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Selfie Spots - the new way to meet the Disney characters

The Corona crisis has turned many things upside down, even at Disneyland Paris. Due to the safety rules and hygiene measures, it is unfortunately no longer possible to meet the Disney characters in the usual way. At first it was assumed that during the pandemic there will be no possibility to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and all their friends. But the park operations team came up with something new and developed the new Selfie Spots. So nobody has to miss meeting their heroes! It's even possible to spend almost the whole day hunting for photos, because there are numerous Selfie Spots with always changing cast.

A short retrospective
Before the Corona pandemic the meetings with the Disney characters were the absolute highlight for many guests of the Disney Parks. And honestly? What is a visit to Disneyland Paris worth if you haven't at least met Mickey Mouse? Before the Corona crisis there was a program booklet at the park entrance, in which the different meeting points were marked. So you picked the right meeting, went to the meeting point at the given time and then you could meet Donald Duck, Goofy or Tigger. Cuddle once, make a few jokes, take pictures and finally get an autograph.

But it doesn't work quite like that anymore, because due to Corona Disneyland Paris had to adjust many things.

How do the new Selfie Spots work?
Since the reopening of Disneyland Paris on July 15th, 2020, Disneyland Paris has introduced new Selfie Spots instead of the classic Meet & Greets, so you can continue to meet your heroes.
What's new is that there is no longer a programme booklet listing all the meeting points, so you'll have to walk through the parks with your eyes open to find the photo spots. As a reward for the search, which usually isn't that difficult, there are short waiting times and sometimes great scenery that always fits the character you can meet there. Unfortunately you can't cuddle the Disney figures anymore because of the social distancing regulations and there are no autographs. But you can do great selfies or just take pictures of the figures. Most of the new selfie spots are perfectly adjusted to the figures, for example Captain Jack Sparrow appears at the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Aurora and her Prince wave to you from the balcony of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, just to name a few examples.
Then there are the well-known places, such as the theatre in Fantasyland, where you could once meet Mickey Mouse in his dressing room. Mickey can still be found there, but now on the big stage and he is accompanied by two friends. They could be Donald Duck and Goofy or Chip and Dale, and sometimes even Minnie pops in.
So there is a colourful mixture of fixed places where the Disney characters wait almost the whole day for a meeting with you and there are many spontaneous performances.
Having the camera always at hand is definitely worth it!

How does the new Meet & Greet with the Disney characters work?

Once you have discovered a selfie spot, stand in the queue, which is clearly marked on the floor, including markers to make sure everybody keeps the appropriate distance. When it's your turn, pull out your smartphone or camera, pose and shoot some selfies. Or you can have a member of your party take a picture of you. Unfortunately, the cast members are not allowed to do this during the Corona crisis, because they are not allowed to touch your mobile phone or camera for security reasons.

By the way, the Disney figures are not stiff as a stick in their place, but they really go into their roles. Talk to them or communicate with gestures, they will definitely answer you and you will have a lot of fun.

Remember, you are not allowed to take off the mask at the Selfie spots. You will have to wear it when taking pictures. This is for your own and everyone else's safety.

There are some Selfie Spots in the Walt Disney Studios Park, for which you have to make an appointment via the Lineberty App. These include Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Olaf and the Arendelle Meet & Greet.
For all other spots, you can just queue up without needing an appointment.

Which Selfie Spots are there? Which Disney characters can I meet?

The Selfie Spots are spread over both Disney Parks and can be found in all areas. There are some fixed meeting points that are set up in theatres or on stages and there are numerous Selfie Spots outside. The number of spots can change anytime and with the seasons. Here is a list of some very common spots though.

Selfie Spots at Disneyland Park

  • Alice in Wonderland
    close to Mad Hatter's Tea Cups
  • Aurora & Prince Philip
    on the balcony of the Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Captain Hook & Smee
    in the fortress at Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    on the balcony above Captain Jacks Restaurant de Pirates
  • Daisy
    at the Town Square Gazebo on the
  • Donald Duck
    at the Boarding House on Town Square
  • Mickey Mouse & Freunde
    at Meet Mickey
  • Minnie Mouse
    close to Cowboy Cookout Barbecue Restaurant
  • Schneewittchen & Freunde
    at the wishing well at Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader oder Chewbacca
    at Starport
  • Tigger
    on the backside oft the Old Mill
  • Winnie Puuh & I-Aah
    on the opposite side of Casey's Corner

Selfie Spots at Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Goofy
    in Toon Town
  • Kristoff & Sven + Anna & Elsa (via Lineberty)
    on the stage of Animation Celebration
  • Marvel Super Heroes
    at Studio Theater
  • Mickey Mouse as Magician with Belle or Cinderella or the Fairy Godmother
    on the stage of Mickey and the Magician
  • Minnie Mouse
    in Toon Town
  • Olaf
    in the Art of Animation building
  • Sulley
    at Monsters Laugh Floor
  • Woody
    slightly hidden next to Stitch Live
Selfie spots in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios in pictures