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Detail of a poster with Disney pins showing various pins with motifs for the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Disney Pin Trading at Disneyland Paris

Pin trading? Heard of it, but you don't know what that is? Then you can find out everything here!

Pins have been available in all Disney parks around the world for many years. These souvenirs are surely collected by many visitors and fans of the theme parks since then, and maybe a pin was sometimes exchanged with another pin collector, but pin trading was only officially established in 1999 as part of the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World. From there, pin trading gradually spread to all Disney resorts including the cruise ships. Since then, all Disney resorts have had their own pins that are only sold on site.

How does pin trading work?
To exchange pins with other guests or a cast member, you of course need at least one pin yourself. You can buy it in one of the resort's numerous shops and boutiques.
If you want to identify yourself as a pin trader, then also buy a lanyard and attach all the pins that you are willing to exchange. If you have some that you would rather keep, it is better to keep them somewhere else.
As soon as you have made these preparations, you can start! Check out Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, hotels and Disney Village for guests and cast members who wear a pin lanyard and ask them if they want to trade with you.
A note: Park visitors are of course not obliged to exchange and can definitely reject your request, but Cast Members are always ready to trade. Interesting conversations are often part of the trade, so that swapping the pin is worthwhile in many ways.

Some rules that you should keep in mind when pin trading can be found further down on this page.

Of course, you can also simply buy pins and collect them, there is no obligation to trade them.

Pin Events & Pin Trading Nights at Disneyland Paris

All year round, actually at least once a month, there is a special event for pin collectors. Either a big Pin Event is organised or a Pin Trading Day or a Pin Trading Night takes place.

Pin events
The pin events are the highlight for all collectors and lovers of Disney pins. A real spectacle that offers entertainment for several hours.
The event is always under a certain motto, which is reminiscent of a popular attraction in the amusement park, a season or a holiday or even a new Disney film or a popular character. In the past there were, among other things, the motto "Le Bal de Cendrillon", "Disney Dreams" or "Alice in Phantomland".
To participate in this event you need a special ticket. As a rule, demand is high and tickets are sold out quickly.
At such an event, a selection of strictly limited pins is offered, the design of which is based on the motto of the event. There is also a supporting program, usually a buffet is always included, you can meet different Disney characters and the rooms are decorated according to the motto.
These events usually take place in one of the Disney Hotels.

Pin Trading Days & Nights
Around once a month, either a Pin Trading Day or a Pin Trading Night took place at Disneyland Paris. As the name of the respective event suggests, it is either an event during the day or in the evening.
However, the number of these events has decreased significantly in recent years, and pin events are now much more common.
Some limited pins are offered for these events, which are usually only sold on this day and are clearly recognizable as a pin for this event. There are usually 400 copies of each pin.
Registration or a ticket is not necessary for the Pin Trading Night, but there may be longer waiting times when buying the pins.
Otherwise, these events offer a framework for pin collectors to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to present their collections and maybe to exchange one or the other pin.

Pueblo Trading Post

Entrance sign of the collector and pin trading shop Pueblo Trading Post

The Pueblo Traing Post is a small shop in Frontierland that is overlooked by many visitors to Disneyland Park. However, it is the central point of contact for pin collectors! Because almost all limited pins appear in this shop. In addition, in front of the Pueblo Trading Post, on a small terrace, collectors regularly exchange their pins. Have a look at your next visit!

Pin trading rules

Real pin collectors respect the pin trading rules

Since pin trading had gone a bit out of hand at times, Disney has set up some rules for pin trading, which include the following points:

  • To exchange a pin, it must have a Disney Copyright symbol on the back. Furthermore, the pin must be made of metal and come from an official collection.
  • Pins may only be exchanged with the corresponding fastener on the back.
  • You can exchange a maximum of 2 pins per day with the same cast member.
  • Never touch a foreign pin or a foreign pin lanyard without first asking for permission.
  • You cannot offer a cast member a swap pin that he is already wearing on his lanyard.
  • It is prohibited to offer or request money in exchange for a pin.
  • Pins may only be exchanged 1:1 it is not allowed to request more than one pin in exchange.

Please stick to these rules yourself. In doing so, you not only follow the guidelines, but also protect yourself from fraud.