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Deals, Packages & Tickets - your guide to Disneyland Paris

Welcome to, the comprehensive free Disneyland Paris travel guide! Here you will find information on all important topics concerning the Disneyland park just a few miles outside the gates of Paris.

Disneyland Paris - current offers & news

Mickey Mouse on the Illusion Manor float for Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Soon: Halloween in Disneyland Paris

From October 1 to November 5, 2023, experience the scary-fun Disney Halloween Festival with special moments with Mickey, Minnie and many other Disney characters in their special outfits, the brilliant Disney villains and of course the absolute highlight: Mickey's Halloween Celebration!

Santa Claus on his sleigh at Christmas in Disneyland Paris

Soon: Christmas in Disneyland Paris

From November 11, 2023 through January 7, 2024, Disneyland Paris will be ablaze with festive splendor during Disney Enchanted Christmas season. Enjoy Mickey's Dazzling Christmas and the Let's Sing Christmas! Show. You can also look forward to seasonal treats and little surprises.

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1 day, 1 park, undated tickets
105 94.03
97 86.86
1 Tag, 1 Park, dated tickets
56 51
62 56
67 61
84 76
89 81
94 85
99 90
52 47
57 52
62 56
78 71
82 74
87 79
91 83
1 day, 2 parks, undated tickets
130 116.41
122 109.25
1 day, 2 parks dated tickets
81 74
87 79
92 84
109 99
114 104
119 108
124 112
77 70
82 74
87 79
103 94
107 97
112 1002
116 105
2 days, 2 parks, dated tickets
142 129
156 142
166 151
196 178
206 187
214 194
224 203
132 120
144 131
154 140
182 165
190 173
198 180
206 187
3 days, 2 parks, dated tickets
201 180
216 196
228 207
270 245
285 259
297 270
312 283
186 169
201 183
210 191
249 226
264 240
273 248
288 262
4 days, 2 parks, dated tickets
236 214
256 233
272 247
324 294
336 305
352 320
368 334
220 200
236 214
252 229
300 273
312 283
324 294
340 309

All prices in €/EUR£/GBP. The special offers in the light blue boxes and the multi-day tickets are only available online. You can find out which prices apply on which days and under which conditions here in our calendar.
If you purchase undated tickets and are not staying at a Disney hotel, you will need to make a park reservation for your desired days in addition to purchasing tickets. Prices in £ are rounded & may vary due to exchange rates. Prices as of April 5, 2023.

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What does Disneyland Paris have to offer?

Disneyland Park

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris

Join us on a fairytale journey through five breathtaking lands where adventure waits for you just around every corner. Discover attractions and shows, meet the Disney characters and immerse yourself in the magic of a Disney Park, which can be felt especially intense in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
At the entrance to Disneyland Park you will find the inscription "Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow And Fantasy". So what are you waiting for?! The Disney magic awaits you!

More information about Disneyland Park

Walt Disney Studios Park

Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios with view of Earfell Tower, Studio 1 and Sorcerer Mickey Fountain

Discover the world of movies! What secrets are hidden behind the scenes of a movie studio? Immerse yourself in the world of Disney & Pixar movies that come to life in this theme park.
In addition to roller coasters and carousels, the Walt Disney Studios Park also offers first-class shows that will take you straight to Broadway. You can also immerse yourself in the world of Marvel superheroes at the Avengers Campus, which opens in 2022.

More about Walt Disney Studios Park

Disney Village

View over Disney Village from Panoramagique

Enjoy yourself around the clock and even at lofty heights. The Disney Village with its wide range of activities awaits you!
Right at the gates of the two Disney Parks and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Disney Hotels, you will find the Disneyland Paris amusement district, where a multitude of restaurants, bars and shops await you, where you can pass the time from early in the morning until late at night.
Experience live sport events on the giant screen or are you more in the mood for a dinner in the jungle? Both are possible and by no means everything that awaits you here in terms of food, drink and entertainment.
And if all this wasn't exciting enough, then climb to lofty heights with PanoraMagique and view the resort from above.

