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Vegetarian food: food options for vegetarians at Disneyland Paris

The number of people who eat vegetarian food is steadily increasing. In France, however, this trend does not seem to be that big or there is simply a different understanding of vegetarian nutrition. We say this because there is one thing you should know if you are a vegetarian and are going to France: fish and seafood are generally not considered meat there and are therefore often labeled as vegetarian! This also applies in part to Disneyland Paris. However this practice is slowly declining fortunately.

If you inform yourself on the resort's official website before you travel to Disneyland Paris, you will find the full-bodied promise there "All Disney restaurants serve vegetarian dishes, so you can look forward to a large selection of delicious dishes."

We review this statement on this page. Is that true and do vegetarians really find many delicious dishes at Disneyland Paris? Or do they have to eat fries and sweets?

Restaurants for vegetarians at Disneyland Paris

Waxy egg on lentil salad

Ok, there is no real vegetarian restaurant in Disneyland Paris. But there are some restaurants that have a fairly good offer when it comes to eating a vegetarian diet.
Of course you can now find one or the other vegetarian dish on the menus of all restaurants in the resort. However, it is often a salad or a vegetarian burger. In the fast food restaurants there is almost always the possibility to order french fries and salad. It is best to take a look at the menu in advance in order to be able to estimate which restaurant you would like to visit.
We have highlighted some restaurants that we think offer quite a good selection for vegetarians.

Disney Hotels restaurants
Vegetarians who appreciate a little variety can visit a buffet restaurant. Buffet restaurants are available in every Disney hotel. At most buffets there is at least a large selection of vegetarian options for the starters and of course the desserts! The main dishes vary slightly from restaurant to restaurant, but as a rule vegetarians only have the option of using vegetables and side dishes such as pasta, chips or rice.
The Newport Bay Club and New York hotels as well as the Disneyland Hotel also have table-service restaurants. There are usually at least two vegetarian starters to choose from, but usually only one vegetarian option for the main cours. In the California Grill there is the possibility to ask the waiter for an alternative, while in the other restaurants this often does not lead to any result.

Disney Village restaurants

  • Café Mickey
    A three-course menu is served at Café Mickey. The choice of starters is quite large, for the main courses there is the option of pizza for vegetarians or the dish specially marked as vegetarian.
  • Earl of sandwich
    At first glance, the menu of this restaurant is not particularly appealing. But looking closer, there are some vegetarian options. It is also possible to change the sandwiches as you wish, so that the meat can be replaced by avocado or other vegetables.
  • King Ludwig’s Castle
    Overlooked by many guests, which is a shame, King Ludwig’s Castle offers some interesting options for vegetarians. The starters range from onion soup to a warm tart with tomato and mozzarella to a classic salad. The main dishes include tarte flambée, cheese spaetzle, salads and potato gratin baked with Munster.
  • Vapiano
    The selection of vegetarian dishes at Vapiano is probably larger than anywhere else at Disneyland Paris. There are at least five vegetarian pasta dishes and five vegetarian pizzas on the menu. There are also salads, risotto and antipasti. Every vegetarian will surely find something delicious to eat there.

Disneyland Park restaurants

  • Café Agrabah
    Café Agrabah is a buffet restaurant in Disneyland Park that offers a wide range of oriental dishes. Many of the dishes are meatless, so vegetarians can really feast their way through the buffet and not only choose from starters and desserts.
  • Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost & Pizzeria Bella Notte
    The menus in these two fast food restaurants are identical, so they are summarized here. Both have pizza, pasta, salads, and garlic bread for vegetarians. A decent selection, even if it is not necessarily one of the culinary highlights.
  • Fuente del Oro
    In Disneyland Park, the Fuente del Oro in Frontierland offers the best selection of vegetarian dishes among the fast food restaurants. The options range from a vegetarian salad in a huge taco to mini-taquitos with vegetables and nachos with salsa and guacamole to nachos with vegetables and cheese sauce.
    Anyone who wants to eat a meat-free diet will surely find something delicious to eat here.
  • Walt's - An American Restaurant
    Walt's is a pioneer among table service restaurants at Disneyland Paris when it comes to vegetarian nutrition. There is one complete vegan menu (which is of course also suitable for vegetarians), where you can choose from different options for each course.

Restaurants in the Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Bistrot Chez Remy
    The choice of dishes in this restaurant is quite limited overall, but this is made up for by the atmosphere. A menu is served with little choice. The starter of the classic menu in this restaurant is a salad, which is vegetarian anyway. In the main course there is a dish with tofu, fish or meat.

Conclusion on the options for vegetarians at Disneyland Paris

If you want to eat vegetarian food at Disneyland Paris, that's no problem. In every restaurant, whether buffet, table service or fast food restaurant, there is one or the other vegetarian alternative.
At first sight, you may only see French fries, salad and desserts, but if you take a closer look, you will quickly find various meatless dishes. The vegetarian dishes are often marked on the menus of the restaurants, usually with a green leaf or a green cross. If you discover this symbol, you should carefully read the description of the dish again, because in some restaurants this symbol is generally used for meatless dishes, which may contain fish or seafood.
Sure, as a vegetarian it is not as easy as if you would eat everything, but eating out at Disneyland Paris is no longer a real challenge. If you value varied food, you should inform yourself about the offer before your trip and plan roughly where you want to eat something. This saves you long searches on site and, above all, long journeys.

In our travel guide you will find a complete overview of the restaurants at Disneyland Paris and their menus on the page "Dining".