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Celebrate a birthday at Disneyland Paris

A birthday should be a amazing experience, especially when you're young. Because especially for children, it is important to feel that the parents have come up with something special. And if the parents have a lot of fun, then that's the icing on the cake. But where do children and adults meet on one level? It is clear that the child cannot play being an adult, but the adults can remember their own childhood. And then ideally be yourself as a child again, because then the experience is most authentic and the joy on both sides is great, very great. So a location or state of mind is sought where parents can be children again. That is naturally possible when playing and when browsing through your own photo book. And this is also possible in special places that remind adults of their own childhood. One of the best places worldwide and valid for everyone is Disneyland Paris. Because we all grew up with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and with all the other countless characters from the films of Walt Disney Pictures. And the memory is so positive that many like to share these memories, watch the films again with their own children and new films as well. And at Disneyland Paris all these characters come back to life. Because at this resort east of Paris everyone is celebrating their resurrection, sleeping in charming themed hotels, visiting shows and attractions and this is a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday. A birthday that can become the birth of something big, the true growing together, of the design of something special, of the family feeling. So, what are you waiting for? It's best to start planning your birthday party today!

Tips fory your birthday at Disneyland Paris

  • Get a birthday button.
  • You can get this at the City Hall and at Studio Services.
  • If you wear this button you are clearly recognizable as a birthday child and you will certainly receive a lot of congratulations, especially from cast members and the Disney characters.
  • Meet your favorite Disney characters and take a souvenir photo of the special day.
  • Treat yourself to a birthday cake at one of the restaurants.
  • Let the day end in a relaxed way and make plans for your new year at one of the bars.
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Birthday Cake

Do you want to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland or surprise a birthday child with a cake?
You can pre-order a birthday cake at many restaurants in the resort. It is a delicious chocolate cake that is enough for four to eight people, depending on your hunger.
If possible, you should order the cake when you arrive at your hotel or directly in the restaurant of your choice.

These restaurants offer birthday cakes

  • Restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon
    Auberge de Cendrillon Would you like to enjoy your meal in the company of the Disney princesses? Then reserve a table at the Auberge de Cendrillon restaurant and your royal banquet can begin.
  • Beaver Creek Tavern
    Beaver Creek Tavern A rustic, cozy restaurant at Disney's Hotel Sequoia Lodge. Here you can enjoy your breakfast and help yourself to an all you can eat buffet in the evening. Nobody has to stay hungry here.
  • Restaurant Agrabah Café
    Agrabah Café At the Agrabah Café you will find yourself in an oriental bazaar. Not only can you enjoy a tasty buffet here, but make sure to also take a look around, the atmosphere is really great.
  • Café Mickey
    Café Mickey At Café Mickey at Disney Village, Mickey Mouse doesn't cook himself, but you can meet him and some of his friends while eating. So be quick to reserve a table.
  • California Grill
    California Grill The exclusive California Grill restaurant is located at the Disneyland Hotel. The kitchen specializes in tasty dishes from France and California. Treat yourself to culinary delights!
  • Cape Cod Restaurant
    Cape Cod This restaurant at Disney's Hotel Newport Bay Club serves an all you can eat buffet that focuses on seafood. Enojy your meal.
  • Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates
    Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates Welcome to Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tavern in the Caribbean. Enjoy Caribbean-Creole specialties in a unique atmosphere. Careful, Jack Sparrow occasionally hangs around at lunchtime.
  • Bistrot Chez Rémy
    Bistrot Chez Rémy In this restaurant, Chef Rémy is cooking himself. Enjoy his delicious creations, especially his ratatouille.
  • Chuck Wagon Cafe
    Chuck Wagon Cafe At the Chuck Wagon Cafe at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning and a tasty all-you-can-eat buffet with Tex-Mex dishes in the evening.
  • Crockett's Tavern
    Crockett's Tavern The Crockett's Tavern is the restaurant of the Davy Crockett Ranch. Here you will be offered an all you can eat buffet in a rustic, cozy atmosphere, which is guaranteed to satisfy every trapper.
  • Hunter's Grill
    Hunter's Grill Go to this cozy restaurant at the Sequoia Lodge and get something to eat at the all you can eat buffet. Enojy your meal!
  • Inventions Restaurant
    Inventions The Inventions buffet restaurant is located at the Disneyland Hotel. Here you can help yourself to a varied buffet at dinner in the company of the Disney characters.
  • La Cantina
    La Cantina The buffet restaurant at Disney's Hotel Santa Fe is called La Cantina. Here you will be offered a breakfast buffet in the morning and in the evening you can enjoy Tex-Mex dishes at the All you can eat buffet.
  • La Grange im Billy Bob's Country and Western Saloon
    La Grange La Grange is a restaurant with an all you can eat buffet at Billy Bob's Country and Western Saloon. Enjoy Tex-Mex dishes and super delicious desserts as much as you like.
  • Restaurant des Stars
    Restaurant des Stars In this restaurant, which is supposed to represent the canteen of the film stars, an all you can eat buffet is offered. Enjoy your meal!
  • Silver Spur Steakhouse
    Silver Spur Steakhouse The Silver Spur Steakhouse is a stylish western steakhouse with an open kitchen - watch your steak while it´s grilled.
  • The Steakhouse in Disneyland Paris
    The Steakhouses A classic steakhouse in a stylish ambience and a large selection of steaks. Steak lovers are guaranteed to get their money's worth here. So it's best to reserve a table right away.
  • Walt's - an American Restaurant
    Walt's - an American Restaurant Walt's - an American Restaurant is an elegant restaurant dedicated to the history of Walt Disney and Disneyland Park. There is also delicious food.
  • Yacht Club Restaurant
    Yacht Club The maritime restaurant in the style of a boathouse is located at Disney's Hotel Newport Bay Club and spoils you with exquisite dishes. But not only fish lovers will find something delicious here.