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Olaf with outstretched arms at his Meet & Greet (meeting) in Disneyland Paris

Meet the Disney Characters with the Lineberty app

Meet your favorite Disney characters with an appointment through the Lineberty app - here's how it works!

Some Meet & Greet meetings at Disneyland Paris run via the so-called Lineberty app. This means that you have to book a kind of virtual ticket via this app in order to participate in the Meet & Greet. The meet&greets with the popular Disney characters and the app are free. At the moment you would only have to use this app for a few Meet & Greets, which are marked accordingly in the program that you can get at the park entrance. So when you visit, make sure if the meet & greet you want to visit is organized via this app or not. At the other meeting points with the Disney characters, you can just line up as usual. However, if a character has the Linberty system, queuing is not possible without an appointment! Below, we explain how this app works for Disneyland Paris, what you need to consider and what else you need to know to create an unforgettable memory with your favorite Disney character. In any case, it is important that you need a smartphone and the Lineberty app, which is best downloaded and installed before you visit Disneyland Paris. So you are already well prepared on site if you want to book a meeting with Mickey Mouse or another character.

Installing the App

First, the Lineberty app must be downloaded from the app store / play store (for iOs or Android). Make sure that the GPS is switched on (this does not have to be permanent, but is mandatory if you want to use the app). It is best to download and install it at home, so there are no complications on site should the internet connection be weak. In addition, there are no costs for downloading it at your home WiFi. 

How to use Lineberty - instructions

To get a ticket, you have to go to the park where you want to book a meet & greet appointment.
Open the app some time before the tickets become available. You can see in the app when which tickets will be activated. From experience we can report that the tickets are usually gone very quickly. Punctuality and speed are very important.
Make sure that you have a good internet connection (whether WiFi or mobile data is up to you, both variants work equally well or bad) and that your battery of the phone is charged.

  • Select a meet & greet.
  • Book a ticket as soon as it is released.
  • Make sure when it's your turn. The virtual ticket now shows how long it can take until it is your turn and you will also find a ticket number there.
  • Keep an eye on your cell phone. The app informs you when it's your turn. Sometimes it can go a little faster or slower than expected.
  • When it's your turn, show the virtual ticket to a cast member at the meet & greet. He will explain everything else to you.
  • Have fun!

Unfortunately, it often happens that popular Meet & Greets are gone pretty quickly. It is worth checking the app from time to time during the day to see whether a ticket might become available. However, this is quite rare. If a ticket should show up, you should be quick and get it before its gone.