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Entrance of the World of Disney Store coming from the parks

Shopping - Shopping stroll through Disney Village

Fashion, toys, Lego, collectibles - all this and much more awaits you in the shops at the Disney Village

A relaxing stroll through the Disney Village with its numerous shops is of course a part of a every visit to Disneyland Paris!
If you have ever been to Disney Village, you will quickly come to the realization that everything is being done here to make shopping a real experience.

Shopping at Disney Village has only a little bit in common, with a shopping trip to the city center or a shopping mall because in the shops and boutiques you do not just enter a shop, you are transported into another world.
The interior of the shops is usually adapted to the main offers and very nicely designed so that looking through the shop is already an experience in its own right. The whole setting is accompanied by happy music, which can also be heard in the parks, so that a relaxed, lively atmosphere is created and shopping in the various shops is even more fun.

Whatever your heart desires, you will very likely find here. Soft toys, cups, toys in a variety of designs, then of course clothes for every taste – and obviously always in a Disney look, but also household items for the bathroom or kitchen, plus suitcases, bags and jewelry. Not to forget the noble collectibles and paintings with which you can give your home a Disney touch.

Did you see something in one of the two theme parks, but didn't buy it right there and then? No problem! The chance that you will find the desired item in Disney Village is almost 100 percent! And should you not find what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact one of the Cast Members. They can usually tell you where you can get the wanted piece.

Overview of the shops at Disney Village

  • Lego Store im Disney Village
    Lego Store Disney Village is home to one of the largest Lego stores in Europe. Here you can get these popular building blocks in all different variants and of course also special Disney building kits.

Shopping service at Disneyland Paris

A very special, free of charge service is offered at Disneyland Resort Paris: the shopping service.
Thanks to this service, you can do your shopping in the morning in the two parks or at Disney Village without having to walk around with bags for the rest of the day. You can easily have your purchases stored by the shopping service and pick them up after the park closes. If you are a guest at a Disney hotel or an official partner hotel, your purchases will even be brought to the hotel, otherwise you can let them be sent to Disney Village and pick them up in the Disney Store in the evening.