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Disneyland Paris for disabled guests

Disneyland Paris is a place full of magic and emotions that every visitor should be able to enjoy to the fullest.
This also applies to people with disabilities, because Disneyland Paris also caters to special needs and does everything to make your visit as magical as possible.

Here on these pages you will find some useful information that can help you to prepare the next visit perfectly.

All Disney and Disney Selected Hotels offer barrier-free rooms specially designed for wheelchair users.
If you need a barrier-free room, it is best to contact the hotline or use the contact form "Special needs" on the DLP homepage.
If you are entitled to reduced admission / a free accompanying person, you can indicate this when booking your Disney holiday. The cast member on the hotline will then determine a special price for you.

Before your visit
Of course, the Disney staff will be happy to help you in advance when it comes to clarifying details of your stay or organizing something.
Do not hesitate to contact a cast member at any time if you have any questions or problems, whether in advance of your trip or later on site.

The first and already very extensive information can be found in the official information brochure for disabled guests, which you can download here.

Planning, Travel, onsite: Disneyland Paris with disabilities Video (English subittles)

Disneyland Paris is a magical place for everbody, as they try to make everything possible, including for people with disabilities. Our video explains how best to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris if you or someone travelling with you has a disability or a temporary impairment and what options are available to you during your stay.

Staying at Disneyland Paris with disability or temporary illness

  • Hotel
    When you arrive at the hotel, you should point out your disability at the check-in so the staff is informed and can help you specifically so that you can enjoy your stay with ease.
    Since there are only a few power outlets in the rooms, you should take extension cord and adapters with you, as these can usually not be provided by the hotel.
  • Tickets
    People with a disability also need a ticket for Disneyland Paris. However, you will receive a 25% discount when you present your disabled ID. Just present it at the ticket office and your accompanying person will also receive a 25% discount on their ticket. You can get the tickets at ticket window 2 at Disneyland Park (if open), ticket window 1 at Walt Disney Studios Park or at the conciergerie desk of your Disney Hotel.If you purchase your day ticket for you and your companion directly on site, a reservation for the Disney Parks is not necessary.
  • Annual Pass
    People with disabilities can of course also purchase an annual pass with a 25% discount. If you like to receive the discount, the annual pass can only be purchased directly on site, as the disabled ID must be presented. Of course buy the annual pass online as well, if the discount does not matter to you. You can also purchase an annual pass with a 25% discount for your accompanying person. In this case, however, it is no longer possible to get day tickets with a discount. You must therefore decide whether you would like to get an annual pass or regular tickets with discount during the term of your Annual Pass for your companion.
  • City Hall and Studio Services
    In any case, your first way in the park should take you to City Hall (Disneyland Park) or Studio Services (Walt Disney Studios) to apply for a Disabled Priority Card or Easy Access Card. There you will also receive the guide for guests with disabilities, which provides information about the access options and the individual attractions. For example, it reveals whether there are steps to be taken in an attraction, whether it is wheelchair-accessible or whether it is suitable for people with epilepsy, and so on. So this guide is very useful and should always have a place in your pocket.
    Tip: The guideline is already available for download here and can give you a lot of useful tips when you are planning.
  • Disabled Priority Card
    The Disabled Priority Card is intended for guests with disabilities and appropriate official proof. Upon presentation of a disability ID, guests receive priority access to attractions, shows, Disney Character Meet 'n' Greets, restaurants and stores. This allows the cardholder to be accompanied by up to four people to the attractions and two people at the shows and parades.Depending on how independent you are and how safely you can make your way to the exit in the event of a possible evacuation, your access card will be color-coded. To determine this, you will need to fill out a questionnaire either in advance online or onsite with a cast member.
  • Easy Access Card
    The Easy Access Card is for guests who suffer from one of the 30 recognized long-term illnesses. To obtain it, you need an original medical certificate in English or French which can not be more than 3 months old. This must contain the corresponding number of the illness based on the 30 recognized long-term illnesses (e.g. number 16 for Parkinson's disease).
    The Easy Access Card gives you priority access to attractions with up to four people through a reservation system. This means that while you are not given immediate access to attractions, you are given a return time to the attraction without having to wait in the normal waiting area. During your wait you can explore the parks, however, it is not possible to have multiple reservations at once.
