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With the motorhome to Disneyland Paris

Driving to Disneyland Paris in a motorhome is one of the easiest ways to stay and inexpensive. Just drive off, park the motorhome and the Disney adventure begins.

Parking space for the camper
In the main car park of the Disneyland Resort Paris there is the possibility to park the motorhome for a few days.
However, these spaces are limited to the so-called motor caravans, since there are no electrical connections. All other motorhomes must drive to parking spaces or campsites in the area.
Fresh water is available at the service facilities of the bus parking lot (a section of the main parking lot), where garbage disposal is also available.
It is also possible to use the sanitary facilities for bus drivers. There are some showers and toilets here, but the number and equipment is limited.

How does it work?
Anyone wishing to take a motorhome to Disneyland Paris must inform the employee at the parking lot entrance that they have a longer stay planned, although it is not necessary to state the exact duration of the stay. There is a special ticket at the parking lot entrance, which must be placed behind the windshield in a clearly visible manner which says that the motorhome can be parked overnight.
It is not necessary to reserve the spot for the motorhome in advance, as there are enough parking spaces even on busy days. It is important to note, however, that the parking lot is tied to the opening hours of the two amusement parks. This can cause problems, especially if you plan to arrive late in the evening.
The cost of the parking space is € 45 per day and has to be payed at the ticket booths at the entrance to the parking lot (holders of an annual pass pay € 15 per day if the annual pass offers "parking included"). The parking lot must be left at 10:00 a.m., otherwise there will be charges for another day.

Campsites for motorhomes in the Paris area

Some campsites near Disneyland that are also suitable for motorhomes:

Le Village Parisien
Parc de Varreddes
Rue des Otages
77910 Varreddes, France
Tél. : +33 (0)1 64 34 80 80

Campingplatz Caravaning Des Quatre Vents
Rue de Beauregard
77610 Crèvecoeur-en-Brie, France
Tel. +33 (0) 1 64 07 41 11

Camping Le Chene Gris
24, Place de la gare de Faremoutiers
77515 Pommeuse, France
Tel. +33 164 04 21 80

Shopping facilities for self-catering

When you travel to Disneyland Paris by motorhome, you probably want to be self-sufficient. If you don't already have all the necessary items with you, you can buy them in the area around the resort.
If you only want a few croissants for breakfast in the morning, we recommend walking to Marne la Vallée-Chessy station, just outside the gates of the two Disney parks. No later than 7:00 a.m. you should get everything you need for a small breakfast here. Similarly far away is the Esso petrol station at the Hotel Santa Fe. Here you will also find the most necessary things for everyday life and some snacks. The shop is open around the clock, but from about 10 pm in the evening until 8 am there is only one service counter, so you cannot enter the shop yourself.
If you want to do a bigger purchase, it is recommended to go to a supermarket near Disneyland Paris.

Here you can find some easily accessible supermarkets nearby:

  • Casino
    Rue de la Clef des Champs, 77700 Magny-le-Hongre
    (Daily from 8:30-20:30 h, shorter on Sundays)
  • Auchan
    14 cours du Danube SERRIS, 77700 MAarne la Vallee
    (daily from 8:30-22:00 h, shorter on Sundays)
  • Lidl
    231 Avenue du Chêne Saint-Fiacre, 77600 Chanteloup-en-Brie
    (daily from 8:30-20:00 h, closed on Sundays)
  • E. Leclerc
    Zac du Clos du Chêne, Rue du Clos Rose, 77144 Montévrain
    (daily from 9:00-20:30 h, shorter on Sundays)
  • Carrefour
    17 Place de l'Europe, 77700 Bailly-Romainvilliers
    (daily from 8:00-19:00 h, shorter on Sundays)