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A view from Town Square along Main Street U.S.A. to Sleeping Beauty Castle

Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Paris

Welcome to Main Street U.S.A.! Immerse yourself into the world of Disney and let the impressions of this promenade take effect on you

As soon as you enter Disneyland Park and leave the entrance area behind you, you are on the park's Main Street, which leads you directly to the magical fairy tale castle in the center of the park. At both ends of the Main Street, U.S.A. are the Town Square and the Central Plaza - two large squares that are used for various shows and events.

In this part of the park you will be transported to the 19th and 20th century of the United States. You are on the main street of a small town in the heart of the United States, to be a bit more exact, you are in the home town of Walt Disney, Marceline in Missouri, or as he remembered.
Shops, restaurants and small boutiques surround the street.
Even if this part of the park does not really need any rides, you can immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of Disneyland. You are in a phase in which the world is changing, new developments and progress are unstoppable, motorized vehicles are replacing horse-drawn carriages, electric light will soon be available in every household and the easy wold wide communication will be possible soon with the invention of the phone. This fascinating feeling of progress spreads across the Main Street U.S.A. and sweeps everyone away.
The bouncy music which can be heard everywhere, takes you directly on a journey into a long gone era.

The history of Main Street U.S.A.
The Plaza Gardens was built on the edge of a small town in 1861 and surrounded by a small park. Over the next ten years, raillroad was extended into the city and with it the population grew.
The increasing wealth of the small town is shown especially at Plaza Gardens, which is decorated with lots of marble and golden wallpaper.

You can see this development in the large murals in the Plaza Gardens Restaurant.
In addition, the walk through the two arcades (left and right of the street) helps you immerse yourself in the great history. On the one side (Liberty Arcade) the story is about the Statue of Liberty and its journey from France to the USA. On the other side of the street (Discovery Arcade) everything revolves around the visions of the future, about technical developments and the unstoppable progress from the time as it was back then.
You can also use the arcades if the during inclimate weather if you do not want to get your feet wet while walking through this part of this park.

Main Street U.S.A. through the seasons
In tspring, Town Square and Central Plaza transforms into a sea of flowers, during Halloween season ghosts are up for mischief, and during christmas Main Street U.S.A. is absolutely magical. When the streets are lit up for Christmas and all the shop windows are beautifully decorated, when the Christmas Carolers sing Christmas carols, the large Christmas tree is lit in an magical ceremony, then you can experience a feeling of Christmas from an era gone by, a feeling that is hardly known today!

Restaurants of Main Street

  • Cable Car Bake Shop
    Cable Car Bake Shop The Cable Car Bake Shop is completely dedicated to the famous Cable Cars from San Francisco. While admiring the furnishings, you can treat yourself to some coffee and pastries.
  • Casey's Corner Restaurant
    Casey's Corner The best place to go at Disneyland for everyone who likes hot dogs. The design of the restaurant is completely geared towards baseball and what do you eat when watching a baseball game? Exactly, Hot Dogs!
  • Cookie Kitchen
    Cookie Kitchen Cookies and other sweet pastries are the specialty of Cookie Kitchen. You can find these sweet treats on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Restaurant Market House Deli
    Market House Deli The Market House Deli restaurant is decorated in the style of a classic New York grocery store. Here you can enjoy sandwiches, salads and pastries. If the weather is good, you can sit outside and take your relaxing break there.
  • Buffet Restaurant Plaza Restaurant
    Plaza Gardens Restaurant An elegant Victorian style building awaits you at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. - The Plaza Gardens Restaurant offers a delicious all you can eat buffet all year round.
  • The Coffee Grinder
    The Coffee Grinder At Market Street, which branches off from Main Street, U.S.A., you will find the small coffee shop called Coffee Grinder. Here, you can get drinks and small snacks.
  • Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour
    Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour Would you like some ice cream or waffles? Then head off to Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. In this small, somewhat old-fashioned ice cream parlor, nothing is left to be desired.
  • Ice Cream Company
    Ice Cream Company You can get ice cream and a few small snacks at the Ice Cream Company. The small ice cream shop is tucked away on Market Street.
  • Victoria's Homey Style Restaurant
    Victoria's Homey Style Restaurant The small Victoria's Home Style Restaurant is located at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. and often overlooked, which is sad! Depending on the season, delicious milkshakes or waffles are offered here.
  • Walt's - an American Restaurant
    Walt's - an American Restaurant Walt's - an American Restaurant is an elegant restaurant dedicated to the history of Walt Disney and Disneyland Park. There is also delicious food.