More information about Disney Village

Events, Shows & Seasonal Highlights

Mickey Mouse on the Illusion Manor wagon for Halloween in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, in addition to the attractions and roller coasters in the two theme parks, is famous for its events and shows, which are part of the permanent entertainment programme, enchanting guests and making children's eyes light up. Day after day, the Stars on Parade through Disneyland Park attracts numerous visitors, while in the evening Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is a popular destination for young and old alike. Not forgetting the various seaonal events such as Halloween and Christmas, which cause a big stir in the theme parks every year with their extras, special parades and shows.
The shows at Disneyland naturally also include the atmospheric Disney music, which by the way creates a special atmosphere throughout the resort and is always in tune with the surounding area, from the western sounds around Big Thunder Mountain to the songs from the classic Walt Disney films in Fantasyland.

Learn more about the shows & events at Disneyland Paris

Disney Hotels & Disney Nature Resorts

In the Disney Hotels you are close to the magic. These hotels, which are located directly on the grounds of Disneyland Paris invite you to live your Disney dream all day and night long. Here you not only enjoy an extra portion of magic and the full Disney feeling, but also benefit from numerous special services, such as Extra Magic Time.
Here is an overview of the Disney Hotels and Disney Nature Resorts:

  • Disneyland Hotel
    Disneyland Hotel Pure elegance, luxury and a lot of comfort await you at the Disneyland Hotel, which is located directly at the entrance to Disneyland Park. Let yourself be pampered!
  • Disney Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel - Marvel Hotel
    Disney Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel A hotel where everything revolves around the Marvel superheroes? This dream comes true at the Disney Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel. A luxurious hotel in the style of an art gallery with many Marvel objects.
  • Disney Hotel Newport Bay Club
    Disney Newport Bay Club The Disney Newport Bay Club offers you stylish elegance without being pompous. You can relax and at the same time explore the two Disney Parks - enjoy it.
  • Disney Hotel Sequoia Lodge
    Disney Sequoia Lodge Welcome to the National Parks of North America - this is how you will feel at Disney Sequoia Lodge! Rustic and cozy, with a dose of Disney magic.
  • Disney Hotel Cheyenne
    Disney Hotel Cheyenne Welcome to the Wild West! Do you have a lasso and cowboy hat with you? Small and large cowboys will feel comfortable at Disney Hotel Cheyenne. So book a room at this Wild West hotel quickly.
  • Disney Hotel Santa Fe
    Disney Hotel Santa Fe Welcome to Route 66, deep in the south-west of the United States. Here at Disney Hotel Santa Fe, Lighning McQueen or Hook could come jumping around the corner at any moment.
  • Disney Davy Crockett Ranch
    Disney Davy Crockett Ranch The Disney Davy Crockett Ranch is located in the middle of nature, in a quiet forest. Here you can spend the night in a log cabin in the forest, have a barbecue in the evening and relax with the whole family.
  • Villages Natures
    Villages Natures Paris Villages Nature Paris combines Disney magic and the offer of a Center Parc - here you can really enjoy both, from the themed pool to a petting zoo to the magic of the Disney theme parks.

Make the most of your trip to Disneyland Paris

Here you will find everything you need to know before you book a trip to Disneyland Paris (formerly Euro Disney or Euro Disneyland) to spend an incomparable and magical holiday! Here is a quick overview on the way to your Disneyland Paris dream holiday:

