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Eating & Drinking with an allergy at Disneyland Paris

Do you have a food allergy and want to travel to Disneyland Paris? Then you have come to the right place to find out more before you go on holiday to the house of the mouse. Here you can find out where there are allergy-friendly meals, what you should consider and which alternatives are available. From breakfast to lunch and cake in the afternoon to dinner, there are various options at Disneyland Paris to feed yourself with a food allergy or food intolerance.

A few basic tips for people with allergies:

  • Inform yourself before your trip, for example directly here on this page or exchange ideas with other.
  • Write down the most important terms that concern your allergy in French.
  • If you have severe allergies, you should think about wearing an appropriate bracelet.
  • Take enough medication with you that can help you in an emergency.
  • Pack some snacks and drinks that you know you can safely tolerate.

If, despite all of the precautions at Disneyland Paris, you still have a medical problem, do not hesitate to speak to the next employee and ask for help, go to the first aid station or call the emercency hotline (from cell phone: 15 or 112).

Of course, not every cast member in the Disneyland Paris' restaurants is a nutritionist. So always rely on your experience and your understanding when choosing the dishes. If there are any ambiguities, contact a manager or ask to speak directly to a cook. It is very important that you know the names of the substances that trigger allergic reactions in English or ideally in French.

Natama menus - Disneys alternative for allergy sufferers

For visitors with special nutritional needs, Disneyland Paris offers so-called Natama menus. These menus consist of dishes that are free of all known allergens.

You can choose between two starters, four main dishes and three desserts for the Natama menus. On request, you can receive a complete list of ingredients for your meal, which is guaranteed to contain only the items specified and no hidden additives.

The Natama meals are free of:

  • peanut
  • celery
  • shellfish
  • fenugreek
  • gluten (oats, wheat, spelled, khorasan wheat, barley, rye)
  • dairy products / lactose
  • lupine
  • molluscs
  • mustard
  • nuts (cashews, pecans, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts)
  • egg / egg products
  • yellow beans
  • fish
  • sesame
  • soy
  • sulfites

The Natama menus are available in almost all of the resort's restaurants, whether it's a fast food, buffet, or table service restaurant. It is best to ask directly when making a reservation or otherwise when entering the respective restaurant.

Important note
The Natama menus at Disneyland Paris are really hypoallergenic and therefore relatively tasteless. If you are not absolutely dependent on this form of nutrition, then do not let yourself get talked into it by the Cast Members! Often, out of ignorance or convenience, the staff is very quick with offering this menu, as soon as you mention the word "allergy" they want to sell you this alternative - at the full price, which is called up in the corresponding restaurant for a menu / buffet. Don't accept this, if you don't have extremely severe allergies but ask for a team leader or manager if your waiter shouldn't give in to your wish.

Options for guests with gluten intolerance and coeliac disease

You don't tolerate gluten or do you even have celiac disease? Then Disneyland Paris offers you some alternatives.
The Planet Hollywood restaurant at the Disney Village has proven to be particularly well suited. There is a special, multi-page menu for people with allergies. Contact your waiter and ask them to bring you this menu. Here you will find various gluten-free dishes.
Vapiano, also located at the Disney Village, only offers risotti and salads in France when it comes to gluten-free dishes. But at least its something.

In the fast food restaurants in the two theme parks, please contact an employee at the checkout. The Cast Member explains to you which dishes are suitable for you and which are not, or he gives you the list with information on allergens so that you can check again which dishes are suitable for you.
It is similar with breakfast. It is best to contact the Cast Member directly at the entrance to the table allocation, so that gluten-free bread is brought to you.

Eating with nut allergy

If you suffer from a nut allergy, then you should avoid the Five Guys restaurant at Disney Village. In this burger restaurant, not only are the fries fried in peanut oil, there are also large containers of peanuts available for self-service in several places. For this reason, there is a warning sign on the front door of every Five Guys store in the USA. It is not yet there in Europe, but this advice would certainly be a great benefit to one or the other suffering of this allergy.

Of course, other Disneyland Paris restaurants also offer nuts-based dishes. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a cast member whenever you cannot directly see whether nuts are included.

Caution is advised in some bars at Disneyland, because in some bars bowls with peanuts are on the counter or on the tables. If you are very allergic, you should also pay attention to this.

Asthma and animal hair allergy

Admittedly, asthmatics and people with an allergy to animal hair are not the ones that usually appear in a list of "food for people with allergies". But at Disneyland Paris there is the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, where food is served. Buffalos and horses appear on this show. Therefore, people who are sensitive to animal hair should consider whether a visit to this dinner show is suitable for them.
There is even a warning for asthmatics and Disney recommends not to attend this show. The animals and actors whirl up dust, litter and animal hair during their performance, which spread throughout the hall. In their own interest, people with asthma should better avoid the show.

Eating with lactose intolerance

Products with cow's milk are a problem for you? Then you wont have any problems at least at breakfast in the Disney Hotels as well as in most partner hotels, because here you are also offered soy milk products. If you cannot find them at the breakfast buffet, please contact an employee, sometimes soy milk or yoghurts are only available on request.
In the fast food restaurants in the two theme parks, where you stop for lunch or dinner, you can have a cast member give you a list that lists all the dishes and their ingredients so that you can see which dishes are right for you and which you should better avoid.