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Animal care at Disneyland Paris

Do you have a dog or cat that you cannot leave alone at home and therefore want to take them on vacation to Disneyland? Cats and dogs are welcome in the Animal Care Center, the animal pension, located directly at the large main car park.

While you visit the theme parks or the Disney Village, the staff at the animal care will ensure that your dog or cat gets water. However, the staff do not take the animals for a walk or take care of other activities, so you should regularly return to the animal pension during your stay in the resort to take care of your animal yourself. You are also responsible for feeding it yourself.

The costs for care at the animal pension depend strongly on the size of the animal and the length of stay and must be inquired about on site.
Holders of the Magic Plus and Infinity annual passes can bring a maximum of one dog or cat for free to the Disneyland Paris pet pension during the day.

Conditions of animal care
In order for an animal to be admitted, a valid vaccination certificate must be presented, which is also issued in French. The main thing is the rabies vaccination, which must be noted in the vaccination certificate and must also be at least one month old, but also not older than one year.
Every animal that is to be cared for in the Disneylands pet pension must carry a microchip.
You must present a valid identity card, on which the animal will be registered. Only the person to whom the animal is registered may pick up the animal again.
You can view further conditions of the pet pension at Disneyland Paris here: guidelines of the animal care center

Important to know

The name "animal care center" is a little misleading. If you think of a loving environment for your four-legged friend at an "animal care center", then this probably applies to many facilities. At Disneyland Paris, however, this applies only to a limited extent. The cast members who work there are very animal-friendly, but the facility itself is not particularly inviting. It is a collection of kennels and enclosures that are completely bare. If you don't bring a blanket or basket, your dog will spend the time there on the tiles or on a steel surface (depending on the kennel).

You should be aware that staying in this facility means pure stress for most animals, since many animals (some of them being fearful) are close together and have nothing to play with or to run. If you have another way to accommodate your pet, this is certainly the better choice. So its better to search for a nice place for your dog or cat before your trip to Disneyland. Surely there are nice neighbors, someone in the family or friends, maybe also a nice animal pension in your area?

Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch: Dogs allowed

Huts of the Davy Crockett Ranch

You don't want to part with your dog during your vacation at Disneyland Paris? Then the Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch is the perfect accommodation for you. Because in this Disneyland Paris Hotel you can bring your four-legged friend with you.
However, there are a few rules that you should know before you travel. On the one hand, you have to register your dog in advance, so you have to state at the time of booking that you want to bring your dog, because there is only a limited number of bungalows available, in which dogs are allowed to stay. In addition, you are not allowed to leave your dog alone on the ranch during the day, but must take him to the Disneylands animal care center or provide another form of care.

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