  • It already starts with the travel planning! If you have the question "When should I travel to Disneyland Paris?", our travel planning section will help you! You'll find everything from choosing the best time to go (when are holidays in France, Spain and other European countries? How crowded will Disneyland Paris be because of this). What are the best offers for tickets? Or should I rather book a package including breakfast and half board and if so, are there any special offers? You need more information? Just have a look at the "Travel Planning" section of our online Disneyland Pairs travel guide book!
  • Once you have made up your mind about these questions about your planned trip, the next big question is "Which hotel should I book at Disneyland? There are the Disney Hotels and the partner hotels as well as many other accommodation options in the area - each option has its advantages. With our detailed descriptions of each hotel you are sure to find what you are looking for. To make your holiday a dream come true, just take a look at "Disneyland Paris Resort" in the navigation bar here on this website. There you will find all the information about the various accommodation options at Disneyland Paris!
  • Once you have decided on a hotel and booked your room, you will need a ticket for Disneyland Paris (formerly: Euro Disneyland). Should it be a one-day ticket or do you need admission for several days? Or did you already add the tickets directly with your booking (the Disney packages already include the admission to the theme parks)?
  • And once you're on site, there's a lot to experience during your stay! That's why the next question comes up very quickly! What should I not miss? Which attractions are there in the parks? Where can I find which roller coaster? How do I spend my holiday? How much does it cost to eat at Disneyland Paris? Again, the travel guide from will help you make the most of your trip! Just take a look at the "Holiday in Disneyland Paris" section of the navigation and learn all about Disneyland Paris!

Actually, it's quite simple: book a hotel, add a day ticket, arrange your arrival and off you go!

What else can I find at Disneyland Paris?
Val d'Europe
View of the Place de Toscane in the Val d'Europa, looking towards the entrance of the shopping centre

The resort consists of more than just the two theme parks, the Disney Village and the hotels: Val d'Europe, as part of Marne-la-Valle, is another core element.
It is one of the valleys in the Marne-la-Valée region where Disneyland Paris is located. The huge shopping centre and the extensive designer outlet "La Vallée Village" in Val d'Europe also belong to Disneyland Resort Paris. Here, apart from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, you can shop in a relaxed atmosphere and let yourself be pampered by a comprehensive culinary offer.
This area, which is a unique project for France and particularly important for the development of the economy of the Marne-la-Valée region, is home to housing estates, shops, restaurants, offices and hotels, as well as a Sea Life Aquarium, where the underwater world comes to life.

Learn more about Val d'Europe

Golf Disneyland
View of the Disneyland Paris golf course in the morning

Are you a passionate golfer or have you always wanted to try out how it feels to stand on the green?
No matter what your golf skills are like: Golf Paris Val d'Europe is the right place for you!
Golf Paris Val d'Europe is located just a short distance from the two Disney theme parks and the Disney hotels. It's a golf course that's open seven days a week and consists of three 9-hole courses, so you have several options for playing an 18-hole round.
If you don't have a license to play the course, you can take training lessons and also get the right equipment on site.
And if you just want to get a taste of the atmosphere, that's no problem either. From the clubhouse you have a good view of the course.

Further information about Golf Disneyland

Official Disneyland Paris Partner Hotels
  • Hotel L'Elysée at Disneyland Paris
    Hotel L'Elysée L'Elysée is an official partner hotel of Disneyland Paris. In the heart of Val d'Europe, it is the perfect accommodation for those who want to combine a vacation in france with some Disney magic.
  • Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris
    Explorers Hotel One of the official partner hotels of Disneyland Paris at Val de France. It offers a free shuttle to the parks, a great swimming pool and much more.
  • Kyriad Hotel at Disneyland Paris
    Campanile Hotel Official partner hotel of Disneyland Paris at Val de France, which was known as Kyriad until early 2019. 3-star comfort, a restaurant, a free shuttle to the parks and much more are waiting for you.
  • B&B Hotel at Disneyland Paris
    B&B Hotel The B&B Hotel is an official partner hotel of Disneyland Paris at Val de France. Simple and functional equipped at an affordable price, with a free shuttle to the Disney Parks.
  • Adagio Hotel Disneyland Paris
    Adagio Hotel Official partner hotel of Disneyland Paris at Val d'Europe. Apartments for up to 7 people, a pool, underground parking and more are offered for a relaxing holiday close to the magic.