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Disneyland Paris: the best time to travel

Before you stay at Disneyland, think about the best time to travel. When is a stay possible and when does it make sense?
Of course everyone wants to experience the Disney magic during the summer holidays or at Christmas. But there are other dates when a vacation at Disneyland is great fun, especially since it is not quite as crowded as on public holidays or during school holidays.

If you are a little flexible when it comes to scheduling, you should consider whether you should plan your stay with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck outside of the main travel season. This way you avoid large crowds and long queues.

It is also worth taking a look at the holidays in France, as they often differ from other countries. This way you avoid accidentally having little fun in the two theme parks on National Day or a similarly crowded day.

At the crowd calendar, you can get an overview of how busy the resort is in which season. Of course, the information is not always 100% accurate, but the corresponding values have resulted from years of experience.

The weather in Paris

Of course, nobody wants to experience rain or a storm during their stay, but would rather visit Disneyland in sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
But even rain at Disneyland doesn't mean that you can't have a lot of fun and even walk around in the park. But scorching heat with temperatures above 35 ° C are not fun for everyone either.

What time of year is the weather in the Paris area particularly good and when is it rather bad? A look at the climate table for the region helps quickly here.

Here is an overview of the weather at Disneyland Paris and the climatic conditions in the Paris region.

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Observe dates of school holidays in your planning!

Of course, Disneyland is particularly crowded during school holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds of visitors, you should plan your trip outside of the holidays.

It is important to note the holiday dates in France, since most visitors come from France. Spain, Great Britain and the BeNeLux countries also make a good amount of visitors. Therefore, it is also worth taking a look at the vacation dates of some other European countries in order to find out the ideal travel period for a vacation at Disneyland.