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The best attractions for children at Disneyland Paris

If you are traveling to Disneyland Paris with children, the question will certainly come up in advance which attractions are suitable at all. We cannot provide a general answer either, but we would be happy to give you some advice as to which attractions are particularly suitable for which age group.

Great for all ages are the playgrounds that Disneyland Paris offers: Frontierland Playground (formerly: Pocahonta's Indian Village) and Pirate’s Beach. These two playgrounds, which you can find at Disneyland Park, offer enough space and play opportunities.
Gentle boat rides like It's a small world or Le Pays des Contes de Fées are also suitable for all ages.

We have divided our recommendations into three age groups so you can quickly and clearly find the best attractions for you and your offspring. Whether you are in the mood for a carousel, a roller coaster or a great show - at Disneyland Paris it will definitely never be boring!

You must of course decide for yourself whether the attractions mentioned are also suitable for your children; it could be helpful if you look at pictures (and possibly videos) of the attractions together with your kids so they know roughly what they expect there.

The tip: It is advisable to compare the size / age restrictions of the attractions in advance to avoid tears and dissapointment in the park. You can find all the information you need on the page "Access restrictions". There you will find a list of all attractions at Disneyland Paris that have an access restriction.

The best attractions for children at the age 1-3 years

At Disneyland Paris there are of course some attractions that you can visit with babies and toddlers. This basically includes all meet & greets like the Princess Pavilion or Meet Mickey and all shows except for the stunt show Moteurs ... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, which you should probably leave out with a small child due to the loud sound and effects which are used.

  • children's carousel Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    Dumbo the Flying Elephant Soar together with Dumbo and find out how it feels to fly! This cute children's carousel is especially popular with the youngest guests at Disneylands.
  • Disneyland Railroad - Dampfeisenbahn
    Disneyland Railroad Travel around the Disneyland Park with the Disneyland Railroad - a stylish, cozy and classic steam train. There are four train stations along the route. Where would you like to travel?
  • Frontierland Playground: Playground in Disneyland
    Frontierland Playground Children up to the age of 12 can play until they don´t have any energy left at the Frontierland Playground. Slides, swings and monkey bars invite you to have some fun.
  • It's a Small World
    It's a Small World The musical tour around the world with numerous singing dolls and animals is one of the Disney Park classics and lives up Walt Disney's spirit in a very special way.
  • Le Carrousel de Lancelot
    Le Carrousel de Lancelot How about a ride on this classic horse carousel? Behind the castle, with a beautiful backdrop, Le Carrousel de Lancelot is doing its rounds. Just lovely!
  • Le Pays des Contes de Fées
    Le Pays des Contes de Fées Wonderfully relaxed boat trip through the world of fairy tales. Take a seat in one of the boats and cruise comfortably through scenes from Beauty and the Beast, Peter and the Wolf or Aladdin.
  • Main Street Vehicles
    Main Street Vehicles The Main Street Vehicles offer you a ride in a classic car on Main Street, U.S.A. - you can not only drive with a classic car, but also use it as a convenient way of transportation.
  • Meet Mickey Mouse
    Meet Mickey Mouse A visit to Disneyland Paris without meeting Mickey Mouse is not complete, is it?! Then off to Meet Mickey Mouse - here you can meet the most famous mouse in the world.
  • Pirate's Beach Spielplatz
    Pirate's Beach If the little pirates haven't played enough in Adventureland, then a visit to the Pirate's Beach playground is highly recommended.
  • Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
    Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin Do you know Slinky, the cute toy dog ​​from Toy Story? Slinky Dog always runs in a circle chasing his own tail. Will you join him?
  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
    Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing Take a steamboat ride on the Rivers of the Far West - Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing is the dock for the impressive steamers. Ship ahoy!

Great rides and shows for children at the age 3-6 years

Fantasyland in Disneyland Park is particularly suitable for this age group; there you can safely visit almost every attraction with young children. If your kids are easily frightened or scared, you should skip the Darkrides (Les Voyages de Pinocchio and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs). But there is more than enough to discover, because in addition to Fantasyland, Discoveryland also offers some attractions for young guests, the most popular of which are Autopia, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Orbitron. If you hop over to Walt Disney Studios, a visit to Toon Studios is of course a must! There you will find the Toy Story Playland - an area that includes various attractions related to the Toy Story films - for example the Cars Race Ralley, which is based on the successful Pixar film Cars, and a (not quite as wild) race. Your kids will also be enthusiastic about the new attraction Ratatouille - The Adventure, which is located in the back of the studios on Place de Rémy.

