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Sorcerer Mickey / Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice at the entrance to Toon Studios

Toon Studios at Walt Disney Studios Park

Welcome to the world of Disney Animation

Toon Studios is all about animated films and cartoons. Children's hearts beat faster in this section of the Walt Disney Studios, because this part of the theme park is dedicated exclusively to their favourite characters and the heroes they know from television or the cinema: Mickey Mouse, Aladdin and Olaf, to name but a few.

You can't miss the Toon Studios, by the way, because as soon as you leave Studio 1 and let your gaze wander a little to the right, you'll notice Mickey's huge blue magic hat. It marks the entrance to Toon Studios, so to speak.
Enter this wonderful world of animation!
Under this hat is a building where you used to be able to enter the world of animation in the truest sense of the word: the Art of Animation attraction had its home here. There is now something new to be seen there: Animation Celebration. In this show you get to see the popular heroes from the Frozen films. Not only Elsa the ice queen, but also Anna, Kristoff and Sven make their grand appearance here. And if you like, you can visit Olaf after this performance. The funny snowman from Frozen is always happy to have company.

A few steps further and you're right in the middle of Toon Studios. Everywhere you look, you'll see many familiar faces from the Walt Disney Studios' greatest film hits. Of course, Mickey Mouse is very important, because without the success of the cute mouse, none of this would be conceivable. Accordingly, the aforementioned magic hat, which you surely know from the film Fantasia, is the landmark of this themed area in Disneyland Paris. But that's not all. A few steps further on, in the theatre where the black-light show Animagique used to be staged, you can see the show highlight Mickey and the Magician since 2016.

From there it's on to the Orient, to Agrabah to be precise. Okay, not quite. But, first things first. At the Flying Carpets over Agrabah carousel, you can take a seat in a flying carpet and take off. However, you don't really fly over Agrabah, but over a film set. Genie is making a film and is looking for people to help steer her flying carpet through the air. So, are you in and will you help him?!

Welcome to Toon Studios at Walt Disney Studios Park!

Top Attractions at Toon Studios

  • Mickey and the Magician
    Mickey and the Magician Go on a musical journey through the world of Disney films with Mickey Mouse. An adventure full of music, dance and magic with some of the most famous Disney characters.
  • Flying Carpets over Agrabah
    Flying Carpets over Agrabah Have you always wanted to fly on a magical carpet? Then let's go to the carousel of the flying carpets of Agrabah.
  • Meet Olaf the snowman
    Meet & Greet with Olaf Do you love warm hugs and Olaf from the film "Frozen"? Then take the opportunity to meet Olaf at Disneyland Paris!
  • Animation Celebration Show
    Animation Celebration Take a musical journey to Arendelle and meet Anna, Elsa, Olaf and their friends in this Frozen inspired show. If you like, you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

Once upon a time... From Animation Courtyard to Toon Studios

Originally called Animation Courtyard, Toon Studios was a very small and unassuming area of the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. Animagique and The Art of Disney Animation were the only attractions or shows in this part of the studios, along with the Flying Carpets Over Agrabah.
Then n the heroes from the popular films Finding Nemo and Cars came in and brought Toon Studios to life and gave it a very special atmosphere, so that you could really feel like you were in the home of the toons here and no longer in a sober studio for animated films.
A little later still, in 2016, Animagique, the popular black light show had to close to make way for the new show Mickey and the Magician.
Then in 2021, another drastic change occurred and Toon Studios lost the majority of its attractions to the newly established Worlds of Pixar themed area. And who knows what the future holds. As soon as the new areas in the park are opened, starting with the Avengers Campus, followed by the Frozen themed area, there will certainly be some more changes.