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Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios with view of Earfell Tower, Studio 1 and Sorcerer Mickey Fountain

Walt Disney Studios Park

Discover the magical world of Disney movies: adventure, magic and thrills await you

The Walt Disney Studios are the second of the two theme parks belonging to the Disneyland Resort Paris. The park was opened on March 16, 2002. At that time it was the kind of amusement park in its babyshoes. Because on this date, compared to the neighboring Disneyland Park, there were only a few attractions that attracted visitors several times, since the offer consisted primarily of different shows and contained only a few rides. But this has changed, so that the Walt Disney Studios can really be seen as an independent theme park, where you can easily and happily spend a whole day. At the latest with the large-scale expansion which is taking place by 2025/2026, it will be a full or maybe multiple day park.

The name Walt Disney Studios already says it, this theme park is all about film, from film production to the glittering world of stars. Here you can take a look behind the scenes and get an impression of what the stars are doing during the breaks, how stunts are implemented or some of the technology that is used for filming works.
The park also brings the world of animated films to life, especially from the Disney Pixar Studios.

The Areas
Like Disneyland Park, the Walt Disney Studios are divided into several areas: Front Lot, Toon Studios and Production Courtyard, each of which has its own theming. In addition, there was Backlot until mid-2019, but it is now closed to be transformed into the new Marvel Land, the Avengers Campus.
The creators of the theme park were inspired to to divide the park into these four original areas by the real film studios in Hollywood, because like in a real film studio there is also the Front Lot area with its administration buildings and the large halls, sound stages, in Walt Disney Studios Park in which the film sets are set up.
In the Backlot area you can find the outdoor sets in which streets or landscapes have been recreated. Of course, the Toon Studios and the Production Courtyard should not be missing, because everything revolves around the world of cartoon films and the production of films in general.

The Park is changing
This concept is slowly but surely getting abandoned, because some attractions that have given insights into the creation of films or into the world of cinema in general, have been closed or replaced by other things. The entire backlot was also abandoned and will be transformed.
Walt Disney Studios Park is currently in a time of change and modernization. The trend is moving away from a classic studio park towards a film park.

Attractions & shows
Basically, friends of Disney and Pixar films get their money's worth in this Disney Park, but also all fans of rollercoasters, carousels and other rides, because with the Tower of Terror and Crush's Coaster there are two thrill rides in the Walt Disney Studios and the new Iron Man Coaster will open soon. In addition, there are various shows that have something to offer for every taste as well as various other rides that provide varied entertainment. The Walt Disney Studios are a park that is definitely family-friendly.

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Top Attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
    Ratatouille Shrink to the size of a rat and dive into the world of Rémy and Emile. The roofs of Paris and Gusteau's kitchen are waiting for you.
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror An abandoned Hollywood hotel in 1939, something's wrong here. Are you brave enough to take a closer look at the hotel?
  • Mickey and the Magician
    Mickey and the Magician Go on a musical journey through the world of Disney films with Mickey Mouse. An adventure full of music, dance and magic with some of the most famous Disney characters.
  • Crush's Coaster Achterbahn
    Crush's Coaster Take a seat in the turtle shell, hold on tight and the wild ride on the East Australian Stream can begin. Careful, you will be whirled around wildly.

Animation Celebration

Kristoff and Sven in the stable at the show Animation Celebration

Frozen fans beware! Since November 2019 there is something new at Walt Disney Studios Park: Animation Celebration.
In Toon Studios, where Art of Disney Animation used to be, a new interactive show has been installed, where everything revolves around the Frozen movies. Embark on a musical journey to Arendelle and meet all the well-known heroes from the two Frozen movies: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff are all part of Animation Celebration and are looking forward to seeing you!

The lands of Walt Disney Studios Park

Front Lot

The Front Lot at Walt Disney Studios with Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice Fountain, Earfell Tower and Studio 1

The entrance area of the park with many shops and service facilities is reminiscent of a classic Los Angeles studio site.
Here you will find the landmark of the park: the Earffel Tower. And don't forget to take a picture at the beautiful Fantasia fountain.

More about Front Lot

Production Courtyard

Hollywood Boulevard seen from Studio 1: In the foreground the Partner Statue with Walt Disney & Mickes, left in the background the Tower of Terror

The myth of Hollywood comes to life in Production Courtyard, both on stage and behind the scenes. Stroll along Hollywood Boulevard and visit the abandoned hotel, which is located a little off the street. This is also where the famous Partners statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse is located.

More about Production Courtyard

Toon Studios

Sorcerer Mickey / Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice at the entrance to Toon Studios

This land is all about Disney and Pixar movies. Shows and attractions invite you to a journey through the world of the cinema's greatest animated blockbusters.
But also pay attention to your surroundings, they are designed with great attention to detail, so that on closer inspection you will surely be amazed.

More about Toon Studios

Avengers Campus

Concept art for the new Marvel area with Spider-Man and Black Panther on the Avengers Campus

Brand new and still under construction: the Marvel Avengers Campus. Opening is planned for 2021.
Then a Spider-Man attraction, an Iron Man Coaster and much more will await you there.
The backlot, which will be completely turned upside down for the new Marvel area, will get a complete overhaul.

All information about the Avengers Campus can be found here

The creation of this Disney Park

When the contract between the Walt Disney Company and the French state was signed in 1987, there already was a comprehensive plan to build a resort, which should be completed by 2017. The plan was to open a second park in 1995, just three years after the first park opened. This theme park should be called Disney MGM Studios Europe. But due to the rather slow start of the Disneyland Park and the resort in general, the plans for the studios were put on hold. 2002 - for the 10th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the time had finally come: On March 16, 2002, the Walt Disney Studios Park opened its doors.
But the Walt Disney Studios should not even exist in the first place! Because the model for the studios in Paris were Disney MGM Studios Park which opened in Orlando in 1989 and and these were originally only supposed to become a new pavilion for the independent park Epcot.. But as is well known, things turned out differently.
A few years have passed since Walt Disney Studios Paris opened in 2002, the park has been expanded over time, and top attractions such as the Tower of Terror and Ratatouille have been added. And yet, the Walt Disney Studios have so far not been able to develop into a full-fledged park. But this should change because there are big plans for the future. It is planned to add a Marvel Land: the Avengers Campus, a Frozen Land and a Star Wars Land. This development should be completed by 2025/2026.