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Working at Disneyland Paris

Working with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy? Who can call these celebrities his work colleagues? Anyone who secures a job at Disneyland Paris.
And there are lots of jobs at Disneyland. Around 15,000 employees work in the resort in around 500 different professions. There are numerous challenges for workers from all over the world in the two theme parks, hotels, the Disney Village and around Disney's golf course. Whether for a short period of time as a holiday job or to gain experience abroad or for a long-term employment - the possibilities at Disney are endless.
The spectrum of job offers at Disney in Paris ranges from gardeners for the extensive green areas in the resort to hotel experts to waiters and guest relations staff. But Disney is always looking for employees from different countries as well for jobs behind the scenes, for example in accounting or marketing.

Requirements and general conditions

for jobs at Disneyland Paris

The best chances for a job at Disneyland Resort Paris have high school graduates and university graduates with a good knowledge of French (standard: 5 school years) and who speak English fluently. Further language skills are not a requirement, but are welcome.
Work experience in the service sector is an advantage. The ability to work in a team and a well-groomed appearance are also important. Seasonal contracts or part-time jobs are possible at Disneyland with a minimum duration of three months, whereby the months July, August and September should be included in full if possible. Long-term employment can be started at any time, but primarily in September or October. The longer the applicant is available, the better the chance of finding a job.
There are also jobs at Disneyland Paris for which the requirements mentioned do not apply. Other talents are expected and knowledge of English and / or French is an advantage. We are talking about acrobats, dancers and musicians who are part of the parades and shows in the two Disney Parks.

Here is an overview of current job offers at Disneyland Paris.

Accommodation of employees

An important point for everyone who deals with the topic of working at Disneyland is of course the accommodation. Where can you live cheaply without being too far from the workplace? Upon request, employees can be accommodated in company-owned apartments. You can move into a room in a shared apartment (2-6 people) for a fairly low monthly rent. Of course, this is an attractive alternative for holiday jobbers or employees with a fixed-term contract. But those who have taken up a job at the resort for a longer period of time may want a little more privacy or have a family that they want to bring to Paris. In this case, it is recommended to look for an apartment or a small house in the nearby towns of Magny-le-Hongre, Baily-Romainvillers or Bussy-Saint-Georges. Working at Disneyland Paris, for a few months or even longer, is definitely worth it, because the experiences that are made, the exchange with colleagues and guests from different countries around the world and the much praised working atmosphere at Disney is a once in a lifetime experience.