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Disneyland Paris: Guided tours through Disney Parks

If you think Disneyland Paris is just a theme park like everyone else, you probably haven't been there yet!
Because Disneyland Paris is much more than an ordinary amusement park: there is no corner, no matter how out-of-the-way, which there is no concept and no detailed planning for. Everything, but really everything that you can see in the two theme parks, has been placed for a very specific reason. For example, the lettering on the windows on Main Street is not chosen indiscriminately, but has a very specific background; the same applies to the tombstones on Boot Hill and the advertising signs on Hollywood Boulevard - this list could go on and on.

And even if you've been to Disneyland several times, there are certainly still things, to shorten waiting times at attractions that will surprise you. On a guided tour through one of the two parks, you will surely learn some interesting things that were previously completely unknown to you.

Informations about the tours through Disneyland Paris

  • Tours of Disneyland Park can be booked at the City Hall and tours of the Walt Disney Studios can be booked at Studio Services.
  • A tour usually lasts two hours, during which you are on foot and there is no opportunity to sit down.
  • There is no opportunity to ride attractions or watch shows.
  • In general, those responsible at Disneyland do not recommend taking children on a tour. Of course, it is not forbidden to take children with you, but you should consider carefully whether your children really have the desire and perseverance for such an event.
  • The tours cost € 65 per person, children between the ages of 3 and 12 can take part in the company of a paying adult at a reduced price, unless the tour consists of only one paying person, then a surcharge is required.
  • Members of the shareholders' club receive a 20% discount on the price of the guided tours.

Disneyland Park

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris
  • On a roughly two-hour guided tour, you will learn about many backgrounds of the buildings on Main Street, U.S.A., the design of the Frontierland or the concept of Discoveryland. The content varies slightly from guide to guide.
  • The starting and ending point for the tour is the City Hall.
  • There are guided tours of Disneyland Park almost every day. On this tour, which takes you on foot through the park, you will learn details and background information about attractions, the park concept and the architecture of individual buildings.
  • Most tours are offered in French or English. There are also tours in other languages, but not on regular basis. Just ask in the City Hall when it is possible to take a tour in a different language.
  • Unfortunately, trips to the attractions in the park are not possible during the tour.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios with view of Earfell Tower, Studio 1 and Sorcerer Mickey Fountain
  • During a tour which lasts around one and a half hours, you will learn many details about the Walt Disney Studios Park, with the content depending on the guide.
  • The starting and ending point of the tour is the Studio Services information office.
  • The daily tours are mostly in English or French but you can ask about a tour in a different language.
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Guided tour of the Hollywood Tower Hotel

The Tower of Terror by night

Have you always wanted to know what the Hollywood Tower Hotel is all about? Then the tour through this deserted hotel is just right for you.
This tour gives an insight into the background story of the attraction, but does not provide an insight into the backstage area of the Tower of Terror attraction.
This tour has one catch: The tour of the Hollywood Tower Hotel is usually only available in French. So you need a certain level of language skills to follow the tour.

Book a guide - how it works

  • The easiest way is to book your tour of Disneyland Park at the City Hall and the tour of Walt Disney Studios at Studio Services. Simply contact one of the employees and ask about available dates and places. You can also book the tour right away.
  • If you prefer to plan a little in advance, you can also contact guest service before your visit and make an appointment by phone. Tel. 0033 1 64 74 21 26
    Or by email at (ideally you should write in French or English).
VIP-Guide for the Disney Parks

At Disneyland Paris you can book a VIP escort service for a personal tour of the parks.

  • On this tour you will be guided by a VIP guide through the two theme parks.
  • VIP Guided Tours can be booked for a minimum of 4 hours
  • On the tour you will learn many interesting things about Disneyland that are not known to the general public.
  • If you want to book a restaurant or have other questions about your stay, the guide will of course be happy to help you.
  • You usually get access to a separate area from which you can see the parade or the fireworks particularly well.
  • This service is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

This exclusive service naturally has its price, which starts at 300 euro / hour. To book this, contact the Cast Member at the City Hall or in the Studio Services directly. Here you can also find out the exact price for this offer, you should definitely plan a few hundred euro.
In order to ensure that you can enjoy a VIP guide, it is advisable to contact the Disneyland visitor service and book the tour before your stay. You can reach the service by phone at 0033 1 64 74 21 26