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View over Disney Village from Panoramagique

Disney Village

Fun, entertainment and much more - at Disney Village you can have fun almost 24/7

Shopping, eating, having fun - all of this is possible at Disney Village. This entertainment district is the connection between the hotel area of Disneyland Resort Paris and the two amusement parks. At the Disney Village, which is often only called Village, entertainment is pretty much available at any time.

On an area of almost 20,000 m² there are numerous shops, restaurants, bars and attractions that are open until late in the evening and even after the two theme parks have closed.
This makes the Disney Village the largest entertainment center in Europe, which is visited not only by the guests of the resort, but also by the residents of the surrounding areas. In the evenings, especially at the weekends, the paths at the Disney Village are therefore often very crowded.

Everyone at the village just has to have fun, happy music can be heard from every corner, so you quickly find yourself nodding your head to it or your children are happily jumping around.
The various restaurants offer culinary diversity, so that every taste is met, and afterwards you can hop to a bar or the cinema. There are also numerous open air events on the stages all year round. The Sports Bar is a real visitor magnet for major sporting events and in summer, of course, the small beer garden in front of King Ludwig's Castle is a lovely place to be.

If you like to go shopping, the Disney Village is also the right place for you. The various shops offer almost every piece of merchandise and souvenirs that is available in the parks. So if you have no desire or time for shopping during the day, you can do so in the evening at the Disney Village.
You can also pick up your purchases at the Disney Store if you used the shopping service during the day.

You can experience something very special when you buy a ticket for the PanoraMagique balloon. From an airy height of around 100 meters, you have an impressive view of the entire Disneyland Paris and its surroundings.

Festival Disney

In the beginning, Disney Village was called Festival Disney and was later renamed. The plans for the Village came from the world-famous architect Frank Gehry, who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Food & more at Disney Village

  • Annette's Diner
    Annette's Diner A classic diner in the style of the 1950s: nostalgic decoration, colorful neon lights, music boxes, waiters on roller skates. Burgers, milkshakes and other delicacies are served.
  • Billy Bob's Country & Western Saloon
    Billy Bob's Country & Western Saloon Live music and a cold beer - if that's the perfect combination for a successful evening for you, then Billy Bob's at Disney Village is the place to be. Yeehaw!
  • Café Mickey
    Café Mickey At Café Mickey at Disney Village, Mickey Mouse doesn't cook himself, but you can meet him and some of his friends while eating. So be quick to reserve a table.
  • Earl of Sandwich
    Earl of Sandwich The chain Earl of Sandwich is little known in Europe. But that shouldn't be a reason not to try the hot sandwiches on offer. You can also get breakfast.
  • Five Guys
    Five Guys This Five Guys restaurant at the Disney Village was one of the first ones in Europe. Burgers and fries have been served here since 2017 - everything freshly prepared and really tasty.
  • King Ludwig's Castle
    King Ludwig's Castle A very cozy restaurant in the style of the Bavarian castles. The menu is a mix of Bavarian and Alsatian specialties. If you like flammkuchen and schnitzel, you've come to the right place.
  • La Grange im Billy Bob's Country and Western Saloon
    La Grange La Grange is a restaurant with an all you can eat buffet at Billy Bob's Country and Western Saloon. Enjoy Tex-Mex dishes and super delicious desserts as much as you like.
  • Mc Donald's at Disneyland Paris
    Mc Donald's The fast food classic with the golden M also has a branch in the Disney Village. So if you can't do without a Big Mac and some Nuggets at Disneyland, you will find it here.
  • New York Style Sandwiches
    New York Style Sandwiches This traditional New York snack bar serves sandwiches, pasta, soups and pizza. So if you get hungry, this restaurant is the right place for you.
  • Planet Hollywood at Disneyland Paris
    Planet Hollywood The huge blue ball that sits over the entrance of the restaurant is hard to miss. Burgers, pizza and some Planet Hollywood classics are served.
  • Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris
    Rainforest Cafe Do you ever wanted to eat in the middle of the jungle? Surrounded by wild animals, waterfalls and plants? Then the Rainforest Cafe is the right restaurant for you!
  • Sports Bar
    Sports Bar Sports fans from all over the world meet in this traditional US-style sports bar. There are numerous televisions inside and a huge screen outside.
  • Starbucks at Disneyland Paris
    Starbucks Would you like a coffee or a muffin? At the Starbucks at Disney Village you can get the classic specialities of the well-known coffee chain.
  • The Steakhouse in Disneyland Paris
    The Steakhouses A classic steakhouse in a stylish ambience and a large selection of steaks. Steak lovers are guaranteed to get their money's worth here. So it's best to reserve a table right away.
  • Vapiano at Disneyland Paris
    Vapiano The well-known self-service chain for Italian dishes such as pizza & pasta has a restaurant at the Disney Village. If you fancy an Italian classic, then go to Vapiano.

Shopping at Disney Village

  • Lego Store im Disney Village
    Lego Store Disney Village is home to one of the largest Lego stores in Europe. Here you can get these popular building blocks in all different variants and of course also special Disney building kits.