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Disneyland Paris day trip: practical tips

Time is of course particularly short on a day trip to DLP, which is why you should think carefully about what things you really want to do. In this case, it makes most sense to ask you the following questions: Which attractions do I want to visit? Where do I want to eat? What should I not miss under any circumstances? The various functions of our website will help you to answer these questions; For example, you can find an overview of the various restaurants here.

When the important questions have been answered, you can make a restaurant reservation if you don't want to waste time waiting for a seat in your favorite restaurant. However, you should consider carefully whether you would like to spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the restaurant on a stay of just one day or whether you would rather be satisfied with a burger or sandwich that day.
The use of the Premier Access system also makes a lot of sense on a day trip, because it makes it easy to avoid long queues. Some attractions also have a single rider line, which also helps to reduce waiting times.

In general, it can be said that a Parkhopper ticket, which you can use to switch between the two parks as often as you want in a day, is very unlikely to be worthwhile for day visitors, because you will certainly have difficulties, especially on a first visit, to experience all the attractions in both parks within a single day. The 1-Park ticket is therefore cheaper and makes more sense, although you should of course decide in advance which park you want to visit. You can find the right overview of the tickets here.

How fast you advance with your plan once you are in the parks depends of course on the crowd. If you can, you should avoid the weekend for your trip to Disneyland Paris and, if possible, schedule your visit to a Tuesday or Thursday. Experience has shown that these two days are the least crowded, especially if you choose a day outside of school holidays.

The tip: Despite the little time you have on site, you shouldn't rush through the park just to visit this or that attraction. Take the time to really experience and enjoy the great atmosphere, because that's what makes Disney magic.

Information on how to get to Disneyland

If you only want to spend a single day at Disneyland Paris, you will most likely not stay at one of the Disney Hotels, but arrive in the morning and depart in the evening.

Depending on which transport you have chosen, you will find some useful information on our arrival overview page. Whether you are looking for a parking space or want to find out about the best connection with public transport - you will certainly be able to plan your trip better thanks to this information.
We definitely wish you a magical stay!

Do you need an overnight stay

Pool of the HiPark Val d'Europe near Disneyland Paris

Do you like it so much at Disneyland that you simply cannot imagine going home again today? No problem! Here you will find an overview of a whole range of nearby hotels. You can reach many of them on foot or by public transport from the resort. Since most hotels have a reception that is staffed around the clock, you can also move into a room here late in the evening.

Find an inexpensive hotel near Disneyland

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Annual Pass for Disneyland Paris

Are you for the first time for a day at Disneyland Paris and completely enchanted? Do you really want to come back? Then the purchase of an annual pass is worth considering!
If you have a valid ticket for one day, you can even have it credited towards your annual pass. All you have to do is take the time to go to the Buereau Passeporte Annuel at Disneyland Park.
If you can’t make a direct decision yet and still want to think about it, then that’s not a problem. You can also buy an annual ticket for Disneyland Paris online at any time. So there is no need to rush. But sometimes spontaneous decisions are very good. In addition, you give yourself the promise to come back with the annual pass in your hand. Sounds magical, right?!

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