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Shopping at Disneyland Paris

Shopping is pure fun in Disneyland Paris, just as is a rapid rollercoaster ride or a delicious meal in a restaurant.
What you buy is not that important, it is about the "how", because everything at Disneyland is geared towards the perfect shopping experience. At almost every corner in the resort there are shops, boutiques and stalls that offer a wide variety of items. Of course souvenirs play an important role everywhere, but there are also plenty of stuffed animals, clothing of all kinds and furnishings.

The fascination of shopping really grabs everyone here, because temptation lures everywhere, so that even the most stubborn will love it. If you enter one of the shops in Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios with the idea of just taking a quick look, you rarely come out without one thing, be it a baseball cap for the sun, a funny T-shirt with your favorite character or even just a pen to write some nice postcards from the magical place to those who stayed at home.
In the meantime, you can put together your entire wardrobe at Disneyland Resort Paris, because there are no longer just simple T-shirts for sale, but also tops, pants, jackets, underwear and socks in a wide variety of cuts and styles.

Most shops offer items on a specific topic, either tailored to an attraction, such as Tower of Terror or Pirates of the Caribbean, or the range mainly includes clothing or toys.

Shopping experience at Main Street, USA

A view from Town Square along Main Street U.S.A. to Sleeping Beauty Castle

Nowhere else at Disneyland Paris can you stroll and shop as nicely as on Main Street in Disneyland Park, because here one shop is lined up with the other. Here you can shop till you drop! If there is inclement weather, you can still walk from boutique to boutique and stay dry, because most of the shops are connected, otherwise you simply switch to the arcades and enter all shops from there. The Boardwalk Candy Palace, where candies, chocolate and many other sweet treats await you is of course particularly tempting. Hardly anyone can resist the tempting scent of sweets.

Disney Pandora Jewellery


At Disneyland Paris you have the opportunity to buy Pandora jewellery, of course in Disney look! If you are not planning to visit Disneyland Paris, you can buy the latest Pandora jewellery here:


Pin Trading

Detail of a poster with Disney pins showing various pins with motifs for the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

A special experience in Disney Parks around the world is pin trading. Of course, there are also shops in Disneyland Paris where a lot of pins are sold. These pins can then be collected or traded. Even some cast members love pin trading and like to exchange their pins with guests. There are even pin trading events that collectors from all over the world travel to.

You can find more information & rules on pin trading here.

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Disney Shopping-Service

There is a very special service to make the shopping experience at Disneyland as pleasant as possible: All purchases can be stored during the day and picked up again in the evening. Free transport to your hotel is also possible if you stay at a Disney hotel or an official Disney partner hotel. So you can shop in the morning without having to walk through the park with full shopping bags all day.

Learn more about the shopping service

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Sale in Disneyland Paris

All you need to know about clearance sale in Disneyland Paris

Anyone over the age of 30 can surely remember the winter and summer sales, of which pictures even made it into the main news programs of public and private television on the starting days. At that time, discounts were general and the sales were strictly regulated, there was a fixed start and end day and many other rules. In France, the final sale, which here is called "soldes", is still strictly regulated today.
There are fixed dates for the winter sales (soldes d’hiver) and summer sales (soldes d’été) and also some other regulations to which the companies have to follow.
Disneyland Paris or the shops at Disneyland Paris participate in the sale. For you, this means that you can make some real bargains on this occasion.

Some shops at Disneyland Paris
  • Legends of Hollywood
    Legends of Hollywood Behind the backdrop of the Hollywood Boulevard is the huge shop Legends of Hollywood - here you will find everything you can dream of.
  • Lego Store im Disney Village
    Lego Store Disney Village is home to one of the largest Lego stores in Europe. Here you can get these popular building blocks in all different variants and of course also special Disney building kits.
  • Shop Les Tresors de Scheherazade
    Les Tresors de Scheherazade Immerse yourself in the world of stories from 1001 nights. When you enter this shop in Adventureland, you are facing a giant camel and there are magic lamps everywhere - a magical shopping experience.
  • Lilly's Boutique
    Lilly's Boutique Do you want to shop or take a look at some historical things? In Lilly's Boutique you can combine both, because there are cups, plates & co to buy while at the same time numerous pictures of Lilly and Walt Disney are shown.
  • Shop Main Street Motors
    Main Street Motors The latest Disney fashion is available at Main Street Motors - where, by the way, originally real vintage cars were sold, which the name of the shop and the shop window design are still reminiscent of.
  • Merlin l'Enchanteur
    Merlin l'Enchanteur The small shop Merlin l'Enchanteur is located in the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Here you will find jewelry and glass art. You can even watch the glass artist at work.
  • Pueblo Trading Post Shop
    Pueblo Trading Post The Pueblo Trading Post is located a little bit hidden in the Frontierland. This shop is particularly popular with pin collectors since the limited edition pins are sold here.
  • Sir Mickey's Boutique
    Sir Mickey's Boutique The design of this shop is beautiful, so be sure to take a look around! If you like, you can of course also buy a souvenir to remember your visit.
  • Star Traders
    Star Traders All Star Wars fans get their money's worth in this shop in Discoveryland. There are T-shirts, mugs, collectable figures or Lego sets - of course everything in a Star Wars design.
  • Tower Hotel Gifts
    Tower Hotel Gifts Do you still have the nerve to go shopping after visiting the Tower of Terror? Then this is the place to be! You can also have a souvenir photo of your Tower of Terror visit printed here.