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Disney movies at Disneyland Paris

Disney is known for its films, after all the Disney Studios grew up with it. At first it was cartoons, then full-length drawing films and finally also feature films were added. Over the years, there has been an abundance of Disney films on a wide variety of topics that are hard to overlook. Of course you can find some of these Disney films at Disneyland Paris. You can partly immerse yourself in their world. Sometimes it is even possible to face the heroes from your favorite film and take a souvenir photo with them.

Every child knows some classic Disney films, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, The Jungle Book or Aladdin. You can find all these films at Disneyland Paris. For some films there are also seasonal highlights, with shows and parades taking place that are dedicated to the stories from the films.
So let yourself be enchanted and enter a world full of fantasy.
There is also a special feature at Disneyland Paris: there are attractions for which a film was only made later on! Do you know the film series Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp? These films are based on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, which you can find at Disneyland Park's Adventureland. Similar projects are also in the works for other attractions, such as the Jungle Cruise, which is not available at Disneyland Paris, but which you can find at Walt Disney World.

In recent years, Disney has bought several film studios and rights to films, including Marvel and Star Wars, which now belong to the Disney universe. So it is not surprising that you can also find these films in the Disney Parks. For Marvel and Star Wars, there are even separate themed areas planned at the Walt Disney Studios Park.