and dark rides in this park - but the shows have not completely disappeared!
And what is on offer is really good! The Mickey and the Magician show deserves a special mention. With its cute story, great dance performances and magic this show could also be performed on Broadway. So don't miss it!

There are also seasonal highlights that are inspired by well-known Disney intellectual properties such as Star Wars and Marvel. These seasons have a lot to offer when it comes to shows. Don't miss them!

In previous years, Walt Disney Studios Park not only had various shows, but also a daily parade. In the early years, it was Disney's Cinema Parade, which was then replaced by Disney's Stars 'n' Cars Parade. In the meantime, the parades in this park have unfortunately been completely cancelled. However, there are smaller shows and mini-parades instead during various seasonal events, which at least offer some kind of a substitute.
So you won't get bored so quickly without the daily parade in this Disney theme park.

Important Note
Many of the shows at Walt Disney Studios Park are not shown all year round, but are only seasonal. So be sure to take a look at the current program that you can find at the entrance of the park to find out which performances you can watch during your visit.

Enjoy the following shows at Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Stitch Live
    Stitch Live Stitch, or Experiment 626, causes a lot of trouble at this interactive show in Walt Disney Studios Park. Be careful not to end up in the space prison.
  • Animation Celebration Show
    Animation Celebration Take a musical journey to Arendelle and meet Anna, Elsa, Olaf and their friends in this Frozen inspired show. If you like, you can sing along at the top of your lungs.
  • Mickey and the Magician
    Mickey and the Magician Go on a musical journey through the world of Disney films with Mickey Mouse. An adventure full of music, dance and magic with some of the most famous Disney characters.

Streetmosphere at Walt Disney Studios Park

At Walt Disney Studios Park Disney likes to treat its guest to the much-praised streetmosphere. Although it is more difficult to integrate it in the atmosphere of a studio landscape, those responsible have come up with a few ideas to loosen up the atmosphere in a entertaining way. For example, a band of chefs sometimes performes Jazz in front of the Restaurant des Stars, sometimes you can also find them on Place de Rémy. During the Christmas season, the Christmas Carollers in Studio 1 demonstrate their skills and take you into the world of Christmas carols from all over the world. There is also a jazz band in Studio 1 on various occasions, which creates a great atmosphere.
In the Backlot, near the roller coaster Rock'n'Roller Coaster, "Push, the talking trash can" is always up to mischief and is a lot of fun. Every now and then a melon carver can be watched as he creates beautiful Disney designs on fruits. As a rule, he is usually to be found near a restaurant. And with a little luck, a concert is taking place on the small stage of the Place du Stars.

Seasonal shows at Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Show: Marvel Super Heroes United
    Marvel Super Heroes United One of the highlights of Marvel - season of superheroes is the action-packed show: Marvel Super Heroes United. The Avengers fight a battle against Thanos - can they survive ?!
  • Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration
    Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration The highlight of Star Wars: Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris is the Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration show, which is projected onto the facade of the Tower of Terror every evening during the event.

Le Rendez Vous Gourmand

Program of the Gourmet Festival Rendez-vous Gourmand 2019

The Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney's Studios Park. Specialties from France and other European countries are offered at small booths. Here you can try a variety of culinary delights and try new things and maybe find a new favorit dish. The festival Le Rendez Vous Gourmand usually takes place in summer and winter, with slightly different offerings. If you are out and about at Walt Disney Studios Park at this timeframe, take a look around and see what you can find at Place de Rémy. Maybe you would like to try one or the other dish?

Former shows at the park
  • Animagique
    Animagique The black light show Animagique with Donald Duck in the lead role brought you into the world of Disney films and songs. In 2016 it was replaced by Mickey and the Magician.
  • CinéMagique
    CinéMagique At the Studios Theater, CinéMagique offered an entertaining journey through the history of film. Unfortunately, this show has been replaced.
  • Disney's Cinema Parade
    Disney's Cinema Parade The first parade in Walt Disney Studios Park, which of course was all about the world of film! It was replaced by the Stars'n 'Cars Parade.
  • Disney's Stars'n'Cars Parade
    Disney's Stars'n'Cars Parade Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and many well-known Disney film characters are the heroes of this parade, which has unfortunately been discontinued in the meantime.