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Dörthe and Torsten with the Evil Queen at a character dining / meal with the Disney characters

Character Dining at Disneyland Paris

A meal with the Disney characters is always a very special highlight - we will tell you where and how this is possible!

At Disneyland Paris you have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable meal in the company of the famous Disney characters. The food itself becomes a minor matter here when Mickey, Goofy & Co enter the restaurant, do their jokes and like to be photographed with you. This so-called character dining is extremely popular, so it is offered in several restaurants of the resort. Nevertheless, the tables are reserved quickly. So if you are considering adding such an experience to your trip, you should reserve a table in advance if possible.

Are you still undecided and wondering if character dining is right for you?

Reasons to eat with the Disney characters

  • So, you have to eat at some point anyway, why not add a portion of extra fun and magic?! You are in Disneyland, where you can become a child again during your stay, so don't miss out on this fun.
  • Do you queue up at the meet & greets in the parks during the day to take photos with your favorite character and get an autograph? Or are the waiting times there always too long and you are annoyed that you still do not have a photo with Mickey Mouse? Then a meal in the company of Disney characters is perfect for you! Here 5 to 8 Disney characters come to your table, one after the other, talk to you, have fun, have their picture taken and of course also sign autographs. Everything is relaxed and without much waiting.
  • Are you traveling with children? Ok, that alone is reason enough, isn't it? Seeing the sparkle in the eyes of the little ones when Donald Duck or Tigger come to the table is priceless!

These exclusive meetings with the Disney characters come at a price, but all parents with children and all Disney fans will convincingly assure you that eating with the Disney characters is really worth every penny.
There are extremely few exceptions, i.e. cases in which character dining is not worthwhile for you. Of course we do not want to hide these reasons here.

Reasons against character dining

  • You are extremely shy and don't like being spoken to by other people or standing in the spotlight in any form. In this case, you should think about whether you feel good when Minnie, Daisy or Goofy come to your table and provide plenty of action there.
  • Your children are afraid of the Disney characters. Do they hide, start to cry and are very scared when you meet Mickey Mouse or one of his friends? This is not that extremely rare for smaller children. If your child is sensitive in this regard, it is better not to book a meal with the Disney characters.

So what would you like? Breakfast, lunch or dinner?!

These restaurants offer a meal with the Disney characters

  restaurant type location kitchen style meal plans price
AAA character premium disneyland mainstreet fantasyland dvillage dhotels dlhotel franzoesisch amerikanisch italienisch international seafood pk3 pk4 pk5

Dining with Disney characters / Character Dining

  1a 1a 1a  
ABA character disneyland fantasyland franzoesisch premium pk5 Auberge de Cendrillon Disney characters / Table service 1bDisneyland Park, Fantasyland 1bFrench 1bExtra Plus €€€€€
AEA character disneyland mainstreet international pk3 Plaza Gardens (breakfast & lunch only) Disney Characters / Buffet 1bDisneyland Park, Main Street U.S.A. 1bInternational 1bExtra Plus €€€€

Breakfast and brunch with Mickey and friends

No, don't worry, you are not dreaming, you are already awake! If Mickey and Minnie are sitting opposite of you at breakfast and drinking cocoa, you are most likely in Plaza Gardens on Main Street USA.
At 8:15 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. you can have breakfast here every morning with the Disney characters. The tip: make a reservation!

Character breakfast with Mickey Mouse
If you stay at a Disney hotel, you can book your breakfast for an extra charge in Plaza Gardens and enjoy croissants, rolls and fruit salad together with the well-known Disney characters (the price overview and further information can be found on this page).
If you stay outside the Disney Resort, you can book breakfast at the Plaza Gardens on site.
Regardless of your hotel, you should definitely reserve the Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens.

Princess breakfast at Disneyland Paris - this experience is currently not taking place
Your heart beats for the Disney princesses? Then treat yourself to breakfast at the Auberge de Cendrillon. Here you can enjoy breakfast in the company of three charming princesses at 8:15 a.m. or 9:45 a.m. Sweet and savory dishes are brought directly to your table. This is how a magical start to the day looks, right?!

Themed brunch at the Disneyland Hotel - during the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel this experience will not take place
Every Sunday you have the opportunity to meet the popular Disney characters at brunch. At the Inventions, the buffet restaurant of the Disneyland Hotel, the usual lunch service is canceled on this day, instead a varied buffet is offered that leaves nothing to be desired. By the way, at the Inventions, the Sunday brunch always has a very specific motto, such as "Hawaii", "Fairy Tale" or "Neverland", so appropriate characters appear. The topics are unfortunately not announced in advance, so you can be surprised.
Why not start your Sunday with a character brunch?

One important note at the end: You don't have to stay in a hotel in Disneyland Paris to take part in a Character Breakfast. However, as a hotel guest, you can book longer in advance.

Overview of breakfast prices at Disneyland Paris

Overview of all prices & surcharges for breakfast in Disneyland Paris

Lunch and dinner with Disney characters

Would you like to enjoy your dinner with Mickey Mouse and his friends? Then you currently have the following options at Disneyland Paris

Auberge de Cendrillon
At the Auberge de Cendrillon you meet the famous Disney princesses and can enjoy lunch or dinner with them in a special atmosphere - and who knows? Maybe they'll even invite you to a little dance!

Plaza Gardens Restaurant At the Plaza Gardens Restaurant, located right on the Central Plaza in Disneyland Park, you can enjoy dinner in the company of Disney characters. Feast on the buffet while enjoying the company of some of Disney's best-loved characters.

Princess dinner at Disneyland Paris

Meet the Disney Princesses while you are eating

Little girls especially love the Disney princesses. What could be nicer than eating with them?
You can experience this at the Auberge de Cendrillon, a restaurant in Fantasyland.
Now all you have to do is decide whether you'd rather have breakfast or another meal with the young women. As soon as you have decided, you should reserve a table for this special experience.

The princess dinner is called "Suzy & Perla's Fantasies" and takes place daily from midday.
An exquisite menu is served as three or four Disney princesses and the two mice Suzy and Perla go from table to table and take their time for all guests. Which princesses will be present at your meal is a surprise. Usually it is Cinderella (always at Auberge de Cendrillon, of course), accompanied by Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmin or Belle.

Experience ExtraROOORdinaire & other special events

As part of seasonal events, there are always special offers for special experiences at Disneyland Paris. One of them is the Experience ExtraROOORdinaire. This somewhat mysterious-sounding name is a meal in the company of Mickey Mouse and Rafiki, which is only offered as part of the Lion King & Jungle Festival.
During the Marvel Season of Super Heroes, which took place at Walt Disney Studios Park a few years ago, it was possible to book a Super Hero dinner. That meal was held at the Manhattan restaurant at Disney's Hotel New York. As the name suggests, this meal made it possible to meet some of the Marvel superheroes.