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Mickey Mouse and the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella at the show Mickey and the Magician

Shows & parades at Disneyland Paris

The highlights of the day are the magical shows & parades, which create a whole new world

Shows and parades are a big part of the program at the Disney Parks around the world, so of course they can also be found at Disneyland Paris.
For many guests, the daily parade in the afternoon is the absolute highlight of the visit and should not be missed under any circumstances. Haven't you seen the parade yet? Then be sure to plan some time to not miss this spectacle. The evening show at the Sleeping Beauty Castle is similar. Here you are offered a breathtaking show of laser projections, fireworks and music, which brings some of the most popular Disney films to life right in front of you. This show takes place daily at the end of the day, so it is worth taking full advantage of the day.

In addition to these two absolute highlights, there are many other shows to be discovered at  Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Different stages are used, some of them are real theaters with a sophisticated set design and actors in stunning costumes. There are also smaller shows on the open air stages in front of the castle or in other parts of the park, which often focus on some of the most popular Disney characters.
During a special season, such as Halloween at Disneyland, there are usually some themed shows and sometimes even parades. The best thing to do is to take a program with you when you arrive at the park and check out which spectacle is offered where at which time and then make up a plan.

The diverse range of shows and parades is one of the main reasons why the Disney Parks are so popular with people who can not go on many roller coasters and carousels. There is also a lot on offer for them, so that a day in the amusement park can be filled out very well without having to ride a single roller coaster.

Highlights from the shows & parades scedule

  • Disney Stars on Parade
    Disney Stars on Parade The big Disney Parade, which takes place every day at Disneyland Park. Mickey Mouse has brought all his friends and together they will amaze and enchant you.
  • Disney Dreams
    Disney Dreams For the 20th birthday of Disneyland Paris, the spectacular evening show Disney Dreams was introduced and enchanted countless guests every day until 2017. It was replaced by Disney Illuminations.
  • Mickey and the Magician
    Mickey and the Magician Go on a musical journey through the world of Disney films with Mickey Mouse. An adventure full of music, dance and magic with some of the most famous Disney characters.
Paraden im Disneyland Paris: die Highlights

Former shows at Disneyland Paris

  • The Forest of Enchantment - a Disney Musical
    The Forest of Enchantment The subtitle of this show was "a Disney musical" and that was spot on. This great show enchanted numerous guests in 2016 and 2017.
  • Animagique
    Animagique The black light show Animagique with Donald Duck in the lead role brought you into the world of Disney films and songs. In 2016 it was replaced by Mickey and the Magician.
  • CinéMagique
    CinéMagique At the Studios Theater, CinéMagique offered an entertaining journey through the history of film. Unfortunately, this show has been replaced.
  • Mickey presents: Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris
    Mickey presents: Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris This show for the 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris was shown until 2018. Mickey and his friends took you on a trip through Disneyland Park.
  • Tarzan - The Encounter Show
    Tarzan - The Encounter For many years the show Tarzan - The Encounter entertained many guests at Disneyland Paris. Dance, drama, singing and acrobatics made this show a real spectacle.
  • The Princess Starlit Waltz
    The Princess Starlit Waltz The Disney princesses and their princes invited you to a dance for the 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris. Since the end of the festivities in 2018, this show has no longer been shown.
  • Disney Illuminations Show
    Disney Illuminations Mickey Mouse himself leads through this spectacular evening show at Sleeping Beauty Castle. Experience scenes from the most famous Disney films, fireworks and special effects. Every day at parkclosure.