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Illuminated Sleeping Beauty Castle with a 30 from drones in the sky

Disney D-Light & After Glow

Stunning shows right before Disney Illuminations

Disney D-Light & After Glow is a new immersive nighttime experience that is guaranteed to amaze you. This new drone show is so far unique to the Disney Parks of the world.
Taking place ten minutes before the spectacular Disney Illuminations evening show, Disney D-Light at Disneyland Park is a new experience. So find a seat in good time at Central Plaza with a view of Sleeping Beauty Castle and let yourself be enchanted. First there is a short introduction pointing out that Disneyland Paris has been a place where people are made to dream for 30 years now and that this is just the start. You can look forward to plenty of magic awaiting you in this Disney Park in the years to come. But back to the here and now: pure magic awaits you here, too.

You will hear the sounds of the song Un monde qui s'illumine, which has been declared the anthem of Disneyland Paris' 30th birthday and is played on various occasions in Disneyland Park. Among other things, it is the defining element of the Dream and Shine Brighter show, which is put on stage several times a day at Central Plaza, in the remix entitled Ready for the Ride.
Then it's on! The Sleeping Beauty Castle, initially in complete darkness, suddenly begins to sparkle and glitter, picking up on the shades of blue, pink and purple that also feature in the birthday celebrations' logo. Fountains of water rise up, spotlights are directed at the castle, which shines in all the colours of the rainbow. A really great sight. Finally, the water fountains collapse, Un monde qui s'illumine slowly fades away, it gets dark again around the castle and then, as if by magic, a huge 30 appears in the night sky, which, depending on the angle, can also be perceived as a Mickey silhouette. But that's not all. Because the illuminated drones create more images in the night sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle, of course still accompanied by matching music, projections on the castle and water fountains. Goosebumps are guaranteed!
After Disney D-Light, you can take a deep breath before Disney Illuminations begins.

During the first days of the birthday season, there was a shorter version of Disney D-Light, but after Illuminations had finished, there was another short drone show: After Glow. Once again, the sounds of the hit Un monde qui s'illumine were heard and the giant 30 appeared in the night sky. It glittered and sparkled while the castle was colourfully illuminated and water fountains shot up into the air. Then the colourful 30 in the night sky turned into a sphere with Mickey Mouse's silhouette in the middle. An absolute goosebump moment.
In the meantime, these two parts of the show have been combined into one take place under the name Disney D-Light just before Disney Illuminations.

Disney D-Light facts & figures

  • The music was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with 66 musicians

  • 8 months production time

  • 15 nights of programming in the park

  • 4 drone rehearsals in Bordeaux

  • 7 drone rehearsals in the park

  • 2 nights of dress rehearsals

  • 4 lasers and 12 video projectors are used as well as 42 fountains

Picture gallery for Disney D-Light

Disney D-Light: Technology meets emotion

The pre-show to Disney Illuminations Disney D-Light and the post-show After Glow are something completely new for Disney Parks around the world. For the first time, drones are used to create magical moments and conjure up images in the night sky above the castle. Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary was the perfect occasion to present this novelty in outdoor shows. With this, Disney wants to show that the Disney Parks will continue to focus on change, creativity and new technologies in the future. For 30 years now, Disneyland Paris has shown that the resort is capable of constantly reinventing itself and adapting to new situations. Disney D-Light & After Glow now proves that Disneyland Paris is ready for the future, using innovative technology to create even more magical and immersive experiences. The Disney Illuminations pre- and post-shows are just the beginning. Disney not only relies on the creative minds in its own ranks, i.e. the Disney Imagineers, but also repeatedly collaborates with specialists from France and other European countries to realise projects.

Disney D-Light and After Glow are the result of more than eight months of collaboration between the Disneyland Paris show department and Dronisos, an official technology supplier based in Bordeaux and the European leader in drone shows. For this unique project, Dronisos has specially hired four telepilots and trained them specifically for Disney D-Light. They are responsible for operating the drones during the two shows. They are responsible for the operation of the drones during the two shows and contribute significantly to the magical moments that bring a smile to the visitors' faces and will certainly be remembered for a long time.

Ben Spalding (Show Producer at Disneyland Paris) and Laurent Perchais (General Manager of Dronisos) are mainly responsible for the shows. The cooperation between Spalding and Perchais and their teams has succeeded in creating a breathtaking experience that will surely give you goose bumps while watching. Technology and emotion meet in an impressive way.

Picture gallery of the After Glow show

Disney D-Light Premiere - Pre-Show for Disney Illuminations at Disneyland Paris |

In this video you can see the premiere of Disney D-Light, the first performance in front of an audience. The nighttime spectacle at Sleeping Beauty Castle is really worth seeing and should be on your to-do list when you visit Disneyland Paris. While you're waiting for your trip, check out this video to get you even more excited about your visit!

After Glow Premiere - Disney Illuminations Post-Show at Disneyland Paris | dein-dlrp

Watch the premiere of After Glow, the post-show to Disney Illuminations. The sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle is transformed into a canvas for the drones. Goosebumps are guaranteed with this spectacle! We like After Glow better than Disney D-Light. But decide for yourself! In the meantime, After Glow no longer takes place as an individual show, but has been integrated into Disney D-Light.

Tips on the Disney D-Light drone show

  • Make sure you plan to see these shows at least once during your holiday in Disneyland Paris
  • Find a spot, preferably to the right of the castle, so you can see the drones in full
  • If you're only interested in Disney D-Light, a spot on Main Street, U.S.A. is also a good option, as there's no one to block your view of the night sky
  • If you also want to see Disney Illuminations, find a spot in good time, about an hour before the show starts is recommended
  • If you are not a fan of the shows in Disneyland Paris or have already seen Disney D-Light, you can also use the time to ride attractions with a particularly short waiting time