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Book a table at Disneyland Paris

Some restaurants at Disneyland Paris are so popular that long queues quickly form at the door during typical meal times. So if you do want to waste your time waiting, it is advisable to reserve a table in advance. You have various options: You can call in or make the reservation online, if you are already there, you can also make reservations in the restaurant itself, at the concierge at your Disney hotel, in the City Hall or at Studio Services.

Table reservation by phone
Reserving is easy and possible up to three months in advance. If you have been thinking about where you want to eat at what time long before you travel to Disneyland, you can call the reservation hotline three months in advance: +33 160 30 40 50

However, you cannot rely on the fact that you can make your reservation in any language. As soon as your call is answered, you can use your phone keypad to choose whether you want to make the reservation in French (press 1) or in English (press 2). If you are very lucky, there is a cast member at the other end of the line who also speaks another language; this includes a good dose of luck.

Reserve a table online
For a while now you have been able to reserve some restaurants at Disneyland Paris online. The best way to do this is to go to the restaurant overview on the PC (unfortunately, doing this on a phone doesn't work well as many other things with Disney) and scroll to the desired restaurant. If the "Reserve a table" button appears there, you can click on it and you will be taken to the appropriate form. There you can enter the date and the number of people, then search for the appropriate time in another field. If everything fits and a table is available at the desired time, you have to enter your personal data and you will receive a confirmation email after a few minutes. Unfortunately, this system is not yet fully developed and does not work properly. There are often error messages or reservations are not confirmed. So if you want to play it safe, pick up the phone. A table reservation is especially recommended if you want to eat with a larger group or if you want to be sure that you will definitely get a table in your favorite restaurant on a certain day. It is also recommended to reserve a table in high season, on public holidays or on weekends. You can find an overview of the crowds at Disneyland in our calendar, where you can also find out which of the restaurants in the two theme parks are open during your stay. Of course, you don't have to plan so long in advance, since you can also make a reservation for the restaurant when you arrive at the resort. You have various options on site to reserve a table.

Hotel reception
Simply contact the reception at your Disney hotel. There you can specify your wishes and a cast member will reserve the table for you.

City Hall or Studio Services
Depending on which park you are in, you can contact a cast member during the day in the City Hall or at the Studio Services and make the corresponding reservation.

Right in the restaurant
If you come by the restaurant of your choice during the day, you can contact an employee at the reception and reserve a table.

Assistance for the reservation hotline at Disneyland Paris

Since as you can generally not make the restaurant reservations in many languages, but have to choose English or French, you will find a few tips here that can make it easier for you to talk to the Cast Member on the hotline.

Reserve a table - in French

  • Je voudrais réserve un table à ... (name of the restaurant).
  • Je voudrais réserve (number of people "une" "deux", "trois", "quatre", "cinq" etc) places pour le (insert date).
  • Nous voudirons manger à (name the time, e.g. vingt heures).

Reservation recommended

  • Restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon
    Auberge de Cendrillon Would you like to enjoy your meal in the company of the Disney princesses? Then reserve a table at the Auberge de Cendrillon restaurant and your royal banquet can begin.
  • Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates
    Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates Welcome to Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tavern in the Caribbean. Enjoy Caribbean-Creole specialties in a unique atmosphere. Careful, Jack Sparrow occasionally hangs around at lunchtime.
  • Bistrot Chez Rémy
    Bistrot Chez Rémy In this restaurant, Chef Rémy is cooking himself. Enjoy his delicious creations, especially his ratatouille.
  • Inventions Restaurant
    Inventions The Inventions buffet restaurant is located at the Disneyland Hotel. Here you can help yourself to a varied buffet at dinner in the company of the Disney characters.
  • Buffet Restaurant Plaza Restaurant
    Plaza Gardens Restaurant An elegant Victorian style building awaits you at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. - The Plaza Gardens Restaurant offers a delicious all you can eat buffet all year round.
  • Walt's - an American Restaurant
    Walt's - an American Restaurant Walt's - an American Restaurant is an elegant restaurant dedicated to the history of Walt Disney and Disneyland Park. There is also delicious food.

Quick bites

  • Casey's Corner Restaurant
    Casey's Corner The best place to go at Disneyland for everyone who likes hot dogs. The design of the restaurant is completely geared towards baseball and what do you eat when watching a baseball game? Exactly, Hot Dogs!
  • Earl of Sandwich
    Earl of Sandwich The chain Earl of Sandwich is little known in Europe. But that shouldn't be a reason not to try the hot sandwiches on offer. You can also get breakfast.
  • Five Guys
    Five Guys This Five Guys restaurant at the Disney Village was one of the first ones in Europe. Burgers and fries have been served here since 2017 - everything freshly prepared and really tasty.
  • Restaurant Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Timon and Pumba warmly welcome you to the restaurant. Take a short break and treat yourself to African-inspired specialties which are offered here.
  • Last Chance Cafe
    Last Chance Cafe In the heart of Frontierland, to a certain extent on the market square of Thunder Mesa, you will find the small fast-food restaurant Last Chance Cafe - so why not give yourself a break before setting off on further adventures.
  • The Old Mill
    The Old Mill Would you like a snack or a refreshment? In Fantasyland, the small snack bar The Old Mill offers you just that. You will find the Old Mill between the Princess Pavilion and Storybook Land.