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Disneyland Paris: attractions in the overview

Would you like to go to Disneyland Paris and get an overview of the various attractions in the two theme parks before you travel? No problem! We have listed and described all the attractions that are currently available at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. So you can get an overview of what you want to see and which attractions you are less interested in before you travel to Disneyland.

Are you looking for a lot of thrills and action? Or would you prefer to take it easy? Depending on where your interests are and how your travel group is composed, you might have very different ideas about a day in the amusement park. Are you traveling with small children or are you specifically looking for the Disney classics? Are you in a hurry or do you have a little more time because you are staying at one of the Disney Hotels in the resort? No problem! We have sorted all attractions according to different requirements and categories, so you will definitely find what you are looking for.
In addition, you can of course get detailed information about every attraction in the two parks in our travel guide. There you will also find a lot of interesting information about the origin or background of each individual attraction.
Also think of the various shows and parades that Disney is so famous for. It's really worth taking the time for these highlights.

the best attractions at Disneyland Paris for...

  • ... familys
    Carousels, roller coasters and shows that all family members can enjoy together: from Philharmagic to It's a Small World to Ratatouille.
  • ... children
    Depending on the age, the interests are very different. In our overview you will find recommendations for different age groups.
  • ... girls
    Is it all about the princesses? However, girls who don't love princesses will also find a large selection of carousels, shows, etc. at Disneyland
  • ... boys
    Pirates, cowboys and cars - what could be nicer? Add to that an adventure with Buzz Lightyear and the day is perfect.

Rollcer Coasters

Big Thunder Mountain: A train drives through the water fountain

Roller coasters offer fun and thrills for young and old guests of a theme park. At Disneyland Paris, the focus is less on loops and drops and more on the surroundings and the thrilling story. Nevertheless, things usually happen very fast.

Here you find the overview of the roller coasters

Dark Rides / themed rides

Peter sails to freedom with Wendy in the Dark Ride Peter Pan's Flight

Themed rides in the dark are, in short, dark rides. Disneyland is known for its elaborate design and rousing way of telling stories. Here, fans of themed rides are guaranteed to get their money's worth.

You can find an overview of the themed rides here

Thrill Rides

The Tower of Terror by night

Would you like an adrenaline rush? Then you are exactly right here! At Disneyland Paris there are different thrill rides in both amusement parks: from the Freefall Tower to the roller coaster with loopings, there is everything that adrenaline junkies love.

More info about the thrill rides at Disneyland

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Star Wars at Disneyland Paris

Darth Vader at his meeting place in the Starport in Disneyland Paris

Are you a Star Wars fan through and through? Then welcome to Disneyland Paris! Discoveryland is the place for you, because there is a lot going on for Star Wars fans: Star Tours, Darth Vader, shopping and even snacks in the Star Wars look.

Here you will find everything about Star Wars in Disneyland

Pixar at Disneyland Paris

Angel's Cove booth with seagulls in the queue for Crush's Coaster

Do you love Pixar films? Then off to Disneyland Paris! From Toy Story to Ratatouille and Cars to Finding Nemo you can discover many Pixar films in the form of attractions.

More information about the Pixar attractions

tours through Disneyland Paris

Our tour offer is aimed primarily at Disney newbies, in which we have put together various tours through the two Disney Parks. Are you in a hurry or would you like to take a guided tour of one of the two theme parks? We have also put together tour suggestions for wheelchair users and families with small children so a visit to Mickey Mouse and his friends is really a success.

Here you will find suggestions for various tours of the two theme parks and the resort in general.

You will find interesting information about guided tours through the parks.

Waiting times

In an amusement park, long queues form in front of some attractions, so visitors always have to plan the waiting times. We show you at which attractions the waiting times are particularly long and where there are rarely queues. You can save a lot of time with careful daily planning that takes waiting times into account.

Waiting times at Disneyland Paris

Attractions with access restrictions

For security reasons, some attractions at Disneyland Paris have access restrictions. In most cases, these are height requirements. We have put together an overview of the attractions with restricted access so you know directly what you need to consider.