Attractions in Main Street

  • Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts barber shop
    Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts At the Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts barber shop, gentlemen can spoil themselves to the finest haircuts and shaves which are offered here.
  • Discovery Arcade
    Discovery Arcade Experience a fascinating journey into the history of great inventions at the Discovery Arcade - or simply use it as a covered walkway alternative to Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Disneyland Railroad - Dampfeisenbahn
    Disneyland Railroad Travel around the Disneyland Park with the Disneyland Railroad - a stylish, cozy and classic steam train. There are four train stations along the route. Where would you like to travel?
  • Horse Drawn Streetcars
    Horse Drawn Streetcars The Horse Drawn Streetcars offer you a ride on a traditional tram which is pulled by horses. This ride on Main Street, U.S.A. is only offered in the morning.
  • Liberty Arcade in der Main Street
    Liberty Arcade Stroll through the arcade that runs parallel to Main Street, immerse yourself in the history of the Statue of Liberty, probably the best-known symbol of the United States.
  • Main Street Vehicles
    Main Street Vehicles The Main Street Vehicles offer you a ride in a classic car on Main Street, U.S.A. - you can not only drive with a classic car, but also use it as a convenient way of transportation.

Shopping-Highlights in Main Street

  • Boardwalk Candy Palace
    Boardwalk Candy Palace Are you craving chocolate, candy or gummy bears? You will find this and much more at the Boardwalk Candy Palace.
  • Emporium
    Emporium The Emporium is the large boutique at the beginning of Main Street, U.S.A. - there is everything your heart desires, at least when it comes to souvenirs from Disneyland Paris. A real shopping paradise.
  • Harrington's Fine China and Porcelains
    Harrington's Fine China and Porcelains Glass figures, collectibles, pictures, pins and jewelry - you can find all these fine things in the shop Harrington's Fine China and Porcelains.
  • Lilly's Boutique
    Lilly's Boutique Do you want to shop or take a look at some historical things? In Lilly's Boutique you can combine both, because there are cups, plates & co to buy while at the same time numerous pictures of Lilly and Walt Disney are shown.
  • The Storybook Store
    The Storybook Store Looking for books, CDs and office supplies? Then have a look at The Storybook Store. Here, right next to the City Hall, you will surely find something suitable.
  • Shop Main Street Motors
    Main Street Motors The latest Disney fashion is available at Main Street Motors - where, by the way, originally real vintage cars were sold, which the name of the shop and the shop window design are still reminiscent of.

Photos of the attractions along Main Street U.S.A.

Parades, fireworks and other spectacles

Once a day, Main Street U.S.A. turns into the parade route. Either in the afternoon or early evening, depending on the time of year, you will see the Cast Members putting up poles to make enough space for the big and amazing parade floats which will make their way from fantasyland, passing the beautiful castle and then go on towards the town square. If you want to watch the parade, look out for a spot at the side of the road and watch the spectacle from there, or you can reserve a table at Walt's for the time of the parade and ask specifically for a window seat.

Depending on the time of year, it can also happen that the so-called Character Train runs several times a day. On board of the little train are Mickey Mouse and some of his friends who can not wait to meet you at Central Plaza where they are ready so sign an autograph or take a souvenir photo with you.

In the long years of its history, Main Street U.S.A. has seen many parades, Disney's Once upon a Dream Parade, ImagiNations, Main Street Electrical Parade, Fantilusion and many more.
Once it gets dark, the street turns into a sea of ​​lights that is really beautiful to look at.

Advertising on Main Street

Another interesting part of Main Street U.S.A. are the advertising posters found there, which contain many hidden gags & innuendos - can you find them?


The Main Street Quartett live in Disneyland Paris

The Main Street Quartet live at Disneyland Paris for their 30th anniversary. The original 1992 formation performing for the anniversary.
Classic entertainment on Main Street, U.S.A.