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Disneyland Paris: Baby care center

At Disneyland Paris, the whole family can have fun together, regardless of the age of each family member. Many parents who are already infected with the Disney virus cannot wait to take their offspring with them into the wonderful fairytale world. That's why Disney has adapted to the needs of parents with babies and toddlers.

In the two theme parks, the baby care centers are the most important contact point for parents with small children. There are changing tables, comfortable seating, high chairs and microwave ovens so you can change your child in the baby center and feed them in peace.
Here you can also get diapers and other things like baby food if needed.

The baby centers are also retreats if you notice that it is getting too much for you and your offspring. In this case you can take a break here.
Are you still breastfeeding? In this case too, you've come to the right place, at least if you prefer a little privacy and tranquility while your child is fed. While you are breastfeeding, your other children can use the playroom or have fun with its other parent in the park - whichever suits you best.

Location of the baby care centers in the Disney Parks

There is a baby care center in each of the two theme parks. If the way is too far for you and you are only looking for an opportunity to change your childs diaper, there is also a changing facility at almost all restrooms in the park.

  • In Disneyland Park you will find the baby center directly between the exit of the Discovery Arcade and the Plaza Gardens Restaurant.
  • In the Walt Disney Studios Park you will find the Baby Care Center in the front lot between the Studio Services and the Studio Photo shop.

Lost children

or lost parents?!

At a leisure facility as large as Disneyland Paris, it can happen that parents and children get lost. Should this happen to you, speak to a Cast Member nearby. This employee then gives a description of your child to the other employees in the park and everyone looks out together. As a rule, your little darling is quickly found and taken to the missing child's office, where you can hug each other again.

To simplify the matter, it is recommended that you give your child a name tag in some form, on which it is best to also write down your cell phone number. Children are often very excited and confused in such situations, so that sometimes they no longer know their own name, let alone remember information such as a telephone number. If a cast member has your cell phone number, you will be called within a very short time and informed about where your child is so you can pick them up there. Usually this is the office for lost children, right at the baby center.

Incidentally, in order to ease the situation, which is often stressful for parents, Disneyland Paris takes this very seriously, but also with a dose of humor, that's why it is called "lost parents" and not "lost children". For example, at City Hall you can discover a board that says "Lost Partens, Inquire Here For Children". Of course we keep our fingers crossed that you will never get into this situation and have to endure anxious minutes. The children usually see this much more loosely than their parents, often they just ran after Mickey Mouse or another Disney character and they disappeared from your sight. While you may be half panicking, the little ones are having a lot of fun. By the way, no child has really been lost at Disneyland!

Visiting Disneyland Paris with little children

There is a stroller rental at both park entrances, so you don't necessarily have to bring your own buggy for small children. However, these strollers are only suitable for babies to a limited extent, so it might be better bringing your own. In this way you also avoid waiting times when during the renting and returning process.

All Disney restaurants have highchairs for the youngest guests, so small children can sit comfortably at the table with their parents. In addition, there are special dishes for children almost everywhere and there are microwaves in the fast-food restaurants where you can warm up your own food.

By the way, entry to the two theme parks is free for children under the age of three.

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