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Entrance to the Gaumont Cinema in Disney Village

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Welcome to Disneyland Paris' amusement district with its wide range of offers - what do you fancy today?!

There's always something going on at Disney Village. In addition to the restaurants & bars there are various events all year round that attract visitors from far away to the village. In addition to regular karaoke evenings in the Sports Bar, which are also very popular with many cast members, there are dance classes at Billy Bob's several times a week. From line dance and square dance to salsa - try your dancing skills here. Also there are concerts at Billy Bob's at regular intervals or a DJ will play for the night here or at the sports bar and invites you to dance.

There are special seasonal events throughout the year, such as Halloween, Christmas or on St. Patrick's Day, which not only offer a special entertainment program in the bars of the Disney Village, but also special program on the small outdoor stages. The highlights are certainly the breathtaking fireworks, which are held, for example, on New Year's Eve and on French National Day.

In the summer months, Lake Disney, along the banks of some of the Disney Hotels, turns into a paradise for all water lovers. Because in good weather pedal boats and other smaller watercraft can be rented and invite you to take a trip on the water. Do you prefer to stay ashore? No problem, with a delicious ice cream in your hand, the view from the numerous benches on the lakeshore, is just as beautiful. The entertainment program at Disney Village is extremely varied, so there is absolutely no time to be bored. Live music, shows, street performers and parties are part of the Disney Village program. The entertainment district between theme parks and hotels attracts numerous visitors day after day and evening after evening, who enjoy themselves until the early hours of the morning. On holidays, such as the French National Day or St. Patrick's Day, there are always special events, such as an impressive fireworks display over Lake Disney. When the weather is good, the tethered balloon PanoraMagique attracts many visitors, because here you can enjoy a wonderful overview of the entire resort. However, you should be free from giddiness and fear of heights!
Until 2020 there was another highlight: the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled. It is not yet known what will take its place. Maybe a new show? We will see.
And if all of that is not enough for you, you can shop until you drop, because there are numerous shops with a wide range of Disney items. Have fun!

Things to do at Disney Village

  • Panoramagique
    PanoraMagique Would you like to see Disneyland Paris from above? Then take a ride with the Panoramagique tethered balloon at Disney Village. An exciting experience!
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show - with Mickey and Friends
    Es war einmal: Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Yeehaw cowboys, saddle your horses! Until 2020, this dinner show in Disney Village has taken you to the Wild West. At a Tex-Mex dinner you could enjoy best entertainment in real cowboy style. Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and also Mickey & Minnie were part of the show.
  • Gaumont Cinema at Disney Village
    Gaumont Cinema Would you like to watch a blockbuster? Then off to the cinema! At the Disney Village you will find a huge Gaumont cinema with numerous stages and an Imax - perfect for all film fans.

Restaurant-Tips for Disney Village

  • Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris
    Rainforest Cafe Do you ever wanted to eat in the middle of the jungle? Surrounded by wild animals, waterfalls and plants? Then the Rainforest Cafe is the right restaurant for you!
  • Annette's Diner
    Annette's Diner A classic diner in the style of the 1950s: nostalgic decoration, colorful neon lights, music boxes, waiters on roller skates. Burgers, milkshakes and other delicacies are served.
  • The Steakhouse in Disneyland Paris
    The Steakhouses A classic steakhouse in a stylish ambience and a large selection of steaks. Steak lovers are guaranteed to get their money's worth here. So it's best to reserve a table right away.
  • Planet Hollywood at Disneyland Paris
    Planet Hollywood The huge blue ball that sits over the entrance of the restaurant is hard to miss. Burgers, pizza and some Planet Hollywood classics are served.