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The Weather at Disneyland Paris

The climate in the Paris area is similar to most European countries.
In summer shorts and T-shirts are usually the right clothing, while in winter scarves and hats should not be forgotten.
However, there can always be unusual weather situations. While the climate table for July gives an average of 25 ° C for the Paris region, there may be days when the sun burns down and temperatures of 35 ° C and more are reached. In order to be able to better assess the situation and adjust the luggage accordingly, we recommend that you look up a weather service forecast one or two days before the trip. So you know more what awaits you exactly. The weather forecasts are not always spot on, but the direction is usually right.

It is very important to know that snow is handled differently in France, or rather in the Paris region, than in other European countries. If a few flakes fall from the sky, chaos breaks out. This is partly due to the fact that there is no obligation to use winter tires in France, which means that cars will stand sideways, slide through the area, etc. In addition, it appears that there is only a small number of clearing and gritting vehicles, which apparently do not clear the roads on a schedule, but are only used in acute cases. You can probably imagine what happens when suddenly 5-10cm of snow falls. After a few days, the situation usually calms down.
Should you be at Disneyland Paris on such an occasion or have planned your arrival or departure, be prepared for delays.

A climate table gives a more detailed overview of the weather at Disneyland Paris.
The weather can also be determined exactly with your help for every day, but it provides important clues.

Climate and weather table for Disneyland Paris

Month ∅ Max ∅ Min Average ∅ h Sun d Rain  
January ∅ Höchstwert6 °C ∅ Tiefstwert1 °C Tages ∅3 °C h Sonne2 d Regen11  
February ∅ Höchstwert7 °C ∅ Tiefstwert1 °C Tages ∅4 °C h Sonne3 d Regen10  
March ∅ Höchstwert12 °C ∅ Tiefstwert4 °C Tages ∅7 °C h Sonne5 d Regen10  
April ∅ Höchstwert16 °C ∅ Tiefstwert6 °C Tages ∅10 °C h Sonne6 d Regen9  
May ∅ Höchstwert19 °C ∅ Tiefstwert10 °C Tages ∅13 °C h Sonne7 d Regen10  
June ∅ Höchstwert23 °C ∅ Tiefstwert13 °C Tages ∅16 °C h Sonne8 d Regen9  
Juli ∅ Höchstwert25 °C ∅ Tiefstwert15 °C Tages ∅18 °C h Sonne9 d Regen8  
August ∅ Höchstwert24 °C ∅ Tiefstwert14 °C Tages ∅18 °C h Sonne7 d Regen7  
September ∅ Höchstwert21 °C ∅ Tiefstwert12 °C Tages ∅15 °C h Sonne6 d Regen8  
October ∅ Höchstwert16 °C ∅ Tiefstwert8 °C Tages ∅12 °C h Sonne4 d Regen9  
November ∅ Höchstwert10 °C ∅ Tiefstwert4 °C Tages ∅7 °C h Sonne2 d Regen10  
Dezember ∅ Höchstwert7 °C ∅ Tiefstwert2 °C Tages ∅4 °C h Sonne2 d Regen9