  • Wheelchair rental
    In both parks it is possible to rent a wheelchair.
    Directly behind the park entrance you will find the "Stroller and Wheelchair Rental Point", where guests with reduced mobility can borrow a mechanical wheelchair for the day in the park. (When leaving the park, you usually have to hand it in again, but if you ask the Cast Member on site, you can also use the wheelchair to leave the park to get to your hotel or Disney Village.
    Renting a wheelchair costs around € 10 per day. In addition, a deposit of € 75 is required.
    There is no rental fee for holders of some annual passes, but the deposit must still be paid. In this case, you simply have to have your annual pass scanned at the rental station every day you need the wheelchair.
  • Special Entrances
    For the attractions:
    Each attraction has special access for people with disabilities. These are very well signposted. Usually it is the exit of the Attraction or the access is at the Premiere Access entrances. Just look for the wheelchair symbol!
    Access restrictions:
    At some attractions, you have to make an appointment, at which you will then be admitted. This has safety-related reasons, because at some attractions only 1 person with a disability is allowed on and the rescue control center must be informed so that it can prepare for the evacuation in an emergency and prepare accordingly.
    For shows and parades:
    The Disabled Priority Card gives people with disabilities access to special areas for parades and shows.
    - in Town Square opposite City Hall
    - at the Central Plaza on the flower island between the entrances of Frontierland and Adventureland
    - opposite the Royal Castle Stage, access opposite the AP office
    - in Fantasyland directly at the gate from which the parade starts
    The zones will of course be drawn in again on a park map and explained when you pick up the Priority Card at the City Hall or the Studio Services.
  • Toilets
    You will find a barrier-free cabin in every toilet facility. If there is a higher need for care, please contact the CM at the medical rooms.
  • First aid and medication
    There is a first aid center in both theme parks and the Disney Village, where trained staff can assist in emergencies. If you need certain medications that need to be stored refrigerated, for example, you can hand them in at the first aid center and have them safely stored there. It is best to hand in your medication in a labeled plastic box so it is always stored in an identifiable manner. If you ever need additional medication, you can have it delivered via the medication service for a fee, or you can go to the pharmacy in Val d`Europe and buy it yourself. If you need further assistance, such as an electric bathtub seat or other devices, please contact the appropriate hotel before your stay.
  • Assistance
    If you need help, you should definitely have a suitable companion with you, because the CM may not help you getting in and out of an attraction for insurance reasons. They conscientiously secure wheelchairs during trips and, within the scope of their options, they are very helpful and endeavor to make your stay as magical as possible for you.
  • Shopping
    In general, the shops are all barrier-free, but especially when it gets crowded, it is often difficult to get through the crowds and to look at and choose all the beautiful things. This particularly affects the shops on Main Street. It is advisable to do the shopping in the morning when the shops are still empty, so that you can have a look around or go to particularly large shops such as the World of Disney Store at the Disney village.
  • Restaurants
    In general, all restaurants are barrier-free. However, you cannot necessarily get to all areas of the restaurant with a wheelchair (e.g. a wheelchair user cannot be placed at the tables by the water at the Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates).
    In order to ensure that a spacious place is available, especially on crowded days, a table reservation with appropriate notice should be made in advance.
    Either before the departure under the reservation hotline, or on site at the hotel reception, at the City Hall or the Studio Services.
    Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are accepted in all restaurants of the resort.
    If you need special food or have to follow a certain diet, this is best addressed directly when you book or arrive at the restaurant!
    In the food and allergy guide at Disneyland you will find lots of useful information that can help you plan your visit.
  • Parking
    With the blue parking ticket for exceptionally handicapped people (show at the entrance!), you will receive a special code with which you can use a special parking lot at the Disneyland Hotel or Winnie Parking which is located closer to the entrance and therefore only have to walk short distances.
    However, the parking lot must be paid for like all other parking lots.
  • Transfer Hotel - Disney Parks
    The shuttle buses between hotels and parks are comparable with modern regular buses. Approaching with a wheelchair should be possible here accordingly.
    At peak times (opening / closing of the park), however, they are quite full and it could be difficult to find the appropriate space.
    It is possible to request a special minibus from the CM, which is designed for the transport of wheelchairs.