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Disneyland Paris: Luggage storage

Your arrival time does not always fit perfectly with the check-in at the hotel or you would like to enjoy the magic of Disneyland until the last minute, but had to leave your hotel room in the morning. Where do you put your luggage? Don't worry, you never have to leave your luggage unattended anywhere, because there are various luggage storage options throughout the resort.

Luggage storage at Disney Parks
You will find a luggage storage counter in front of the entrance to both theme parks. Here you can park your suitcases and bags for a fee. Luggage storage opens one hour before the park opens and usually closes about an hour after the park closes. To be sure, you should inquire about the opening times as soon as you hand in your luggage. Also keep in mind that queues can sometimes form in front of the baggage claim at the end of the opening hours and plan a little more time here so you can still catch your train or flight.
It is also important to know that you have to go through the security controls to reach the two luggage storage counters. You might have to open your suitcases or travel bags and have it checked. With the use of modern scanners, this case no longer occurs as often.

Luggage storage at the hotel
All Disney hotels, with the exception of Davy Crockett Ranch, offer free luggage storage. This service is also offered by all Disney partner hotels in Val de France and some external hotels.
As a rule, it is a large storage room where your luggage can be stored on the day of check-in or check-out. Just ask a receptionist about it.
But be careful, not all external hotels offer this service, it is better to make sure before booking that whether the hotel in question offers luggage storage or not.

Other ways to keep your luggage
You also have the option of storing your luggage at Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy train station. For a fee, you can store your suitcases and bags in lockers, which, however, are not freely accessible. You first have to go through a security gate.
So when you drop off your luggage, inquire about the opening times on the relevant day so you don't stand in front of closed doors when you leave.

It is important here that you need coins to use the lockers. Bills or a credit card are not accepted.

Disney Express

The Disneyland Paris luggage service is called Disney Express.
This offer is aimed at all guests who arrive via Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy train station. There, if you have booked this service beforehand, you can hand in your luggage at a counter so it will be brought to your hotel during the day and you do not have to carry bags or suitcases through the resort. But it gets even better! Not only is there no tugging and neither a detour to the hotel, because you can also get your tickets for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios at the counter of the station. So you can start in the amusement parks directly from the train station and immediately immerse yourself in the magic.

This is how Disney Express works

  • When you arrive at the train station, you go to the counter and hand over your luggage. In return, you will receive your tickets.
  • On the day of departure, you hand in your luggage to the concierge at your Disney hotel before 11 a.m. From there it will be taken to the train station where you can pick it up at the Disney Express counter. This way, you can enjoy the magic of Disney Parks carefree even on the day of your departure.
  • The Disney Express Service is only available at the Disney Hotels. Unfortunately, it is not offered for partner hotels, Villages Nature and Davy Crockett Ranch
  • The counter at the station is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • You can book the Disney Express Service directly with your package or book it by phone.