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Tours through Disneyland Paris

We have put together a few tours through Disneyland Paris, each with a specific motto and therefore for a specific group. For example, we have put together a program for families with young children, as well as an action tour of both parks. People who are dependent on a wheelchair or other walking aids can find out which attractions are accessible in the two theme parks and which offer the greatest experiences.
This way you can get the most out of your visit during a short stay at Disneyland Paris and immerse yourself fully in the Disney magic.

Some tours also go a little off the path and do not focus on roller coasters, carousels and other attractions, but lead you through the Disney Hotels or to the best and most delicious snacks. Perhaps you will discover completely new sides of Disneyland Paris that you have not seen before?!

All these tours, with the exception of the Guided Tour, are free of charge. All you need are Disneyland Paris tickets and you can start right away.

Guided tours through Disneyland Paris

Would you like to learn more about the two Disney Parks? Do you want to learn about the background of some of the attractions or what the windows of Main Street, U.S.A. are all about? Which allusions are hidden behind certain posters or inscriptions? Where there are direct references to Walt Disney? Then you can of course just walk through Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios with your eyes open, check out our travel guide, where we tell you a lot about Hollywood Boulevard, for example, or book a guided tour.
If you decide on a guided tour, you will be accompanied (together with some other guests or alone, depending on the crowd) for about two hours by a cast member. He will tell you, according to your level of knowledge, many things you probably didn't know before and will guide you through the park.

Here you can find out more about the Guided Tours through Disneyland

Tour with toddlers

Are you traveling with your children to Disneyland Paris, maybe even for the first time? Then you will find a tour of Disneyland Paris that is perfect for you. Enjoy the hustle and bustle around you, experience child-friendly attractions and look forward to meeting Mickey Mouse.

Here is a tour for families with small kids.

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Action tour

Do you want to go higher, faster, further? Get one adrenaline rush after another? If this is exactly your goal when visiting Disneyland Paris, you will find everything you need here! The best attractions for pure thrill for all action fans.

Have fun with our action tour

Tour for sweet tooth: the best snacks

For you, popcorn, hot dog and ice cream are simply part of a visit to an amusement park? Then you've come to the right place, because in this tour we will take you from snack to snack and tell you where to find the most delicious cookies and milkshakes at Disneyland Paris. Enojy your meal!

More about the snack tour

Tour for the ones in a hurry

Are you in Disneyland Paris for just a day or even a few hours? Then it is important to make the best of the short time. With our "Tour for those in a hurry" we show you how you can experience as much as possible even for a short stay. The key words are: preparation, selection and Disney Premier Access.
So what are you waiting for if you're in a hurry anyways?!

Here is the tour for those in a hurry