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Sorcerer Mickey / Mickey als Zauberlehrling am Eingang zu den Toon Studios

Toon Studios at Walt Disney Studios Park

Welcome to the world of Disney & Pixar films. Rediscover the world of animated films!

The Toon Studios are completely dedicated to animated films and cartoons. Children's hearts in particular will beat faster in this area of the Walt Disney Studios, because this part of the theme park is dedicated exclusively to their favorite characters and the heroes they know from television and the cinema: Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Buzz Lightyear and Aladdin are just a few Examples of characters from the Disney films that roam around the Toon Studios.

Not only children, but also all other fans of cartoon films and animated features will get their money's worth in this part of the park, because in addition to the fun in the various rides, you can also take a look behind the scenes and find out how an animation or cartoon is made and what has changed over the time.

The Toon Studios can not be overlooked, because as soon as you leave Studio 1 and let your view wander a little to the right, you notice Mickey's huge blue sorcerer's hat. In a way, it marks the entrance to Toon Studios.
Enter this wonderful world of animation!

A few steps further and you are right in the middle of the Toon Studios, wherever you look, you will discover many familiar faces from the greatest Pixar movies and finally shrink to the size of a toy in Toy Story Playland – can you imagine how it feels to be that small? You definitely should find out!

The newest area of Toon Studios is the Place de Rémy, where everything revolves around the world of Ratatouille. Enter this new mini-country and feel like Rémy in Paris. Experience the wild adventure of Ratatouille, enjoy a delicious meal at the Bistrot Chez Rémy or relax a little by the fountain.

Welcome to Toon Studios in Walt Disney Studios Park!

Top Attractions at Toon Studios

  • Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
    Ratatouille Shrink to the size of a rat and dive into the world of Rémy and Emile. The roofs of Paris and Gusteau's kitchen are waiting for you.
  • Mickey and the Magician
    Mickey and the Magician Go on a musical journey through the world of Disney films with Mickey Mouse. An adventure full of music, dance and magic with some of the most famous Disney characters.
  • Crush's Coaster Achterbahn
    Crush's Coaster Take a seat in the turtle shell, hold on tight and the wild ride on the East Australian Stream can begin. Careful, you will be whirled around wildly.
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
    Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop The green toy soldiers from Toy Story are in charge here. At this attraction you can experience their parachute jump live, which was part of the first movie.
  • Animation Celebration Show
    Animation Celebration Take a musical journey to Arendelle and meet Anna, Elsa, Olaf and their friends in this Frozen inspired show. If you like, you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

Place de Rémy

Welcome to little Paris

Place de Rémy is all about the Oscar-winning Disney Pixar film Ratatouille. Paris and the film itself are brought to life in this part of the Toon Studios. This detailed area of the theme park invites you to linger, because there are so many details to discover. Pay attention to the family of rats, which can be found here in all possible and impossible places. Have fun searching! Of course, this area also includes an attraction. Ratatouille - The Adventure is a real highlight, which is definitely one of the absolute top attractions of the resort. Hold on tight, because Rémy takes you on a wild culinary adventure. And if you are getting hungry after so much thrill and fun, enjoy the culinary skills of the little chef and stop by at the Bistrot Chez Rémy. Delicacies from the French cuisine are served here, including a ratatouille, of course. Would you like to buy a souvenir of your visit at the end? No problem, Chez Marianne - Souvenirs de Paris not only offers Ratatouille merchandise, but also a sells of other items.

More about Place de Rémy

Once upon a time... From Animation Courtyard to Toon Studios

Toon Studios were originally called Animation Courtyard and were a very small and nondescript area at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. Besides the Flying Carpets Over Agrabah and Animagique, The Art of Disney Animation were the only attractions and shows in this part of the studios.
But in the meantime, the heroes from the popular films Finding Nemo and Cars have arrived and brought the Toon Studios to life and gave them a very special atmosphere, so that you really feel like you are in the home of the Toons and no longer in a plain studio for animated films.
A little later, 2016 to be exact, Animaquige, the popular black light show, had to close to make room for the new show Mickey and the Magician.

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