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Fish and corals at Sea Life in Val d'Europe

Sea Life Val d'Europe

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the oceans and get to know its inhabitants

Just a stone's throw away from Disneyland Paris, the Sea Life Aquarium is located at the Val d'Europe. Here you can explore the oceans and explore a fascinating underwater world. In this aquarium you can expect over 5000 marine animals from almost 350 different species that live in 50 tanks and facilities.

Colorful marine flora as well as fish and other sea creatures await you. There are classic aquariums, but also 360 ° underwater tunnels and huge pools with a lot to see. Seahorses, sea turtles, various types of sharks, rays, piranhas and of course clownfish can be seen. The colorful underwater world will certainly capture you directly. But don't forget to take a look at the information boards, where you can learn a lot. The staff is also available to help you, and the staff members are happy to explain something or answer your questions. In addition, there are feeding shows and various quizzes as well as interactive games, where you can also learn something about fish, mussels and their friends. There are also lectures and presentations on changing topics. You will receive an overview of the various offers and dates of the day at the entrance. By the way, did you know that your ticket is valid all day long? So if you visited the aquarium in the morning but would have liked to see the penguins getting fed in the afternoon, that's no problem. In between, you can go shopping or eat something without worries, even visit Disneyland Paris and return later. Just show your admission ticket at the entrance and you can make up for things you missed or haven't seen yet.

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Pictures from the Sea Life Center at Disneyland Paris

How to get to Sea Life in Val d'Europe

You will find the Sea Life at the large shopping center, which is located directly by the RER. If you are traveling by public transport, cross the shopping center and just follow the signs to the aquarium, but don't be distracted by too much shopping on the way. If you drive by car, use the huge parking lot at the shopping center and park in the direction of La Vallee Village Outlet if possible, because the Sea Life is on the side of the outlet. You don't have to walk that far. Are you good by foot? Then you can also walk from Disneyland Paris if you don't mind a half hour walk.

An important note: If you want to visit the Sea Life Aquarium at the weekend, then use public transport if possible or walk. Especially in the afternoon, the shopping center and the outlet are regularly overrun, so that there is hardly any parking space or the search for a parking space can take a very long time. The aquarium itself is usually not very busy, so a visit at the weekend is not to be discouraged. Only the parking situation on Saturday and Sunday afternoons is extremely difficult.

The address of the Sea Life Aquarium in Val d'Europe is:
Center Commercial Val d'Europe
14 cours du Danube
77700 Serris