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Disneyland Paris: Extra Magic Time

One or two hours during which Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park is open just for you? Well, not just for you, but for an exclusive group. Because only guests staying at one of the Disney Hotels or Villages Nature Paris or in possession of an Annual Passport Magic Plus or Infinity will be able to access one or both Disney Parks and the attractions already open during the Extra Magic Time.

There are exceptions to this rule, especially in the low season. In November, January and February, there are usually individual days when this offer is not available or periods when the time is shortened, for example, when it does not start until 8:30 am. It is best to have a look at the official opening hours to get an overview before you arrive.

Originally, the Extra Magic Hours were almost exclusively at Disneyland Park. Special opening hours of the Walt Disney Studios were really rare and usually only occurred once a year, whenever the change from Halloween to Christmas took place (early November). Since 2017 this is different. Now the offer is called Extra Magic Time and takes place in both theme parks. Usually from 8:30 to 10:00, although there are always exceptions. As mentioned above, it's best to take a look at the calendar.
In earlier years, the special opening hours were also available after the park closed, but this regulation of a separate evening opening of the parks seems to be completely abolished at the moment.

During the Extra Magic Hours, not all attractions in the park are open, so that it can be that you have to wait a little for one or the other highlight. Also the shops and most restaurants are still closed. But you can meet some of the most popular Disney characters that are waiting for you on Main Street, U.S.A.
You can find out which attractions and rides are already open in the Extra Magic Time flyer, which you can get at the hotel reception.

This is how it works - use the Extra Magic Time at Disneyland Paris

  • During the Extra Magic Time, go to the park entrance and show your ticket and your Disney Magic Card or your annual pass (Attention, Magic Plus & Infinity only!).
  • Ride at your own pace with the attractions that are already open - ideally use Peter Pan's Flight, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Crush's Coaster where there are always long queues during the day.
  • During the Extra Magic Hours the following attractions at Disneyland Park are usually open: Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, Peter Pan's Flight, Carrousel de Lancelot, Dumbo, Princess Pavilion, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Orbitron, Star Tours, Hyperspace Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and the Market House Deli and/or Café Hyperion.
  • At Walt Disney Studios Park the following attractions are usually open: Crush's Coaster, Ratatouille, Toy Solderies Parachute Drop, Flying Carpets over Agrabah, Slinky Dog, RC Racer, Tower of Terror and the En Coulisse restaurant.
    Deviations from this information are possible at any time.
  • On Main Street, U.S.A. you can meet different Disney characters like Minnie Mouse or Chip & Chap to have your picture taken with them and get their autograph.

Extra Magic Time with privileged tickets for passholders and friends

With the annual tickets Infinity and Magic Plus you have the possibility to buy a certain number of reduced tickets, the so-called Friends Tickets or privileged tickets. With these tickets, you can visit Disneyland Paris with your friends or family and take them to Disney Parks during Extra Magic Time, even if you are not staying in a Disney Hotel. Just go to one of the ticket offices, buy the appropriate tickets and enjoy the special opening hours.