  • Adventure Isle
    Adventure Isle An island in the middle of the jungle. Suspension bridges, waterfalls, a labyrinth in the caves and many other adventurous things are waiting for you on the Adventure Isle.
  • Autopia
    Autopia Cruise with a rattling engine in a convertible over the highways of a long past future. Even children can show off their driving skills here, even without a license.
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
    Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast Help protect the world from the evil Zurg. Grab a laser cannon and shoot, every hit counts! Buzz Lightyear needs you.
  • Cars Race Rally
    Cars Race Rally Welcome to Radiator Springs! Jump in a race car, cruise over Route 66 and show Lightning McQueen who the true king of the road is.
  • Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque
    Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque The family-friendly roller coaster Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque is based on the small circus train from the film Dumbo. Especially children love this ride in Fantasyland.
  • Flying Carpets over Agrabah
    Flying Carpets over Agrabah Have you always wanted to fly on a magical carpet? Then let's go to the carousel of the flying carpets of Agrabah.
  • La Cabane des Robinson / Swiss Family Treehouse
    Swiss Family Treehouse The Swiss family tree house is waiting for you to be explored. Climb all the way to the top of the huge tree and enjoy a wonderful view.
  • La Tanière du Dragon
    La Tanière du Dragon A dragon lives deep under the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Are you brave enough to go down to his cave? Many visitors overlook the dragon, don't miss this eerie encounter.
  • Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin
    Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin Discover the world of Aladdin, Jasmin, Abu and Genie, but be careful, because Jafar is surely hiding somewhere. You can find Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin in Adventureland.
  • Les Mystères du Nautilus
    Les Mystères du Nautilus Go and explore the Nautilus. The submarine Nautilus is located deep below the lagoon. Get on board and be prepared for some surprises!
  • Mad Hatter's Tea Cups
    Mad Hatter's Tea Cups The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland invites you to a wild ride in the teacups. Are you ready and above all free from giddiness? Then follow the Mad Hatter's invitation.
  • Mickey's PhilharMagic
    Mickey's PhilharMagic Experience a music show with many effects in Discoveryland. Donald takes over the direction - if that can go well? It's best to find out yourself.
  • Orbitron at Disneyland Paris
    Orbitron Take off for a flight through the galaxy and enjoy a great view of Discoveryland. A flight in the dark is especially great.
  • Peter Pan's Flight
    Peter Pan's Flight Fly in an enchanted pirate ship through the dream world of Peter Pan over London to Neverland. Meet Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and many other familiar faces on the trip.
  • Disney Princess Pavilion
    Princess Pavilion Meet the Disney princesses! Which one is your favorite princess? Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel? Together with some of their friends will grant you an audience in their pavilion.
  • Stitch Live
    Stitch Live Stitch, or Experiment 626, causes a lot of trouble at this interactive show in Walt Disney Studios Park. Be careful not to end up in the space prison.

The hits for kids at the age 6-12

Children of this age can of course visit all of the attractions that are also suitable for babies and toddlers. If this is too boring for you and you are looking for more thrills and adventure, Disneyland Paris also offers a wide selection here. Young action fans will also get their money's worth, especially at the Walt Disney Studios, because in addition to the RC racer and the roller coaster Crush’s Coaster, the stunt show Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, in which Lightning McQueen from Cars makes a guest appearance. At Disneyland Park, Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are also a big hit with most of the kids in this age.

  • Big Thunder Mountain
    Big Thunder Mountain Big Thunder Mountain is the wildest ride in the wilderness! Step in into an adventerous ride on a mine train out of control.
  • Crush's Coaster Achterbahn
    Crush's Coaster Take a seat in the turtle shell, hold on tight and the wild ride on the East Australian Stream can begin. Careful, you will be whirled around wildly.
  • Phantom Manor
    Phantom Manor Phantom Manor is located on a hill in Frontierland, just off the town of Thunder Mesa. This abandoned manor is the home of Melanie Ravenswood and her family. Do you dare to enter this house?
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pirates of the Caribbean Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! Set off to a great pirate adventure in the Caribbean where Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa are waiting for you. Yo ho!
  • Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
    Ratatouille Shrink to the size of a rat and dive into the world of Rémy and Emile. The roofs of Paris and Gusteau's kitchen are waiting for you.
  • RC Racer
    RC Racer Hold on tight, Andy's toy car runs through the halfpipe at high speed! Does your tummy feels funny?! A fast ride with plenty of speed.
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
    Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Meet Darth Vader and experience numerous adventures while visiting different worlds. A must do for all Star Wars fans.
  • Hyperspace Mountain
    Hyperspace Mountain The Space Mountain roller coaster received a Star Wars theming and has since been called Hyperspace Mountain - experience the world of Star Wars on this fast-paced ride through the galaxy.
  • Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular
    Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular Squealing car tyres, roaring engines, daring stuntmen and Lightning McQueen - this show took you into the world of stunts and explained many of the stuntmen's tricks. Since 2020 the stunt show does not exist anymore.
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror An abandoned Hollywood hotel in 1939, something's wrong here. Are you brave enough to take a closer look at the hotel?
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
    Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop The green toy soldiers from Toy Story are in charge here. At this attraction you can experience their parachute jump live, which was part of the first movie.
  • Meet Darth Vader at Disneyland Paris
    Meet Darth Vader A very special encounter awaits you at Starport in Discoveryland. Here you can meet Darth Vader. But think it over carefully whether you have the necessary courage.